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Tofino + More! Part 2

Tidepool heaven!  Goats!  Giant eagles + ancient trees!  Vancouver Island you sure know exactly what I like!






Okay, so if you recall in the last post I dropped my iPhone into the rushing ocean waves + thus lost all my tide pool pictures.  So, on the last day in Tofino Jeff promised me we’d return to Chesterman beach early in the morning at low tide to get some pictures.  Can you believe the colors???!!!Tofino Part 2 - 01

Look at the sea anenome!!!  Like milky jade!Tofino Part 2 - 03

How I love this moody, dark ocean!Tofino Part 2 - 02

And this seaweed?  I was obsessed with this seaweed.  I put my feet inside it to feel it’s silkiness move around me with the waves.Tofino Part 2 - 04

Barnacles +…..what is that prehistoric thing at the bottom right?!  Can someone tell me???Tofino Part 2 - 05

Gorgeous texture + color.Tofino Part 2 - 06

It was windy + chilly.  Langdon was in fear we were going to dunk him in the ocean.  Urgh his fear of water…Tofino Part 2 - 08

Look at his face.  It reads, “Don’t put me in there don’t put me in there don’t put me in there”.Tofino Part 2 - 09

But this beach baby did enjoy adventuring.Tofino Part 2 - 11

An Osprey with an incredible wingspan.Tofino Part 2 - 12

Groms heading into the chilly waters.Tofino Part 2 - 13

I loved watching them surf the wild, crushing Tofino waves!Tofino Part 2 - 14

Getting vertical!Tofino Part 2 - 15

View from rocky cliff side.Tofino Part 2 - 16

My guys.Tofino Part 2 - 17

Surfing was way more crowded on the other side.Tofino Part 2 - 18

As we headed back to the car Langdon was soooo exhausted from exploring!Tofino Part 2 - 19

We drove to the Beaches/Live to Surf shopping complex + stopped by Pina first.Tofino Part 2 - 21

They had a pop up tent at the farmer’s market + the gal told me about their shop!  Cute silkscreens, original designs + illustrations, very Pacific Northwest!  We definitely picked up a couple t-shirts!Tofino Part 2 - 20

So famished – went back to the Tacofino  food truck + here are the pictures I promised you!Tofino Part 2 - 23

Their tempura batter cod + seared tuna tacos are da kine!!!!

On the road to the ferry a 2 hour drive from Tofino, we stopped by Cathedral Grove – famous for their ancient old growth Douglas Firs.  Here’s the boys in front of the oldest tree in the grove!  800 years old!!!!!Tofino Part 2 - 24

Langdon in awe.  I would like to say in awe of the beauty + splendor of nature, but he was probably staring at all the tourists.  It is crowded, y’all.Tofino Part 2 - 25

This should be an album cover.Tofino Part 2 - 26

Onwards to Coombs!  People kept telling me, “you have to go to goats on a roof!”.  Huh, what?  There’s goats on a roof?  Whuuuzat?Tofino Part 2 - 27

Hahahaha!!!  There they are!!!!Tofino Part 2 - 28

But what I didn’t know is that The Old Country Market  aka Goats on the Roof is a gourmand’s heaven!!!!  High end EVERYTHING there!  Oils, mustards, spices, pastas, meats – literally if you’ve been looking for a specialty item – it’s at the Old Country Market.  I wish I had known because I would have definitely stopped to shop there before our trip to Tofino!Tofino Part 2 - 29

But oh no it doesn’t stop at food!  Home decor, Indian print tablecloths, pashminas, + knights!Tofino Part 2 - 30

Another thing I wish I knew about Coombs was that behind the country market there’s cute boutiques, ice cream + a garden nursery!  Wabi Sabi Boardwear has a great selection of cool surfwear, sunglasses, etc.

Tofino Part 2 - 32And what else do you have up your sleeves, Coombs?!?!  Across the way there were hippie textiles swaying in the wind, Bob Marley wafting in the air.  What the heck?!Tofino Part 2 - 33

And then….these stone sculptures?!Tofino Part 2 - 34

SO RANDOM!!!!  Langdon was fully tripped out as well.Tofino Part 2 - 35

MY SON FLIES WITH THE EAGLES!!!!  Don’t worry Jeff is hiding in the shot behind the eagle, holding onto the little man.  Don’t go calling child services, calm down.Tofino Part 2 - 36


















Coombs, you are a delight in the most bizarre way.  Boy I remember it was a hot day.  We made it to the ferry by nightfall sweaty + exhausted!  Once on the ferry Langdon was crying, having a hard time falling asleep in his carseat.  So I held him in my arms + he fell deep, dreaming of starfish, eagles + tacos.  As it should be.

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  1. Loved Torino… Such raw unfiltered beauty. It’s funny as I have some of the pictures you have too just with us in them.. Ha small word. I think Torino maybe one of my favourite places thank you for reigniting the memory

    September 25, 2015
  2. I love tide pools! Great photos! I miss the ocean.
    The critter is a chiton:

    September 25, 2015
    • I looooooove tide pools too! A chiton! Argh so prehistoric!!!! Thanks Michelle I knew I could count on you!

      September 30, 2015
  3. DAD's . . . . PAPI #

    Yummm, taco’s look so yummmmieeee,…agree great
    foto’s of familia, especially the grandson, L.L. he’s as
    always adorably cute and handsome devil…hehe…lol !!!
    can’t wait 2 C, L.L….SOON,…luv U, DADs

    September 29, 2015
  4. Hey you!! Long time no see. Did I ever tell you that I used to literally live around the corner from the Coombs market? I miss the island. The good news is we moved back to the Wet Coast and I’ll be making my rounds very shortly. Btw, Langdon has gotten so big and you look as beautiful as ever. ^_ ^

    November 13, 2015
    • HIIII!!!!! WHAT?!!? HIT ME UP!!!! I would love to meet up!!! Wow!!!! Coombs is so magical! I could totally see us living there! Can’t wait to hear more about you!

      November 14, 2015

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