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Posts tagged ‘Shopping’

Portobello West Holiday Market – Vancouver

Hey hey heeeeeeey!!!!  Holiday season is here!  Avoid the malls + go a’ craft fair-ing!!! Read more

Target (Finally) Arrives in Canada!

You Yankees are going to be like, “A post about Target???  She’s completely lost the plot!”.  Oh my dear friends, you can’t even know how deprived I’ve been… Read more

Southern Cali Fiesta (pt.1)

Yes, the time had come for the annual Deb (my most awesome sister-in-law) + her best friend, Canmore Karen girls’ weekend.  Sans les enfants.  That’s French for, “ain’t no kids included”.  Where did they choose this year for their destination?!  Los Angeles!!!!  Woooot for me!!!!  I love sharing the city I love to people who appreciate it!!!! Read more