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Showing Angelenos a Canadian Time

The Nishino ladies have arrived in Vancouver safely!  That includes my sweet cat Megumi!!!! Read more

Touch + Go

Today was a little touch + go, I’m not going to lie, y’all.  Jeff + I had a late start today.  I was famished, so we headed out for our day.  Jeff decided to wear this great all brown outfit, so of course I made him pose in the woods. 







But first Jeff swung by ANOTHER ONE OF HIS STORAGE SPACES. Look at the shame on his face.  Poor guy.

But, that was for another day to tackle.  We had bigger fish to fry today!!!!




We had breakfast at”La Belle Patate”.  It is in the industrial district in Canmore + I actually had read about it on Yelp.  Yelp rules!

They specialize in quebecois style food – smoked meats, poutine, etc.  For those of you Americans who aren’t familiar with poutine, you are missing out – it is a is a dish of french fries, fresh cheese curds, with brown gravy.  It was all to die for!!!  And the owner of the shop was the nicest guy!!!  Here is Jeff’s smoked meat sub + the poutine.  It’s interesting, because the meat in the sub is cubed + they typically douse it with yellow mustard + lots of pickles.  I didn’t take a picture of my veggie sub because it was just grilled veggies + cheese.  But nevertheless delicieux mes amis!!!!!!!!  My complements to the chef!!!







Alright, after we ate, we headed toward the dreaded garage storage space that I had featured in a previous post.  We went through all of the racks of clothing + every once in a while Jeff would get cross at me + I would reply, “You’re acting as if I’m the enemy!!!!  I’m only here to help you!!!!!”.  It totally felt like an episode of Hoarders.  Psychology 101.  In between we managed to have some fun:

Disregard the tan lines + the scary slip on shoes – I’ve tried to get rid of them, believe me.







Oh yeah, you all know this jacket is going home with me!!!!  Score!!!














We got rid of 9 bags of clothing!!!!  The back of Jeff’s car was filled.  Deb, aren’t you proud?!







When we went to the thrift store to drop everything off, Jeff insisted on going in to shop!  What a junkie!!!  A JUNKIE!!!!  HELP ME, LORD!!!!!!








This is when things started to go south.  We went back to the storage garage.  I think we were both tired because almost every item became a fight + I became very frustrated.  We decided to pick things up again tomorrow.  I was very depressed, overwhelmed + dejected about the whole thing.  We were supposed to have a romantic dinner at Crazy Weed, but I couldn’t muster up the enthusiasm to go tonight, so we postponed.  Emotionally bankrupt, as they say.  Jeff is so sweet + noticed my sad mood, so he insisted we take a walk along Policeman’s Creek.  I did feel better afterwards.  He definitely knows how to cheer up my moods.




Here is a picture of me posing next to the sculpture titled, “Big Head”.  Canmore is named after a town on the northwest shores of Scotland named in honor of King Malcolm III of Canmore. The anglicized version of the Gaelic Ceann Mór, Canmore has been variously translated as “big head” or, more likely, “great head” or “chief”.  Can you see the strained enthusiasm in my face???






So we are having a quiet night tonight of staying in + ordering pizza.  Tomorrow we will start out early + work on the cavernous garage again.  I’m so proud of Jeff for really tackling this daunting project because I know it’s been a real burden for many years!!!!!  GO TEAM!!!!