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Bowen Island Birthday

Bowen Island…only a 20 minute ferry ride from the North Shore!  A mini island paradise a hop, skip + a jump from the city!






My brother-in-law Benjamin turned 50 last month + celebrated with a most righteous, jolly party on Bowen Island!  Mazel tov!!!  I have never been to Bowen Island, so I didn’t know what to expect, which always makes it exciting.

A very, very short ride on the ferry + the island is displayed in all it’s splendor before you.Bowen Island - 01

Approaching the island reminded me of one of my favorite places to visit, near Los Angeles: Catalina Island.  Already my spirits were high!

We were on the ferry with brother-in-law Tom + Deb, the boys + Tammy.  Before the festivities we congregated on the beach near the party house.  The western shores of British Columbia are a driftwood dream!Bowen Island - 02

The boys collected sea glass, shells + rocks.  They neatly lined them up on a driftwood log which I though made a pretty coastal arrangement.Bowen Island - 03

You know how boys get to a certain age + avoid the camera lens like it’s the black plague?  Well I have discovered a super secret trick to get them to ham it up in front of the camera.  Say, “Hey guys, let’s do an action series photo shoot!  Like stunt man style!”.Bowen Island - 04

I think we might have take 20 plus pictures in this series.Bowen Island - 05

Six Million Dollar Man!  CUE BIONIC SOUND EFFECT!!!

We walked up to the house where the party was setting up.  It was a beautiful Mediterranean style house with insane views of the harbor.  Did I take pictures?  No, because I suck + have been afflicted with a severe case of the brain farts. lately.  But here’s the two sisters at the lush green secret garden gate.Bowen Island - 06

We took a walk around the house + discovered a young fuzzy white tail buck munching on his dinner. He was so beautiful!  My zoom lens didn’t like me that day.Bowen Island - 07

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENJ!!!!!!Bowen Island - 08

The three brothers Fayle.Bowen Island - 09

A most joyous occasion!!!  Watasun was there playing – a three piece of guitar, bass + steel drum.  People be loving it, swirling + twirling, smiling + laughing!Bowen Island - 10

Jeff was merrily dancing in a reverie trance.  Probably reminiscing about his days following the Dead.Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 11.02.59 PM

I was doing the running man, the roger rabbit…I really wanted to do the Kid n’ Play, but there was no one there to do it with.


Watasun’s song, “It’s You” is featured in a video for the Vancouver tourism board.  DAYUM, this video makes Vancouver look like the most sparkly, magical city in THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!  And the song is super happy, making it an all time smile fest that makes you all want to come to Vancouver AND VISIT ME!!!!


I boned out of the party early because that’s the way I roll, while Jeff stayed on.  A lot of Benj’s friends camped out on the lawn for the night.  I was like aw, hell naw.  Jeff found an amazing B + B that we were lucky to stay at.  The island had a wedding of 150 + Benj’s party of 100 or more, so accommodations were scarce.  Here is the charming sitting room at The Lodge at the Old Dorm.Bowen Island - 11

The B +B was a dorm built for the crew that worked on the Union Steamship Co. + is very attentively restored.  Breakfast is served at 9am, but arrive early (which Jeff grumbled at me for) relax in the sitting room + enjoy tea, coffee + a book!Bowen Island - 12

Host Dan who is the nicest, most pleasant person ever makes a buffet breakfast that is known to be the best on the island!  And I’m telling you it’s sooooo true!  Granola, home made organic yogurt, fresh fruit, cheeses, egg cup with maple smoked bacon + home made buttery, flaky croissants that are to die for!!!!!Bowen Island - 13

I am definitely coming back to The Lodge at the Old Dorm + I’m drooling thinking about that delicious breakfast!Bowen Island - 14

Our plan of walking around town was squashed due to heavy rains + winds.  So, we headed out on a morning ferry, safe + dry on the upper deck.Bowen Island - 15

It’s okay, we were tired.  ESPECIALLY someone that stayed on at the birthday party into the late hours!Bowen Island - 16

I already can’t wait for summer – I want to go back to Bowen Island + enjoy the many hiking trails + beaches it has to offer!  Thanks for coming along!


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  1. Thanks for introducing me to this band. Bowen Island looks fantastic!

    October 5, 2013
    • I’m glad you like them! Bowen Island is pretty awesome, I can’t wait to explore it more!

      October 8, 2013
  2. Seeing your Bowen Island ferry reminds me of those funny photos we took of each other on the Salt Spring Ferry, 13 years ago (!?). Wish you had your green card so you and Jeff could take a weekend trip down to the Olympic Penninsula. Such a magical place, although I’m sure there are many places just like it across the border in Canada!

    October 5, 2013
    • I CAN’T WAIT TO CROSS THE BORDER!!!! Our road trip to Vancouver is one of the best memories I have about our youth!!! We had so much fun!!! Remember when we went camping + you had major caffeine withdrawal?

      October 8, 2013
  3. Kenneth ''Papi~Dad's'' Nishino #

    Aloha, Nan, a belated Happi-Happi Birthday 2, Benjiman & 2 my
    son’in’law, Jeff, oh my, Bowen Island does indeed look like a hot
    place 2 hang in the summer, and brekky at The Ole Lodge Dorm,
    we have 2 seriously take a trek there with, Mum’sie, Ash & Me !!!
    ok, take care don’t carry 2 many heavy boxes if U No what i mean?
    best 2, Jeff, Meg’s, cheers, Mahalo, Luv U & Miss U, DAD’s

    October 5, 2013
  4. Hiroko Nishino #

    Oh you we’re bless to hear Watasun singing to the party.
    Happy Birthday Benjamine🎉
    I love his song of “It’s You” and the video of Canada. His voice is so calming and speaks to your soul.
    Miss you and love you,

    October 5, 2013
  5. candaian #

    Howz it goin eh?

    October 6, 2013

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