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Canmore On

Canmore is a town very close to our hearts that was also hit hard by the flooding.  But last weekend we returned to our beloved Canadian Rocky town!






Highway 1 leading to Canmore had been shut down due to the roads being washed out – keeping us away from Canmore for weeks.  We were really missing hanging out in Canmore!

But first…..more packing.  What you say?!  Where are you going now???  Welllllll, for the week of Stampede, we packed up our vintage western wear to sell in Canmore at Stonewaters in downtown.Canmore On - 01

Jeff is really happy about it.  But that’s what happens when you own a lot of stuff!!!  Too bad so sad!!!!Canmore On - 02

Keep working!!!!  On the way to Canmore we stopped by the shipping container in Exshaw which was destroyed by the floods.  The silty mud that flooded Exshaw is now dried + blowing around the town, giving it an eerie ghost town look.Canmore On - 03

Into Canmore, there were these cute signs printed + colored by the community, taped on all the windows.Canmore On - 04

Here is a picture I took a month ago of Jeff across the street from Karen + Kyle’s house next to the now infamous Cougar Creek that was raging during the flood.  The embankment he is standing on in this picture is now completely gone.Canmore On - 05

Looks small + innocent, doesn’t it???Canmore On - 06

Check out this video of Cougar Creek during the flood – this happened all across the street from Karen + Kyle’s house.

Luckily, their house was spared!  Jeff, Karen, Juna + I hiked to the top of the hill across from the house to get a higher view of the damage + reconstruction.  Yikes!  Be careful, Jeff!  Back away from the edge!!!Canmore On - 07

During the flood this house on the end virtually became an island due to the surrounding earth getting eaten away little by little by the raging water.Canmore On - 08

Across the street, more damage + destruction.Canmore On - 09

As the sun was setting, Karen + Jeff marveled over the new valley.Canmore On - 10

Up on the hill, Juna had been busily picking wildflowers for her momma.  Awwwww.Canmore On - 11

The next day, Juna + Karen were manically shopping from a rack of vintage womens’ that we pulled from the shipping container to show them.Canmore On - 12

Juna was about to hyperventilate from all the pretty dresses!!!  “Look at this one, Momma!!!  LOOK AT THIS ONEEEEEEEE!!!!” she squealed.Canmore On - 13

Later at the store, Jeff + I sat in the back polishing + cleaning cowboy boot after cowboy boot.Canmore On - 14

Fun times.  Glamorous, no?  I had the idea to paint a sign on a pallet board advertising our vintage western wear.  Let’s just say that I was winging it + failed epically.  “Jeff!!!  Save the sign!!!  PLEASE!!!!” I whined.Canmore On - 15

We are a good match because I am spontaneous + proactive + Jeff is very detail oriented + meticulous.  So basically, I get the ball rolling + Jeff cleans up my messes.Canmore On - 16

Oh man, close call!!!  The finished project – look how wonky + sad the Vintage font is + Jeff’s stellar retro western font!!!  SAVED!!  Go to Stonewaters + check out our stuff!!sign

After a long day, a well deserved Bloody Mary (or Caesar as the Canucks call them)!Canmore On - 17

That night Juna jumped into one of our vintage 50s dresses + arranged it around herself in a circle.  Had to get a picture, SO PRESH!!!Canmore On - 18

What a fashionista!!!  Canmore, it’s great to be back!!!



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  1. Kenneth ''Papi~Dad's'' Nishino #

    Top of the Howdy, Canmore On…good on yah, Nan,
    so from my understanding U & Jeff, did Ok, at ur Vintage
    Western Sale, not fantastic but at least U got rid of sum
    stuff,…niiiice,…i missed ur call last nite & heard one of ur
    best ‘Bud’s’, is in town, ”Deb”, give her my best, tell Jeff,
    he needs 2 get a hair-cut & beard trim, unless of course
    he’s auditioning 4 a role in ”Hell On Wheel’s”, hehehe !!!!!
    take care hope all is GOOD, be safe be Well, Luv, Dad’s

    July 13, 2013
    • Thanks dad! Oh believe me, you guys think Jeff’s grizzly adams look is my fault, but I’ve been trying to get him a haircut + beard trim!!!!

      July 13, 2013
  2. I drove through Canmore on my way to Calgary from Banff and did not see what was so great about it! Perhaps you can shed some light for me when we have our coffee in Vancouver. =) ~M.

    July 27, 2013
    • Girl!!! I love Canmore!!! Banff is too pumped up + full of tourists, so I try to avoid it as much as I can! But Canmore has that great mountain town feel! Yes, we will discuss over coffee!!!

      July 27, 2013

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