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I wish almost every day that our family of three were back in Ucluelet.  Such a magical time we had!






It’s almost Christmas, Lang + I are reunited with my family in Los Angeles right now but I’m going to write about our trip to Ucluelet in October because it’s how this blog rolls.

Back in October, Jeff started work on War for the Planet of the Apes in Ucluelet.  He had a couple days off in between jobs, so we headed to Vancouver Island before shooting started to have some quality time together.

Lang is a salty old sea dog – so accustomed to the ferry!Ucuelet - 01

We landed in Nanaimo + made the long, windy drive to our destination.  After being cooped up in the car for hooours, boy were we happily surprised at the posh hotel – Black Rock Resort  the film production put us up in!

Ucuelet - 02The next day we headed to Amphitrite Point Lighthouse.Ucuelet - 03

Hahahaha!!!  Lang was a little freaked out about the strong winds + gigantic waves.  He was like a stiff doll in his dad’s arms.Ucuelet - 04

It’s like he’s chanting to himself, “If I don’t move the waves won’t get me.  If I don’t move the waves won’t get me.”.

Just so y’all know, most of my best photos from this trip are on Instagram.  I’m howsitgoingeh.  I’m too haggard to import the photos from my phone to the computer + yadda yadda yadda.  So follow me on Instagram!  Shameless plug, whatever.

In the afternoon we made it to downtown Tofino.  Here’s the boys in front of Aboriginal artist Roy Henry Vickers gorgeous gallery.Ucuelet - 05

When we’re in Tofino we always pick something up in our favorite shop Caravan.Ucuelet - 06

Later I attempted to take a cool surf picture with Langdon but he’s become a little OCD lately + was obsessing, repeatedly saying his hands were, “WET!!!  WET!!!”.Ucuelet - 07

Dinner at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants Kuma.  I brought toys + crayons.  Lang was super happy + content at first.  I was like, “I’m such an on top of it mom.  Oh yeah, I got this.”.Ucuelet - 08

Nay, my friends.  We barely make it through dinner anymore.  Meltdowns happen + we have to take turns eating while the other parent takes Langdon outside to burn some energy.

The next day we visited the awesome Ucluelet Aquarium.  Here’s grumpy face with his dad in front of the aquarium.Ucuelet - 09


This place is great because of all the hands on touch pools. Another cool aspect of the aquarium is that all the creatures are only kept at the aquarium for a period of time + are then released back to the ocean.  Plus, their staff is extremely informative, excited + enthusiastic!Ucuelet - 10


Their octopus was awake + hungry so we watched + waited patiently for it to strike + attack it’s crab!  Yikes!Ucuelet - 11

Crab byeeeeeee!!!!

Langdon could have spent all day at the aquarium.Ucuelet - 12

Hey daddy, salt water yummmm!!!!Ucuelet - 13

In the afternoon we walked the Wild Pacific Trail to Big Beach next to our hotel.Ucuelet - 14

The Wild Pacific is an amazing network of relatively easy scenic trails that give such a great representation of all the natural beauty Ucluelet has to offer.  Whattya know!  Jeff’s arm length is as wide as a bald eagle’s wing span! Ucuelet - 15

Lang was in heaven running, inspecting + discovering!  He is always happiest outdoors.Ucuelet - 16

When Jeff started work Lang + I spent most of our days on a perfect, tiny beach a 10 minute walk from our house on the Wild Pacific Trail called Brown’s Beach.  A lot of the beaches on Ucluelet are inundated with seaweed on the shores.  But this beach had nice sand + was awesome for treasure hunting when the tide was low.Ucuelet - 17

Once again, please check me out (howsitgoingeh) on Instagram!  A bunch of pictures of Lang playing on Brown’s Beach!

One afternoon we visited Jeff at work on location at Long Beach located in between Ucluelet + Tofino.  It’s part of the Pacific Rim National Reserve + is famous for it’s long wide stretches of sand.Ucuelet - 20


Here is Lang starting up the Weta buggy.  Weta is the famed special effects + props company from New Zealand.  This is Jeff’s second job of the year with the Weta team!Ucuelet - 18

I knew a couple people from the crew so it was fun to catch up.  But when they shouted, “REHEARSAL’S UP!!!” I quickly whisked Lang away from the set as he dramatically screamed, “DADDY!!!!  DADDDYYYY!!!!  DAAAAAADDDYYYYY!!!!”.  Fun times.

After that, Lang was super PO’d at me + basically wished me dead for the remainder of the day.  I am chopped liver compared to daddy.  You can see the set + tents behind angry Lang, desperately in need of his daddy.Ucuelet - 19

There’s Jeff at work – you can always pick him out of a crowd because of his cowboy hat.  Lang was beyond excited to meet the horses.Ucuelet - 21

The next day Lang + I returned to Long Beach with his rain suit on because the day before he rolled in mud + sat in a stream playing with sludgy wet sand.  Here’s Lang marveling over the surfers.  I was bummed I didn’t get to see any big wave surfing on this trip.Ucuelet - 22

The crazy thing was the film production had cleared the set from the day before.  Yet Langdon RAN at full speed screeching, “Horsies!!!  Horsies!!!” towards the former set.  I was baffled – how did he remember???  I had to drag him away from the spot on the beach where filming took place, kicking + screaming.  Late afternoon light + a temperamental toddler.Ucuelet - 23

Ucluelet is a really special part of the Pacific Northwest experience + we are so lucky we had the opportunity to spend a whole week there!  It still has a sleepier quality than Tofino, but go soon because while we were there we noticed a massive amount of development happening that will rob Ucluelet of some of it’s charm.  My ultimate dream is to return every year to escape Vancouver!  Until next time, Ucluelet!  Thank you for the memories I will cherish forever!

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  1. WETA! That’s so exciting! They do amazing work. Is one of the motion capture-suited guys Andy Serkis?! 🙂

    I’ve never been to Uclulet, but the aquarium looks great. I love aquariums. 🙂 If you’re ever in Sydney, the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre is really well done, too.

    December 18, 2015
    • YES!!!! He is so nice!!! Langdon gave him a show of all the animal impressions he can do + Andy was really impressed! I’d love to go to Sydney! Australia is on the top of my list!

      December 19, 2015
      • Sorry, I meant Sidney on Vancouver Island! I just spelled it wrong. 😛 I’d love to go to Australia one of these days, too. 🙂

        December 19, 2015
  2. kenneth nishino #

    VEEERY NIIIIICE, NAN,…AWsuM photo’s as always!!!!!!

    December 18, 2015
  3. that’s awesome !!
    Lol @ temperamental toddler because this is my life, not all the time but when he is mad, he is man with a plan lol !

    December 31, 2015

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