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Getting My Bearings, Here….

Vancouver – day two, my friends.  I haven’t been back in town for over six months, + driving around in unfamiliar territory is a bit of a situation. 






I can’t imagine what it’s like for visitors navigating the sticky, complex + messy web that is the Los Angeles freeways.  Yucko.  No thank you, compadre!!!!  First things first, you know you’re in Canada when you’re driving + you  catch someone on the radio saying, “Okay listeners, tell us what you think about the ban on bagpipe buskers.”.  Come again?  Do what?! 



“Busking”, is the beloved art of awe inspiring (cue sarcasm) street performance.  Bagpipe busking?  Awesome.  Canadian.



I made a well needed massage appointment at Spa Utopia at Canada Place while I was in the states.  Boy howdy, was I excited to get kneaded!!!!  My back is like overcooked steak + anytime I stretch, I can hear my muscle fibers ripping.  It’s an awesome sensation.  My therapist, Lindsay was tubular.  I know during a massage you should be quiet, zen, tranquil.  But, we talked about Willie Nelson, rockabilly music, hiking , tattoos + Snoop Dogg.  I secretly wished we would become friends one day!  She told me that my back is way too messed up for a 36 year old.  Holla!!!!  I loved Spa Utopia + my back feels crazy good – like a good hurt.

Across the street, I picked up a couple things at the market.  Avocados?  So expensive!!!!  In Los Angeles, I eat an avocado daily!  It is to be no more….no more.  Those days are gone.  Cry for me + feel my pain, my Southern Californian brethren.


What comes after a relaxing massage?  Hot dogs!!!!!  Booyah!!!!  Japadog to be precise. 

Japadog is a Japanese fusion hot dog cart that now boasts two restaurants!  Anthony Bourdain is famed for visiting Japadog on an episode of “No Reservations”.

No Japadog!  No life!!!  For reals!  Check out the other celebrity patrons!!














This 10 year old Asian kid kept yelling, “Ice Cube eats Japadog!  Ice Cube eats Japadog!  I love Japadog!”.

I chose the Kurobuta (pork) Teri Mayo hot dog.


To be perfectly honest with you folks, I’ve never been a fan of “fusion” foods.  The sausage itself was yummers, but the teriyaki sauce with the nori was a little off putting pour moi.  Call me a purist, because I am one.


After my fast food fest I went into the belly of the beast.  Georgia St. + Denman.  Lots of lovely one way streets like in downtown Los Angeles, but the difference is, the drivers here most likely won’t be convicted felons.  Yes, I almost hit an elderly couple crossing the street.  Here is a picture of Georgia Street.

I endearingly call it the Emerald City because of Vancouver’s green tinted glass high rises.  I stopped by an old high rise that was renting a 600 sq foot one bedroom for $1285 plus $120 for parking.  The place was busted – literally a hole in the closet door + a beat down bathroom.  But the views were facing west towards the waterfront on the 16th floor + it was GORGEOUS!!!  Sigh, I can’t wait to find a place of our own.

Coal Harbor was in full cherry bloom!

There were many other Asian females like me taking photos with their iPhones.  I felt at home.

Vancouver, you are so beauteous.  Let me count the ways.


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  1. Ashley #

    Glad you are having such a great time in Vancouver! Was listening to First Aid Kit on KCRW this morning and missing you! Give Jeff and his family big hugs from me! <3!

    April 9, 2012
    • hey ash!!! first aid kit is playing at the el rey soon! you really should go see them. klara is amazing on guitar + i think you’d really love them live!!!!

      April 12, 2012
  2. hiroko nishino #

    Beautiful cherry blossoms!. I don’t have to go Japan with 8 or 9 hours by plane to see them. Oh well, next time I go to the Vancouver to see “Sakura”. Have a great time and bless you.
    mommy, hiroko,

    April 10, 2012
  3. omg i miss avocados so baaaaaaaad!!!! xo

    April 11, 2012
    • yo, i bet!!!! do they have mexican food in korea????

      April 12, 2012
      • they do, but i went to grill5taco which is an even more sugary version of the kogi truck (and you know how i feel about that fusion-garbage). i literally ordered something that just listed “avocado” as an ingredient cause i miss it so much. trés sad…

        April 15, 2012
      • Ew! Even sweeter?! Blech! I feel for you, dude. Not so much into the fusion myself, homie….

        April 16, 2012
  4. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    holla holla, dearest Nanook,…i’m sorry 2 deliver this message, Ralph’s
    Mkt. is sell avocados- 3 for 99cents,…outrageous huh,..LOL !!!!! i think
    U and Jeff, will have 2 buy some avocado tree’s and plant them, YO !!!!!
    i can’t wait 2 have me sum Jap-Dog’s,..yummmiee !!!!! si’ si’ si’ have fun
    and don’t 4’get 2 take Jeff…to ViJ’s…1480 W. 11th Ave. it’s the BEST !!!!!
    ok, have fun and enjoy your time in Vancouver, best 2 ALL, luv U, daddO

    April 11, 2012
    • 3 for 99 cents?! oh lord!!!! so sad, Canada. so sad.

      April 12, 2012

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