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Posts tagged ‘Nikkei National Museum + Cultural Center’

Nikkei Center Mochitsuki 2013 – Vancouver

Mochitsuki!  An essential Japanese New Year tradition, y’all!!! Read more

Nikkei National Museum + Cultural Center – Vancouver

Konichiwa!!!  Nikkei Center is Vancouver’s largest Japanese Canadian Cultural Center + museum! Read more

Nikkei Centre Mochitsuki 2012!!!

KONICHIWA!!!!!!!  I love me a good mochitsuki ceremony!!!  Being of Japanese heritage, the mochi making ceremony that is traditionally held around the New Year is a special event for me. Read more

Vancouver Museum Hopping

Sorry for the massive delay in posts!!!!  Jeff + I have been hop, hop, hopping around to a bunch of Vancouver museums, while Jeff’s dad was in town since he is an avid lover of the arts! Read more