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Raising Kids in North Vancouver

It’s a happy little life with my kids up here in North Vancouver.






Although I still miss Los Angeles, still miss the Southern California beaches, the culture, the lifestyle, the food, etc., raising children in Vancouver is about idyllic as it can get.  Aside from the beyond astronomical + criminal over inflated real estate prices + cost of living, that is!  Day to day is quiet, without strife or conflict.  I have nothing to complain about in terms of giving my children a safe, simple childhood in Canada. Here’s a glimpse into our activities in Vancouver!

What is most important is the outdoors.  On Monday Langdon goes to a forest program called Fresh Air Learning. 

The forest is his classroom!  I mean, look at this!  It’s a five minute drive from our house.

You don’t know how happy it makes me to pick him up from school + he’s all bright-eyed + sparkly!

Every Wednesday the three of us attend Strong Start, where the fabulous teacher conducts an outdoor program.  Rain or shine.

Yep, that’s right.  Sometimes in the POURING rain.  Or snow.

All outdoors – we have story time, snacks, explore, discover, make nature crafts…

Here are these three clowns on the last day of strong start forest school before summer break.  On most days it was only these three mucking about in the muddy puddles.  And guess what?!  Liam’s mom is from California too!!!!  CALIFORNIA HARDCORE!!!!!

I truly owe a lot to these outdoor programs.  I sincerely believe that it’s given my children confidence in their physical abilities.  A fearlessness + sense of adventure + an awareness of what their bodies are capable of.  The three of us often go wandering around + without prompting they instinctively know what to do in the natural environment.  I’m in awe of them.




Tuesday is art class day at Chorus + Clouds off Main Street.


We’ve been going to Chorus + Clouds for three sessions now.  I’m so glad that I found it!  It embodies all my beliefs in nurturing + supporting the moods + feelings of little creative brains.  They give us so much support + understanding on bad days when the kids are feeling sensitive.  And lift them up when they are engrossed in their art!  And every week is always different!

It’s such a warm, inviting space + music + story time is always so engaging!

The beach is always a must for this family.  Since I grew up near Malibu, California I require frequent beach outings!

Oh, the driftwood in the Pacific Northwest is plentiful!!!!

And low tide is always so much fun!  Anemone, starfish, little crabs, kelp + shells!

This summer we’ve been taking the camper van on beach day trips which is amazing because we take naps midday!  It’s perfect!

On Father’s Day we spent the day at Dundarave in West Vancouver.

Here’s Lang drawing in the sand with a feather.

And climbing + jumping off rocks with zero inhibition!  PANTHER BOY!!!!

Besides the great wild outdoors, we have a membership to the Vancouver Art Gallery.

I like to take the kids to museums when I can so that they learn to understand museum etiquette + don’t act like total freaks + slobber all over the art.


Clementine turned two in June!  Here’s adorable neighbor Geoff trying to get out of the shot.

We had a little “jam session” in the backyard for her birthday.  The kids loved it!!!!


Skate park visits are a weekly occurence.

Lang is into everything right now.  His two wheel scooter.  His three wheel scooter.  His balance bike.

And this girl.

This girl loves to eat snacks + run around.

In other news, we’ve done a lot of gardening.

And by Langdon’s request, without a second guess or hesitation – FIRST SHORT HAIRCUT!

He’s always loved + defended his long hair to boys that would tease him for looking “like a girl”.  But all of a sudden he turned to me + said he wanted short hair!  I thought for sure the day of the appointment he would change his mind.  But there was no question about it!  I never pushed him.  This boy was ready!

Well, I’m going to stop for now because it’s bedtime!  So, yes life in Canada is good.  Very good for raising children.  In that vein, I can’t complain.  We are very fortunate to have our causal schedule + the natural beauty.  Things are slow, people drive slow, there’s a different pace here.  And I think my kids are very happy.  What more do they need?

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  1. This all sounds super fun! I do miss the coast!

    July 9, 2018

      July 16, 2018
      • I’d love to! I don’t know when we’re going to be heading west again, though. 😦 We’re saving up to go to Disney World at the end of the year!

        July 17, 2018

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