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Ups + Downs + 40 on Grouse Mountain

Emotional roller coaster.  A very very intense past couple of weeks!






We finally moved into the new house on the North Shore!  It sure as heck was stressful!  Jeff madly helped us pack over the weekend + then had to leave on location for work.  Langdon + I were surrounded by boxes, my adrenaline was super high + my entire body was humming + vibrating 24-7!2016-03-13 14.23.17 copy

This kid has taken everything in stride + has made the move relatively easy on me.  Granted I was stuffing him full of snacks + popped him in front of the boob tube all day long.  But he was a very, very tolerant + adaptable boy during this whole horrible moving experience!

Moving day was a beyotch.  I am so grateful that it happened to be during spring break!  My brother-in-law, sister-in-law + nephews were able to look after Lang while I hung out with the movers!  I am one lucky gal.  The movers had a 5 ton truck + it was bursting at the seams!  That means we have a lot of crap!2016-03-15 13.29.33

Oh if you live in the Vancouver area, hire Jim’s Moving Vancouver!  The guys worked their butts off!  They were crazy fast, efficient, professional + totally courteous!!!  Mi familia!!!!  They really took care of me.

The house was so insane with boxes + I was an exhausted, worthless, sack of flour at the end of the day.  So Langdon + I stayed overnight at Jeff’s brother’s house for 3 nights.  It’s only a 2 minute drive away from our new house!  It was an unbelievable feeling after a long day of unpacking to get to their house, be handed a cup of warm tea, dinner made for us + see Langdon spending time with his cousins!  Family is so essential for recharging your soul!  I’m so blessed to have them!!!!!2016-03-16 17.06.16 copy

Aaaaaaah, heart melt!

Would you get a load of Lang Lang sitting by himself on a stool at their kitchen counter eating breakfast?  No high chair, not strapped down – what a big boy!2016-03-17 07.23.51 copy

Jeff got back from location, the house is livable now.  Sort of.  Just barely.  It’s been two weeks + stuff is everywhere.  Jeff’s been working so hard cleaning up, fixing + attempting to paint the walls little by little.2016-03-20 23.22.49 copy

Being of Japanese descent, I like a nice, clean, white wall, by jove.

After the big moving day I was still on a high for a couple days madly unpacking boxes.  And then…..BOOOM!!!!  I got smacked hard on the side of the head with depression.  I think I was working so relentlessly at such an unforgiving pace, that when things settled a little bit, I crashed hard.  I didn’t want to step outside the door.  Even though I was in a new house I loved, in a great neighborhood, I didn’t want to do anything or a lift a finger.  All I wanted to do was sleep all day + stare out the window.









Jeff took on a lot of caring for Langdon as I slept + napped as much as I could.  I’ve been perking up a little lately + I’ve gone over the hump.  Over Easter weekend we went to a Japanese fair put on at a high school that was hosting students from Yokohama.2016-03-26 15.21.01 copy

The school had lovely cherry blossom trees!  We lifted Lang high so he could feel like he was floating among the blossoms!2016-03-26 16.29.52 copy

Easter Sunday happened to fall on my birthday!  I was woken with breakfast in bed by my two dudes!2016-03-27 08.54.40 copyAnd when I went downstairs Jeff had decorated the house!!!  🙂

That night I was surprised with Langdon staying at his Uncle + Aunt’s house while we went out for a dinner date on top of Grouse Mountain!2016-03-27 18.20.32 copyMy first time!  We took an 8 minute gondola ride up + when we stepped out I was shocked + exclaimed, “Whoah!  Look at all the snow!”.  Jeff seriously thinks I’m mental.  I’m from Southern California!  We don’t understand the concept of snow!

Grouse Mountain is a popular ski hill here on the North Shore.  It’s also home to the “Grouse Grind” a strenuous uphill hike that I have yet to attempt.  While we were on the gondola, the mountain was shrouded in fog.  We walked around for a while + once we arrived for our reservations at The Observatory Restaurant, the clouds had parted + we had window seats with an AMAZING view!!!2016-03-27 19.15.51 copy

Huzzah!!!!  You can see Stanley Park, downtown, Richmond, Burnaby – it was gorgeous!2016-03-27 19.21.17 copyDinner was faaaaaantastic.  One of the top 5 dinners I’ve ever had in my life.  Some reviews on Yelp called it bland + not worth the money, etc.  They’re all haters.  We had beef tartare + duck liver appetizers, lamb + sturgeon for dinner.2016-03-27 19.32.14 copyI was itching to get back down the mountain to retrieve Lang, but Jeff urged us to hang out a little while longer.  And I was surprised with a special birthday dessert!!!2016-03-27 21.12.03 copyVanilla ice cream, delicate sponge cake, light crispy honeycomb, raspberry sauce + fudge!  It was such a great combination of flavors!

We were stuffed like sausages + waddled out of the restaurant.  Here is a picture of the lights still up in the trees.2016-03-27 21.29.35 copyAnother bonus to eating at The Observatory is the gondola ride is free.  I can’t wait to take my family up to Grouse Mountain in the summertime!  There are also mid to budget range eateries, gift shops, etc on the mountain.

Once we got to Jeff’s brother’s house we sat + chatted for bit + then they surprised me with a birthday song, an ice cream cake + candles!!!!!IMG_7797What a great 40th birthday!!!!  I absolutely thought with all the craziness of the move that we’d have to postpone celebrating.  I got all Eeyore + was like, “It’s ooookaaaaay, we can always celebrate another daaaaaaaay.”.Screenshot 2016-03-31 20.46.43

But Jeff really kicked it up a notch + completely surprised me!!!!  I had the best birthday ever!  Whatta guy….a truly memorable day!

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  1. Is that spam on your Easter/birthday breakfast plate? It’s hunter’s food in Oregon, but a staple in Hawaii and Guam. I sometime see spam musubi sold in in some SOCAL fast fooderies.
    I enjoyed reading this post. Enjoy your new home!

    April 1, 2016
    • Yes it is!!! I was wondering when someone was going to mention it!!! I’m Japanese American + growing up Spam has always been around!

      April 3, 2016
  2. kenneth kenny nishino #


    April 1, 2016
  3. Keep on truckin’ B day gal! xo

    May 13, 2016

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