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Working on a Night Train

Being freelance, the hours I work are always unpredictable.  This week, I’m working all nights + it’s surprisingly easy to acclimatize to an all-night schedule.  What you have to do is: take a nap for a couple hours in the evening, set an alarm to wake up around 1-2am, force yourself to stay up till about 8am, go back to sleep till your alarm is blaring at about 2:30pm.  Easy breezy!!!  The good thing is, everyone at work is just as loopy as you are, so everyone is boarding the same crazy train together.

Luckily, since Jeff does the same line of work that I do, he understands the inconsistency of communication + the constant change of schedule.  And vice versa.  Thank God for that, because I really don’t understand how most film industry relationships work.  I think my mom endured because she knew my dad was bringing home the bacon.  And he always did.  Being freelance is an especially scary thing when there’s a family unit to provide for + I appreciate all the hard work + long hours my dad had to endure so that my sister + I could have a happy life!!!

This is a picture of me a couple of years ago that a crew member took during a night scene in Chicago.  Goodnight/Good Morning!!!!

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  1. kenneth chief nishino #

    hey, Shell’s, what film are U working on at the moment ?????

    November 15, 2011

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