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Vancouver Gets Artsy Fartsy

Vancouver’s got an art scene, y’all.  Jeff’s dad has been visiting, so over the weekend we went gallivanting over to the 16th annual Eastside Culture Crawl





Every year East Vancouver puts on the 3 day free event where people can visit + engage with artists in their studios.  We stuck to the Parker Street Studios due to the fact that it was hella raining + it’s the largest building (four floors) of studios on the crawl.

The ever present trendy food trucks were standing by.

We attended the last day of the crawl + yet the building was popping at the seams with art lovers!!!!  It was a real scene!  Here is a rather large studio on the first floor of the Parker building.

Lookit all the crowds (and Jeff)!!!  I’m tellin’ you!  SO MANY PEEPS!!!  HOLLA!!!

Studio exterior.

Love the poster in this studio.  “Leon” (“The Professional” – title for English audiences) starring the amazing Jean Reno as an assassin accompanied by a young little pixie Natalie Portman.

I was surprised at how sizable a majority of the studios were.  I remember in downtown Los Angeles the artist studios used to be by the train tracks in leaky buildings with prostitutes as neighbors.  That being said – I was impressed, y’all.

Here’s Jeff with his friend from work Bridget, + her amazing jewelry line Votum.  Check it out!

This artist was my ALL TIME #1 ARTIST CRUSH IN THE ENTIRE BUILDING!!!!  David T. Cho.






















His large scale paintings + use of bold color + broad paint strokes really evoked the raw energy of the fighters he uses as his subjects.

The three of us truly made the rounds inside the Parker Studios.  We probably burned approximately 325 calories.  Just a guess.

Another highlight of the Parker Studios was a woodworking collective in a hugemongous space on the first floor.  Here is Jeff’s brother’s friend Mark Alan Greenberg that created this goreous-o table for a software company – mmmmm, yummy.  The table people, the table.  Get your minds out of the gutter, for god’s sake.

In the same space, Nicholas Purcell another wood worker had some exquisite pieces on display.  Go visit his website.  His furniture is craftsmanship at it’s finest.  He also makes absolutely perfect miniatures for his wife that Jeff + I were drooling over.

To be quite honest, I was not overly impressed with the majority of the art/goods displayed that day.  I am only one person + that’s solely just my own opinion.  But, it was the sense of community + sharing of thoughts, ideas + creativity that gave me a warm feeling in my belly.  Belly?  I don’t know.  I was extremely + happily surprised at the turnout.  It was nice to see so many people getting out on a rainy day to enjoy the arts + to see the artists interacting + educating.

But what really warmed my heart that day was to see this little girl “busking” (What Canucks call street performer.  Weird, eh?!) in the hallways.  She was singing + playing her guitar with all her might + I loved her for it.  Oh, + her mom was right by her side, supporting her.  Awwwwwww.

Where would the world be without the heart, vision + soul of the artist?

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  1. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    ALOHA, Nan, the trip 2 da BIG ISLAND was great and of
    course the Manago Hotel and their in house Restaurant,
    was better than ever, i of course ordered their staple meal
    da ”Pork Chop’s” hawaiian style, dakine, kine, well needless
    to say, Mum’sie and Ash, are getting stressed about Meg’s,
    as she is acting out of sight out of mind, Mum, couldn’t get
    her inside the carrying case 2 take her 2 the Vet’s, so Mum,
    had 2 cancel Appt. so might try 2rrow again, Ouch, what’s
    gonna happen if she can’t get Meg’s into the case on Mon.
    morning,…Meg’s, is a handful, … Ok, gotta run, Take Care,
    best 2, Jeffrey, enjoyed your rants about the Vancouver Art
    Scene, very nice,….Mahalo, cheers, luv Dad’s

    December 12, 2012
    • Thanks pops. Well, once that little princess Megumi is in Vancouver, you guys won’t have to deal with her diva issues again!!!! Thanks for cat-sitting her for so long!!!

      December 14, 2012

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