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Living in Lancaster

I’ve been put up in a hotel in Lancaster for work.  Jeff has accompanied me to this high desert outpost.  Aaaaaah, the Antelope Valley.  Many quirks + hidden gems in this eccentric town.  You just have to be curious enough to find them.

Diners that have Hot Rod Wednesday nights.  Louis Burger, y’all.


Divey punk rock steakhouses that serve fried pickles + your waitress flips your steak all while she’s taking orders + serving beer.  The music is not for the faint of heart.  Friendliest tattooed peeps ever.  Only at Maxdon’s

The best hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants!!!  Take that, Canada!  Yes, we have been eating copius amounts of artery clogging food.  Don’t judge.

Speedy Joe’s – can’t go to Mexican without spilling on your shirt.


















Admiring the local stars of Lancaster: the fighter jets + stealth bombers.  Top Gun all the way.

And let’s not forget: weird desert towns + Shelli + Jeff = thrift store shopping.  It is a gold mine out here!!!  We have had many successes!!!!  Don’t be scared, y’all!  We are finding quality stuff here!!!!










Woah, woah, woah.  Hold on.  Might be getting a little carried away there, Jeffrey.  Take ‘er easy! 



I did NOT approve of these purchases ladies + gentlemen!!!!  Hoarder alert!  Oh yeah, Jeff also got pulled over by a cop, but got out of a ticket because he was nice + Canadian!  Well, we are in Lancaster for another week, so we’ll see what adventures come our way!  Hasta la vista!

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  1. Adrianna Benjamin #

    Glad you guys are enjoying the best offerings of the nether regions of Los Angeles County. Fried pickles sounds particularly intense! Come see Solomon when you’re finished!

    January 29, 2012
    • I can’t WAIT to see Solomon!!!! So sad we haven’t met yet!!! 😦

      February 5, 2012
  2. kengo kenny ''papi'' nishino #

    Yike’s, pleeeze give it a Rest, OK, the garage is Full Enuff as It is,…LOL !!!!! plus that get
    UP on Jeffrey, aaaah,…Alabama Gone,..huh huh, Shell’s, he definitely needs HELP !!!!!!!!
    Ok, have fun and C U back at the Ranch, Mahalo nui loa, Cheers, Peace, Mum’s & Papi

    January 30, 2012

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