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Posts tagged ‘Relationships’

The Cavalry Has Arrived

Mom + Dad are in town – I am alone no more!!!  I am saved!  Thank the stars!!! Read more

Newborn Photoshoot

Langdon’s first photoshoot when he was 2 1/2 weeks old.  So amazing to look at these pictures 2 months later. Read more

Pregnancy – Our Maternity Photos

If you’re vacillating over whether or not to have maternity photos taken – TAKE THEM!!!  I’m so happy we did! Read more


This may be the last post I put up for a while!  The clock is a’ ticking!!!

Read more


Preparing for baby, running around + trying to get the house in order… Read more

Best Hairstyle Ever Pt. 2 + the Bryan Baeumler Experience

Hands down another got-to-see-it-to-believe it hairstyle for Jeff + the time we met HGTV god Bryan Baeumler!

Read more

Are Canadians All Lumberjacks – How to Split Firewood

Canadians are all lumberjacks.  Well this lumberjack is gonna show you the easiest way to split wood!  Read more

Vancouver Christmas Market 2013

Merry Christmas Eve!!!  Jeff + I went to the Christmas Market today to fill up on holiday happiness! Read more

Best. Hairstyle. EVER.

Hands down, the best hairstyle Jeff was ever given in a salon in his life.  You’ve got to see it to believe it! Read more

Whistler Getaway

So worth it to escape to Whistler during their off season!!! Read more

Los Angeles in Vancouver

My good friend Carlos was in Vancouver for work over the weekend + we had a happy reunion!!! Read more

Yaletown + Around

Jeff’s dad was visiting from the east coast + the three of us had a downtown Vancouver kind of day! Read more

We’re In!!!

Saints be praised!!!  Jeff + I are officially moved into our new house!!! Read more


Yes, still moving + trying to fit in some fun time in between!  Because moving = painful.  And I need to slack off!!! Read more

Notes on Moving…

Moving again!  Here’s what we’ve been up to lately… Read more