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Taking The Wolves Out For A Walk

Whuuuuuu????!!!  YES!!!!  You read correctly!!!  We literally took wolves out for a walk!!!!!




It was MY DREAM DAY!!!!!!  How is that you ask?!  Well, ladies + gents, Jeff made friends with a couple of animal wranglers on a movie that he worked on last winter.  They brought trained wolves that were being filmed for the scene.  So, like a good husband he asked if we could visit the wolves when he came to Southern California, because he knows that I am obsessed with wolves.

I was so excited, I was getting so giddy as we neared the wildlife compound.  We were given an in depth tour of the compound, which was really amaaaaazing.  I got to pet this tiger.  No joke.  Well, through the cage of course.  It was SO SOOOOOFT!!!!!  This tiger was as sweet as a nuzzling cat!!!!

This lion had a toy ball which he was extremely territorial over, + he started making noises like, “Wuh! Wuh!  Wuh!  Wuh!!!!!”.  Yo, stand back – I ain’t gonna take yo’ ball!!!!

This is the does-not-share-well-with-others-grumpy lion’s twin brother – Masai.  Masai, on the other hand was a little peach patootie pie!  He loved his trainer, Chris + was licking Chris’s hand + demanding scratches behind his ear!

But do not be fooled dear readers, you never know what can trigger a wild animal….

Yikes, keep those death talons away from me!!!


Binturong!!!!  I love me some Binturongs!!!  I was old friends with this one named Ninja.  I had worked with him before when I was helping on, “We Bought a Zoo”. We go way back, Ninja + I.  He totally remembered me!  NOT!  The binturong is one of only two carnivores with a prehensile tail!  Fascinating!

There were many more animals at the wildlife compound, but I’m trying to get used to a new LSR camera, + the majority of my photos were an epic fail!  3 different bears, coyotes, chimpanzees, birds of prey – I could go on!  Oooooh, but here were the precious, precious creatures that I was yearning for!!!!!!

AWWWWWW!!!!  Thunder + Harley!!!!  I was getting nervous as all get out!  My dream was becoming a reality!  Here’s Chris + Bonnie leading them out!

Thunder + Harley were all hyped up, leaping like jumping beans all over the place + swinging their trainers around hither + tither on their leashes.  I was freaking out!  Completely overcome with nervous energy!  Plus, I was skerred, y’all!  Once let out of their play yard, I realized how freaking HUGE these wolves truly are!  Thunder jumped on Jeff + put his paws on Jeff’s shoulders.  Jeff is 6’4″, y’all!!! Yeah, I didn’t get a picture because I suck.  Regret.

I trailed behind everyone because I was being a sissy wussy pants.  Jeff was like, “Why you scared?!  C’mon!!!”.

These wolves LOVED to work!  They kept finding stones to stand on as their “mark” so they could get chicken treats!  So cuuuuute!!!!!

Here I am looking like a total nerd, dweebert with Thunder.  You know when a 5 year old girl is obsessed with Cinderella + won’t stop talking about, watching videos of + wearing Cinderalla goods?  Then, you take her to Disneyland to get a picture with her beloved Cinderella + she just freezes + is all stiff?  That’s what happened to me.

Look at this shot of Thunder mid-treat catch.  Shudder.  Those fangs.  You should hear when their jaws snap together.  Like the clap of steel!

Harley + I.  I still look like an uncomfortable dork!

This is how I imagined in my head what my day with the wolves would be like.













I totally choked big time!  What a loser!  Here’s a closer look at Harley.

Here is a picture of Harley in his winter coat.  Jeff took this photo when he worked with Harley last winter.


















We walked the wolves down into a wash.  At one point, Bobbi, Jeff + I were lagging behind.  When we caught up to the wolves, Thunder ran up to me.  I put out my hand in a fist towards him + HE LICKED ME!!!!!  I never wanted to wash my hand again!  Thunder was just checking up on us to make sure we were ok!  My heart MELTED!!!!!  MELTEEEEEED!!!!!!

But I guess I was still freaked out.  Cuz look at the expression on my face watching Thunder on his mark!

ZOOM IN!!!!  So in awe.











Harley enjoying the flowers.  Soooo cuuuuute!!!!

We took the boys back to their kennels, sadly for me.  The other wolves were howling, excitedly awaiting their lunch.  Here’s an amazing close-up photo Jeff took of one of the other wolves.

Still life of wolf leashes.  They don’t mess around.

Here we all are in a group photo. 

I was sad to leave!  All the animals were so well taken care of, + they all looooved their trainers – which made me extremely happy to see!  Bobbi + Chris told us we were welcome back anytime!  Oh, you bet I will take them up on that offer!  It was so gracious of them to take time out of their workday to show us around.  I’ll remember the feel of my wolf kiss forever!!!!!!!!!!















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  1. cheri reed #

    The coolest thing ever!!!!!

    June 29, 2012
  2. Awww, lookit the BIG KITTIES! Looks like fun. And I’ve never heard of Binturongs before…I should go Google them… 🙂

    June 29, 2012
  3. Adrianna Benjamin #

    What a cool compound, you guys got the inside connections!

    Thought you’d enjoy this link to a Dog Whisperer episode about the perils of owning dog-wolf hybrids (this video is part 1of4, you can find the links to the other 3 on YouTube):

    June 29, 2012
    • OMG I love Caesar so much!!!! I’m going to watch all episodes – stat!!!!! Thanks, A!!!!!!

      July 9, 2012

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