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California Easter Bunny

In typical How’s It Going Eh fashion, better late than never – a blog post from spring!






At the end of the day, I like to numb my brain from the drudgery of raising small children with the beauty + drama that is The Crown.

But now that I have watched all available episodes I decided, “wow maybe I’d better do a blog post.”.  And wow is right because as I looked through my pictures I realized I hadn’t even done a post about my spring trip to Los Angeles.  Wait.  Did I go to LA in spring?  Did I really???  Honestly I’ve been so tired I wouldn’t have believed I went if it were not for photographic evidence.  That is another important purpose for this blog.  So that I can remember that some events did happen.  For pete’s sake.  Consarn it.

K.  So, highlight.  Let’s get started.  Easter pictures with my niece Isabella.




Disaster.  Where is Langdon, you might ask?  Smart boy was like, NOPE, NUH-UH, YOU’RE NOT GOING TO MAKE ME.  And I didn’t.  So there.

It was great having cousin time + being back with baby Isabella.  Who is a baby no more.  This girl is a full fledged toddler!

Lots of things happened in Los Angeles + I’m going to make it quick because it’s almost 9pm + no joke that’s my bedtime.  Easter.  Easter happened.

My darling, wonderful first born baby turned four.  The three of us celebrated at the beach.

For us, four has been an amazing age.  From 18 months until now were pretty ugly toddler years.  Langdon was a firestorm of anger + emotion.  I’m really enjoying my guy at four.  We have conversations, we discover, we ask questions – it’s rad.

Hiking with the smell of sage wafting in the warm air with friends.

Dragging Isabella for her first trip to the beach.

Note the Trader Joe’s bag.  Always Trader Joe’s.  Forever and always.

Did Isabella love the beach???

You be the judge.

Check out my crazy mom look.

Dude, one thing about being a mom that is so awesome is that I am OWNING my mom style.  IDGAF.  It’s so freeing.  Check it.

Not even caring that I appear mentally unhinged.  Not even caring, folks.

A trip to Underwood Family Farms!!!  Good times!  Regard the faces of the happy children!

Hahahahah!  It was flaming hot that day + the kids are at ages right now where they both want to run in opposite directions.  So it was a bit of a cranky pants day for all of us.

Snack time on the wooden train.  I mean, look at their tomato faces.  It was hot.

Yes if you’re wondering, there are animals + tractors + a little playground at the farm but I have to keep this short.  Don’t forget – my bedtime.  The absolute best part of the farm is the big tractor that pulls the little bee cars for a ride around the farm!

Jeff finished a movie + arrived in Los Angeles to help clean up my condo in Little Tokyo for prospective new renters.

The cuties in the courtyard.


Jeff painted, cleaned + worked his butt off.  The condo needed a major facelift + was left uncleaned after the last tenants.  It was disgusting.  At night he slept in a sleeping bag on the floor.  It’s just not worth it to commute from downtown Los Angeles to Agoura Hills every day.

Before he had to work on the condo we got a chance to visit MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation in Santa Barbara.


This giant guitar.

Was a hit to say the least.

Lite Brite wall.

Of course Jeff had to show off with his obsession for nostalgia.

The top deck had great water features.

Santa Barbara is truly the jewel of Southern California.  It is so gorgeous + embodies so much of the California lifestyle + Mediterranean beauty.

MOXI is small, but it is a very thoughtful, clean + beautiful space.  It is definitely worth a visit.

So the week went by + Jeff was away working on the condo.  But over the weekend, I had run to Target + left the kids with Jeff.  Clementine was jumping on grandma’s bed + landed smack face first on the bamboo floor.  When they put the word goose egg in the dictionary they should put a picture of Clementine next to it.

Oh my poor baby!!!!  After the fall there was no confusion, no sluggishness, no sleepiness or other sorts of warning behavior.  But for a good month there was bruising.  And at night I couldn’t sleep because I was constantly checking to make sure she was still breathing!  Kids!  That episode added a multitude of grey hairs to my head.

This spring visit was filled with lots beach visits which made me so very happy.

Man, how I miss seeing those iconic blue lifeguard stations.  I miss miles of sand.  I miss big huge crashing waves.  I miss seeing forever across the horizon of the ocean.  Vancouver beaches are tiny, the waves lapping + the views MEH.

And oh how I was going to miss seeing this rascal every day.


Look at this doll!!!  This little Spunky Brewster!  This face will light up any room!!!!

Time to depart.  We packed in a lot of fun in LA.  And the condo looked sparkly + a new renter moved in!  Phew, it was stressful.

With all the visits I’ve done with the kids, Jeff has been able to fly with us maybe two times.  It is a HELLUVA lot easier to deal with two kids with two adults!!!  Omg, it was heaven to have his help.

That caps off the spring trip that I made to Los Angeles that I almost forgot about!  Having children fries your brain.  Exciting news – my sister, niece + mom are coming up to Vancouver for a visit at the end of July!!!  Hoooray for me!!!  Hopefully I’ll be able to manage to squeeze in another post before then!  Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ashley #

    So many happy memories! Great pictures and post as usual! Please don’t let it go too long before the next one! They always make me chuckle and puts a smile on my face! Miss you sister and can’t wait to see you and the kids soon! 😘❤️😘

    July 4, 2018

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