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Emotional Eating

Yesterday I went to my much needed physical checkup + got a weigh in.  All I can say is, yikes.  Yo, I know I’ve gotten pretty doughy lately, but BOY HOWDY do I need to drop some serious LBS in a huge (no pun intended) way!!!!!





Now that I’m back from Canada,

  1. I will eat vegetarian as much as possible
  2. I shall up my veggie count
  3. I vow to cut down on the alcohol (Canucks like to pound one back)
  4. I pledge to work out like a mad fiend


Speaking of working out, since I don’t have my gym nearby anymore, here’s what I do on my non-running days:



This set of pylometric exercises are from the Women’s Health Magazine’s “Work Out at Home”.  Ch-ch-ch-check it out!!!!  Perform each move as many times as you can for 60 seconds with no rest between each move.  After you complete moves 1-8, rest for a minute + then repeat the whole shebang 1 or 2 more times if your heart so desires.  Do this 3 times a week.  It’ll kick your butt.  When I first got back into it again, I almost vomited.


















I also want to give mayjah props to Fleet Feet Sports in Encino.  Hollah!!!!!!  If you live in the valley, (Los Angeles valley, that is) please go visit this fine, fine establishment!!!!  Staff member Jason helped me out + he was bright eyed, bushy tailed + EXTREMELY knowledgeable.  I lurved him.  By the way, I did not force Jason to pose for me in the back stock room, that would just be creepy. It was on the Fleet Feet website.  He observed my gait, measured each foot twice, listened to my concerns + requests + brought out 3 pairs of sneakers to try out.  I test jogged each pair while Jason observed + let me tell you, things were jiggling around that I did not want to be jiggling ifyouknowwhatimean.  Luckily I had the subconscious foresight to wear a blousy top to hide my jello.  Jason probably spent 20 minutes with me – now that’s what I call customer service, y’all!!!!  So, yes I bought a bunch of gear if you’re wondering.



Want to know why I’m trying to svelte myself down?  One would guess it my inspiration would be this:

Bikinis, beach….nyet, my comrades!!!!!!!!!  My slim-down goal is fueled by this:

I know you are like, “Whaaaaaaa????”  The Calgary Stampede will be in full effect the first week of July!  The most stupendous, most rootin’ tootin’ rodeo celebration in the WORLD!!!  AND it’s the CENTENNIAL Stampede!!!!  It’s gonna be a partay!!!  I am not missing out on this hootenany!!!!!  I want to look gooooood!!!!!  I’m going to wear my cut-off jeans + cowboy boots, y’all!!!  I’ve been dying to go to the Stampede ever since I first met Jeff!!!!







Those gals are like, “Woooooo!!!!”!!!!  So why is this post called “Emotional Eating”?  Cuz I just went online to buy tickets for the rodeo + I’M SO PISSED!!!!  Tickets are already sold out + I had to buy nosebleed seats in the arena!!!  All the horses + the riders are going to look like little pieces of dancing rice!!!  I KNEW I should have bought tickets a long time ago!!!!  Aaaarrrrgghhhh!!!  Even though I was just going on about the merits of exercise I’m so mad + upset, that I’m currently stuffing my face with Pirate’s Booty out of anguish + disappointment!!!!!!!!  And I’m not even hungry!!!!  Emotional eating!!!!

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  1. Grace Pyke #

    Wow you sure look different, like a large black male. Is the helmet for the food coma to follow after this large burger hits your intestines?

    May 11, 2012
    • When I binge eat I morph into that guy. Yes, the helmet is to protect my head for when I pass out + crash to the floor.

      May 11, 2012

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