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Random Pop Culture…..May Pang?

May Pang, anyone?  May Pang?  As I was researching 1977 fashion for work, this curious picture popped up on Google images.







Hmmmmm, what?  Who the heck is this other Asian with John Lennon?  And with granny spectacles to boot!  I found out the mystery Asian’s name is May Pang.  Who in the Sam Hill is May Pang? I discovered through my extensive research, that while John Lennon + Yoko Ono were having marital problems + talked about separation – young May Pang was acting as their personal assistant.  At this time, Crazy Ono propositioned May to become John’s “companion”, considering Ono felt May to be well suited for the position + that John found her sexually attractive.  Boy, who knew that John Lennon had such yellow fever for moderately good-looking Asian women!?

May protested, since Lennon was her boss + was still legally married.  Crazy Ono told May to loosen up, because she would arrange everything.  This was all confirmed by Yoko Ono in a later interview.  What a liberal, that Yoko Ono.  Jeff, as you are reading this, don’t even think about it.  You’ll lose. 












Their 18 month romance was coined by John Lennon as, “The Lost Weekend”. Alas, the courtship ended, + as we all know, Lennon reunited with Lady Ono.  The result of all this was May’s memoir titled, “Loving John”.  Look how sad + lonely May looks on the front cover!  I just want to wrap her up in a heating blanket + give her a mug of hot chocolate!


In addition, she published a collection of photos she took during her time with Lennon called, “Instamatic Karma”.





The book contains some historically important photos, such as Lennon signing the official dissolution of The Beatles partnership, and the last known photograph of Lennon and Paul McCartney together. Cynthia Lennon also provided a back cover endorsement, acknowledging Pang’s role in reuniting Lennon with his estranged first son, Julian.  Take that!



Some say that May was hypnotized by Ono.  Some credit May for helping to renew John’s relationships with Paul, George + Ringo.  There you have it, Pop Culture 101 – John Lennon Loved the Asian Ladies.

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  1. kengo kenny ''papi'' nishino #

    yup yip yep, dude definitely had yellow-fev;aah,…so look out Capt. Jack,
    U have 2 watch ur back when the Nanook is around lurking, hehe…LOL !!!!

    March 13, 2012

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