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Lululemon Outlet + Other Retail Stories

Read it + weep, Angelenos!!!!  That’s right, you read the post title correctly, there is a Lululemon outlet in Vancouver!!!






Don’t grieve, you’ll be okay.  I have so many friends in Los Angeles that are ferociously obsessed with Lululemon, almost to cult-like status.  When I tell them about the outlet in Vancouver a range of emotions unveil themselves.

1) they shriek like a banshee, as if being stabbed by a knife, therefore causing immense pain + then scream, “WHAT?!?!?!”

2) they become angry at me (as if it’s my fault there’s no outlet in Los Angeles)

3) they become silent, enveloped in their sadness


















Ooooh drool, racks of Luon – the special 4-way stretch magic fabric of Lululemon.  I don’t know what kind of fibers they use in their Luon, but it’s like they made a deal with the devil to hand over their firstborn sons in exchange for the recipe of the amazing fabric!

I picked up my first scuba hoodie, y’all!!! 



















I can officially become a Canuck now.  Is it like a badge of honor up here to wear a scuba hoodie?  It is warm as all get out + has a nice, high cozy neck.  I also picked up a pair of cropped lounge pants that are possibly the most comfortable item of clothing that I’ve EVER put on my body.  I’m touching my pants right now as I write.  That sounded creepy.

In the afternoon, I took myself on a fieldtrip to Delta.  Why? To go to a thrift megastore.  Don’t judge.  I won’t bore you, but let’s just say that it was better than I could have ever dreamed of.  But what is with the Alex Fraser Bridge that takes you in Delta???  I was so freaked out driving on it!!!









I wanted to say a couple Hail Marys!  It is sooooo high up + seemed to go on for eternity!  I was getting vertigo, y’all.  News flash: I just did some research + found out that when the bridge opened in ’86, it was the longest cable bridge in the North America.  No doubt, homies.

Before picking Jeff up at work, I stopped by THE REAL CANADIAN SUPERSTORE.  You have to say it loud, deep + dramatic like how the movie trailer voiceover people do it.

It’s kind of like Costco, kind of like Target, kind of like super fun.  The Superstore carries a totally  cute + affordable line of clothing called Joe Fresh.

I picked up a couple pieces, thankyouverymuch.  Today was retail therapy as you can see.

Superstore also exclusively sells President’s Choice, a grocery line that has mucho mas  variety.





















People in the store were like, “Why the heck is this lady taking pictures of frozen food?”.  And I’m sure Canadians reading this post are like, “This is so snoozeville!”.  But as your professor of Canuck studies, all subjects mentioned today are very key points in understanding the world of the Canuck!  And a very mysterious + wonderful world it is!  Take note!

Oh, I almost forgot, I wanted to show this to my friends + family in the States.


















Hahahaha!!!  Car call!!!  I know you’re thinking, “What, is that a button you press to call the valet?”.  No!  Wrong!  It’s an elevator button!  Elevator = car!!!  I was so tickled + snickering away, quite enjoying myself, while Jeff rolled his eyes at me for a good 5 minutes – the longest eye roll in history.  Oh, those crazy Canucks!!!

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  1. Lizzzzzzz #

    OMG, Shelli! Lululemon crazed? Superstore? Joe Fresh Style? You are more Canadian than me!!! Awesome ….xo L

    April 13, 2012
  2. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    yummm, Presidents Choice,…heaps and heaps of
    variety, Hey….i like that, No No, not another venue
    so U and Capt. Jack, can hoard away…Yike’s !!!!!!
    ok, don’t forget my TASTE magazine’s…LOL !!!!!!
    cheers, Enjoy, hey, 2 Jeff, Deb, Tom, Steve, Liz,
    and 2 all the kidd-O’s…luv U, daddO

    April 13, 2012
  3. Sarah #

    1. WHAT?!?!?!?!???!
    2. Grumble, Harumph, VERY ANGRY
    3. (very silent, muffled sobs)

    Um, did you get the “Free Fall Crops”? I have totally been stalking them…

    April 19, 2012
    • HHAHAHAHAA!!!! I don’t think they had those crops at the outlet??? Yo, just buy ’em!!! They’re an investment!

      April 20, 2012
  4. The scuba hoodie is too cool! Wish I can have one. I haven’t seen anything like it in our markets.

    April 22, 2012
    • It is REALLY warm + thick!!!!

      April 25, 2012
  5. Yo! We not only have a Lululemon in Vancouver, the Lululemon HQ is in Vancouver! I think it may have even originated in Vancouver! 😀 😀 😀

    January 6, 2013
    • YUP!!!! Lululemon was founded in 1998 + it’s first store was opened in Kitsilano!!! Go Vancouver!!!!

      January 7, 2013

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