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My First Canadian Thanksgiving

Gobble, gobble!!!  Gobble, WHAT????!!!!  Yes, my American friends – Thanksgiving is celebrated in October in Canada.






“BLASPHEMY!!!!!!” you cry.  Thanksgiving before Halloween.  I know.  It’s weird.  Okay, okay.  Different.  Don’t want to be offendin’ any Canucks!!!!  Click here to read my post from last year where I put into detail the myriad of reasons for celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving.  There’s a lot of them.  Educate thyself!!!

Tom + Deb had us over for dinner last Saturday night!  My brother + sister-in-law are the best!!!  They’ve probably fed Jeff + I at their house more times than I can count!!!  No, not that Count!!!!










Behold the beautiful table setting!

So festive!  So AUTUMN!!!!

LOOK AT THIS TURKEY!!!!!  A 23 POUNDER!!!!!  I’ve never seen a turkey this big in my entire life!!!!  Free range, no hormones or antibiotics!  Straight from where Deb grew up in Port Alberni, Vancouver Island.  Or, “The Island” as Vancouverites like to casually call it!

Tom deftly removes the stuffing from the behemoth as Deb’s mom looks on.

I’m not sure why Deb’s mom has that unsure look on her face!!!  Because the turkey + the stuffing were looking mighty delectable!!!!  She’s so cute!

Sooooo delectable, Jeff was literally droooooling.  He couldn’t wait for a sample!!!

Cousin Neil + Matt playing chess.  Matt has become quite the chess player!  He’s so smart.  Don’t EVEN ask me to try my hand at chess!!!  I will fail miserably!!!!

Tobin was attempting to show me his book of character drawings, but I was trying to get a picture of him + meanwhile Jeff was trying to get him on FaceTime with his Aunt Daphne.  Poor Tobin, so cornered!!!  It’s like being hounded by the paparazzi – Prince Charles, look out!!!!!

The spread!!!  Literally, no joke – hands down the best turkey I’ve ever tasted!!!  Perfectly cooked, my complements to the chefs!!!

Cranberry sauce, stuffing, yams, carrots + peas, brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes + gravy!!!!  Everything was delish!!!

And to top it off, homemade pumpkin pie by Deb’s mum!!!  Oh + let’s not forget fresh whipped cream by Deb!!!!!

Yo, I was so full after dinner!  Thank goodness I was wearing my jeggings!!!!

Thanksgiving = elastic waistband, y’all!!!!

I like to title this next picture, “Boys Will Be Boys”.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Canadian Thanksgiving!!!!




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  1. Lizzzzz #

    OMG! Doubly miss all of you – Happy Thanks Giving y’all! xoxo

    October 10, 2012
    • We wish you all were there!!!!! Luv luv luv!!!!

      October 12, 2012
  2. Deb Fayle #

    We missed you at our table this year Liz!! And Shelli, we are still eating leftovers from that 23 pounder!! Still just as yummy. Okay, I have to tell you my favorite aspect of having Thanksgiving in October: it is truly its own celebration of a fall harvest feast with family and friends. It’s quite special and unique in that way, with no competition of Christmas or Hallowe’en consumerism to squeeze out the meaning or purpose of it. It has come to be one of my favorite holidays because of it … and this year was made all the more special because of your presence Shelli:)

    love Deb

    October 11, 2012
    • I agree, Deb!!! It’s probably one of my favorite holidays for the same reasons!!!! 🙂 Thanks for all the yummy grub!!!!

      October 12, 2012
  3. rocky nishino #

    My! The Thanksgiving dinner table were great looking and food looked so tasty. Shelli never had such big turkey and big family. Thanks you Deb. My synagogue just celebrated Sukkot which is Jewish celebration of fall’s festival and make the temporary shelter where family eat the meals in it for a week.

    October 11, 2012
    • Good, mom!!! Hopefully American thanksgiving you will make Loni Anderson’s stuffing!!!! YUM!!! I will miss it!!!

      October 12, 2012
  4. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    Yummmm, WOW, indeed that must have been one
    great Thanksgiving in Oct. thank’s 2 Deb & Tom !!!
    it’s great that U now have Family in Vancouver U R
    so lucky, miss U , Nan, hey 2 Jeff, luv U, dadd-O

    October 12, 2012
    • I’m SO LUCKY!!!!! I’ve got family in Vancouver AND Los Angeles!!! Couldn’t get any better than that!!! Jeff says Aloha!!!

      October 12, 2012

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