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Come Join Me in the Sun

Langdon’s girlfriend has just arrived in Los Angeles for a visit from rainy Vancouver this weekend! 






“Come join me in the sun….Come drink the Kool Aid…” I said to my friend Tiffany in Vancouver.  “Get out of dreary, wet, dark, damp Vancouver + come play + laugh with Langdon + I in the warm rays of light!!!!!!!!” I screamed.  No really I didn’t actually say that but I pretty much felt it.  I am going to start a commune of moms to come move to Los Angeles so we can all raise our babies together!!!!

First day!  Langdon + Madison in their respective car seats!  It’s like having twins!!!blog - 01

Madison’s mommy Tiffany + I at the Grove!!!  I thought to myself, “Self, what is a good LA attraction to take the ladies to?”.  Aaaaah, the Grove – a shopping mecca with the best people - 02

The babies lunching at the famous Farmer’s Market.  They were having a hoot of a time!  So much to see, smell + look at!  Chewing wallets!  Why do babies love to chew on wallets?!?!blog - 03

The Grove is deluxe + Tiffany + I hung out in their family bathroom like half the time we were there because it was huge + had a changing table with a wipes warmer, couches, a huge flat screen tv, chandelier, etc.  Here are some folks enjoying the sunshine on blankets provided by the Grove – - 04

Well heck, all that sensory overload really pooped the dickens out of the kids.  Car ride nap!!!blog - 05

Tonight the lovely little hapa couple dined on chicken + broccoli side by side!  Lady + the Tramp!blog - 06

In other news, I am still at work – here are my dear friends + I on the backlot at Warner Brothers with the water tower in the background!  I’m so lucky that I get to work with my friends every day!  I’ve missed them so, after all these years!blog - 07

Langdon has been learning to put his toys into containers…blog - 09

And take them out…blog - 10

And then use the container like a scuba mask!  Scuba, scuba, scuba….blog - 11

Still obsessed with the vacuum.  Look at that evil face!  Like a baby Jaws….attack.  Dah dah…blog - 12

Dah dah dah dah…blog - 13

DAH DAAAAAAH!!!!!  ATTAAAACK!!!blog - 14

Okay friends + family!!!!  Maddie is still in town so more adventures to come in Vitamin D rich Los Angeles!!!!  Hapa baby madness!!!!

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  1. kenneth kenny (Dads / Papi ) nishino #

    Good Stuff, Nana, yep me think’s, Langster is indeed a changed
    ‘boy’ since the arrival of his GF, Maddie, good thing his attention
    span has diminished quite extensively thank goodness…LOL !!!!!
    so welcome 2 Tiffany and Madison, 2 sunny Cali,…cheers, Dads

    January 18, 2015
  2. Tracy #

    Are you ever coming back to Vancouver? Rigel misses his dude friend, although how can he compete with beautiful Madison! Looks like you and Tiffany had a super fun time!

    January 23, 2015
    • Yes! I am coming back next month!!!! Rigel + Lang need to hang out for sure!!!! Langdon needs some bro time!!!!

      January 24, 2015
  3. M #

    You’re not planning to stay down there permanently, are you?????? Miss you so much in gray-and-wet-where-it’s-super-awesome-and-appreciated-when-the-sun-comes-out Vancouver. xx

    January 25, 2015
    • Haha! No!!! I’m coming back next month!!! Miss you too but not the weather up there!!!! XOXO

      January 25, 2015

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