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Long Awaited Reunion

I haven’t seen my West Coast Canadian family since the wedding.  Yesterday was all about family filled antics.







During the afternoon, Jeff + I stopped by Steve + Liz’s (our Japanese/Caucasian interracial friendly couple) new house development.  Of course, the main delight were their pudding pie daughters Keiko-chan + Hana-chan!!!!


Keiko enjoying the view.

Check out THIS view!  An unbelievable gorgeous + sunny day in Vancouver!  And look at the new light fixture!  Quelle moderne!!!

The girls + I played a hearty game of “Hide + Seek” inside the house for about, oh 20 minutes.  Here’s a happy photo of the girls just as I found them hiding inside a closet.  Squeals of delight never cease to get old.


















Dance time.  Keiko prefers classical ballet, whilst Hana’s heart beats to the drum of Martha Graham.

More dancing.

Keiko’s got some serious skillz.  Hip-hop, Bollywood, you call it + she serves it!  We parted ways, Jeff + I headed to Osaka Market in Park Royal to pick up the lobsters for the celebration dinner at Steve + Liz’s.  Only in Vancouver would it be commonplace to advertise a pretty girl holding a halibut.


















Jeff selecting the lobsters.  He is on the search for female lobsters.  Why, you ask?  Is Jeff sexist?  Yes!  That’s because female lobsters have bigger tails, smaller claws + sometimes roe.  Lobster pointer: you identify a lady lobster by it’s smaller swimmerets + wide tail fin.

When we arrived at Tom + Deb’s (my brother + sister-in-law) house, my nephews Matt + Tobin were playing in the dirt, jumping, kicking + running as boys are wont to do.  Were they ever confused about whether or not the lobsters were cool or gross!

After putting ourselves together to look like respectable citizens, we headed over to Steve + Liz’s abode.  Can you beat this view from their porch?!  No!  You can’t!  That’s downtown Vancouver, y’all!

Steve set up croquet in the back yard for the kids.  Isn’t it like something out of Sunset Magazine???

Keiko as always, is one determined young little miss.



















Totally the eldest sibling.  Here’s sweet Rosie in for a game.





















We took a break + Keiko educated me in the sweet delight that is Kinder Surprise.  Ja!!!  Have you ever heard of Kinder Surprise? 

Nein!!!!  I sure as heck haven’t!  You know why?  Cuz it’s illegal in the United States!!!  Scandalous egg!!!  Chocolate covered eggs with tiny plastic toys inside are a small form of threat to the ol’ red, white + blue apparently.  Not to us ladies!!!

Apparently for some reason, Jeff knows how to put lobsters to sleep.  Do what?!  How many other extremely random talents will Jeff showcase?


















One thing’s for sure – I will NEVER be bored in this marital union!  Matt our resident naturalist is learning the time honored skill.  Turn the poor thing upside down + continuously stroke it’s tail until it is in the land of nod.  Voila!  Sleeping crustacean.


















The Master Boiler at his station.



















Curious Hana.

















Meanwhile, Steve was manning the grill.  Look at those hunks of meat!  That’s alottamo’ meat!  Canuck Carne!  My dad would be like, “This is my kind of party!!!  Punch it!!”.  Is Steve hitting himself in the chest?  Why, Steve, why?


In they go!  And no, they did not scream when they went in the boiling water, as the rumor states.


















9 minutes later….

















Ta-daaaaa!!!!  Merci, mon garcon!!!  Liz is in the background, looking excited/repulsed/scared of the lobster pile.


The dudes.  Doesn’t the lighting make them look like a bunch of Italian mafioso sitting at a poker table in some dark basement?  No?  Is it just me?


Huzzah!!!  Let us all feast + make merry!!!  L’Chaim!!!  To Life!!!!


Lobster feasting is a messy + fun activity, y’all should try it.  Especially my favorite, the tomalley – lobster liver!!!  Not for the faint of heart!  Of course, I passed out after dinner watching “Cars” with the kids.  What a memorable night of celebrating!  Thanks so much everyone!!!  Extreme fun!!!

Today, Jeff has started packing for our road trip to Alberta as he is about to start “Hell on Wheels”.  UUUUUGH, look at all these burdens of material posessions!!!!


As I was about to pack his pottery collection (there’s many collection subcategories in Jeff’s world) he insisted on doing a photo inventory.  Sigh.


And so, my troubles begin……



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  1. Deb Fayle #

    And what a great reunion/celebration it was!!! Such a feast and the best of company! If we plan to do it again this week will you stay??? We don’t want you to go … boo hoo.

    April 16, 2012
  2. hiroko nishino #

    So much fun and a lot of activities. Do you ever have a time to sleep?
    Canadian must have a 48 hours a day!
    mommy hiroko,

    April 16, 2012
    • No, I don’t have time to sleep!!!! I’m so tired all the time! But a good tired!

      April 16, 2012
  3. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    YUMMM’ieee, Wow, Turf and Surf, wut a great menu,
    huh, and must have been AWsuM camaraderie as well
    with your West Coast Canadian Family, give them my
    best, daughter dearest,…Capt. Jack, again looked so
    dapper with his bow-tie, and his Do,…so whats with all
    the packing,..WOW,…i swear U 2 R hoarders Magna
    Cum Laude, hehehe…LOL,…look forward 2 ur next,
    Post,…TAKE CARE, best 2 Jeff, Mahalo, Luv-daddO

    April 18, 2012

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