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A Disney Christmas

Disneyland before Christmas with a 20 month old?!  Well heck yeah, bring it on!!!






Is everyone hung over from Christmas festivities???  I feel like I have jet lag.  And I am sad that soon there will be no more twinkling lights, sentimental music + garish red + green EVERYTHING.  I never was a Christmas person until Lang came along.  Now I understand it’s magic + cozy warmth – if you take out all the crazy people rushing around obsessively shopping as if possessed.

Anyhoo, Jeff flew into Los Angeles – yay for us!  And our Christmas present from my family was tickets to Disneyland + an overnight stay at a hotel!!!  We set out early in the morning at 6:30am + was welcomed to Disneyland with rain.  Hello, go figures!  We brought it from Vancouver!  You’re welcome!  Luckily, right when we entered the gates we popped into a Main Street shop to gather our wits together + there was Mickey + Minnie!!!!Christmas2015 - 01

Needless to say Langdon was so excited he couldn’t even believe his wee eyeballs.  Celebrities!  Boy did we luck out!  Our day was already starting off great!

We slogged around in the rain, rode the carousel + Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.  Which if you have a 20 month old – DO NOT TAKE THEM ON THIS RIDE!!!!  It scared the diapers off poor Lang!  We forgot how scary the ride was!!!

Lang had his first churro ever at Disneyland.  A right of passage.Christmas2015 - 02

What a happy face!  Clearly he enjoyed his crispy, fairy dusted treat!

On to Frontier Land.  Our main objective for going to Disneyland before Christmas is because in January, much of Frontier Land will be demolished to make room for Star Wars Land.  I’m sad.  Frontier Land has always been my favorite part of the park.  Which is funny because people at work call Jeff “Frontier Man” so I guess I’ve always loved me some down home, wild west!  Cheesy family photo:Christmas2015 - 05

Langdon is already so majorly embarrassed of us.

Goodbye Big Thunder Ranch!!!Christmas2015 - 06

We bought Langdon Mickey ears with his name embroidered on the back.  Get ready for this Mouseketeer!!!Christmas2015 - 03

He is also wearing his 1st visit pin that I got for free from one of the kiosks!  I never knew about these pins – how sweet is that?!  Jeff found out about these pins + MANY more cool tips from studying the website Disney Tourist Blog.  This dude knows allllll the meaty juice about anything + everything Disney!  Seriously read this blog before planning your trip – this guys covers everything.

HEART MELT!!!Christmas2015 - 04

After a 30 minute line up we boarded a boat on the Jungle Cruise.  It was impressive, the amount of Christmas decorations that were added to the tour!Christmas2015 - 07

Thank the Disney god because after the Jungle Cruise Langdon napped in his stroller for an hour + 1/2.  At one point we tucked into a cave behind Splash Mountain for shelter while miserable people stood in the rain.Christmas2015 - 08

It was shocking how ill prepared people were.  Open toed shoes, babies with no socks or shoes on, no rain gear whatsoever.

When Lang awoke, he got to meet Santa!  Another exciting moment for this toddler.Christmas2015 - 09

He loves Santa!  When it was his turn Langdon immediately ran up to Santa + handed him his precious lovey, Coco.  This Santa was real Disney with a luxurious shiny beard + the charisma + wit of a late night talk show host.

During our wait to board the Mark Twain Steamboat I was excited to see Tiana from The Princess + the Frog!Christmas2015 - 10

Unfortunately she was the only other character we saw that day due to the rain.  So we were really happy that we even got to see Mickey + Minne!

The Disneyland Tourist Blog suggested taking a picture near the cigar store Indian as a growth marker for future visits to come with children.  Langdon was having none of it.  He was like, “You two are just awful.”.Christmas2015 - 11

The Tiki Room was a huge hit for Langdon which made me proud because it has always been one of my faves as well.  He was bopping to the music + clapping!Christmas2015 - 12

Dusk was falling when we pushed our sand bag-like bodies towards Toon Town.Christmas2015 - 13

Langdon is really strong if you weren’t already aware.Christmas2015 - 14

It was at this time that all the lovely lights came on throughout the park.  It’s a Small World is so gorgeous when all lit up!Christmas2015 - 15

And no we suck + didn’t go on It’s A Small World because I just couldn’t fathom standing in line at that point in the evening.  I was done.  I’m pretty sure Langdon will forgive us.

Oh iconic Cinderella’s castle.  Sigh.Christmas2015 - 16

Exiting Main Street.  Langdon is still smiles.  Thankfully he was exceptionally well behaved + his energy was high the whole day!Christmas2015 - 17

Watching the Disney rush go by.Christmas2015 - 18

Quiet + reflective on the tram ride to the parking lot.Christmas2015 - 19

Folks, but it wasn’t all roses!  Thank god we had the foresight to change Langdon into his PJs before driving to the hotel!  Because on the short drive, this is when the overstimulating day finally took it’s toll!!!!  COMPLETE HYSTERICAL MELTDOWN!!!!  I can’t even imagine his poor brain!  Disneyland is too much for me as an adult, so I can’t even imagine what it was doing to his system!  We thankfully arrived in our room + Langdon settled down.Christmas2015 - 20

My family booked us a room at the Anaheim Marriott.  There’s lots of Marriott hotels in Anaheim – this one is on 700 West Convention Way.  Unfortunately their website was acting funky + I couldn’t get a link.  I would definitely recommend this hotel for Disneyland trips + book there again!  The rooms were modern, the lobby was huge, stylish + very inviting!

Christmas came fast + in the morning Langdon was greeted with his first stocking!Christmas2015 - 22

Ohhhh how this little man adores his Auntie Ash!  Nana + Papa are his loves but Ash is his ultimate playmate + patient teacher!Christmas2015 - 21

Time to open presents!Christmas2015 - 23

Langdon has learned to rip wrapping paper with much zeal + dexterity, much to my fear.Christmas2015 - 24

I brought Christmas crackers from Canada which my good ol’ American family were unfamiliar with.  Wearing crowns at Christmas dinner!  Langdon had just woken from his nap + was Sergeant Cranky Face.  And sorry dad, this was the best picture out of all of them!  Hehe.Christmas2015 - 25

I’m so bummed Christmas is already over.  But we had such an incredible time this year!  Langdon won’t remember this visit to Disneyland, but we created such awesome memories that day!  Well, later today we are off to the high desert to celebrate our annual New Years in Joshua Tree!  Hope everyone had a festive holiday + thank you to my amazing family for the best Disneyland trip ever!!!  XOXO!!!



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  1. I can’t believe how grown up Langdon’s looking!

    December 29, 2015
  2. kenneth nishino #

    HOHOHO, Happy Holiday’s 2’ALL, fun fun fun
    photo’s of LangLang at DisneyLand & of course
    his parents look Happi Happi as well, glad U’ALL
    had a Grand Time in Disney World, have a great
    trip to high desert and Joshua Tree, were gonna
    miss U guy’s & a Happy 2016,…cheers Dads

    December 29, 2015
  3. Big boy, now! Wow! Happy New Year!

    January 7, 2016
  4. Love that pic in pjs…he looks like Danny in The Shining. “Danny’s not here Mrs.Torrence. He left his mind in Disneyland.” 😀 (PS. It’s Amy on her other account!) xo

    January 7, 2016
  5. No no, I’m on the right account. Duh! Off for a 5k in -20 and snow…zoom zoom!

    January 7, 2016

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