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Getting Real

This morning Ashley walked the 1.7 miles to our place.  She + I found an article in Women’s Fitness called, “No gym? No problem!”.  It was a circuit of various timed exercises with as many reps as physically possible.  It was hardcore.  We were in the zone in our zen garden yelling, “YOU CAN DO IT!!!  GOOD JOB!!!!  10 MORE!!!!!”.  We were pouring with sweat!  After, we did Billy Blank’s ab bootcamp.  For any of you ladies who hate doing abs – this is the video for you, sister!!!  Billy is your buddy + the best motivator ever!!!!  Feel the burn!!!!








Today was marriage license day!!!!  We went to Pono Market.  A local plate lunch spot where you can eat + get a marriage license!!!  Our marriage license agent was also Pono’s barista!!!  So, when we were filling out our application, every once in a while he had to excuse himself to make a cappuccino.








We even got a bumper sticker!!!  Da kine!!!!!  And they took a picture of us to put on their wall.














Afterwards we were all famished!!!  Pono Market has the best plate lunches evah, brah!!!!  Plate lunches are typically two scoops of rice, a main entree + sides, like kalua pork, lau lau pork, nishime, seaweed salad, poke, etc.  Poke is cubed raw sashimi, onion, soy sauce, garlic, hot sauce – omg.  Where else can you get a marriage license + eat after?!  Here’s Ashley salivating over the choices.














We had some fun window shopping around Kapa’a.  Jeff was his overheated polar bear self, so he had to take a dip at Lydgate Park.  Lydgate Park has an enclosed + protected pool where kids can swim + snorkel.








After, we headed south towards Lihue to do more wedding errands.  My poor sister.  Jeff + I are running her into the ground.  She has had it, y’all.  O-V-E-R IT.  While we were all driving down the country highway, Jeff + I were making up stories about all the people we were driving by – but in Jamaican accents.  Sometimes it would morph into an Irish accent.

This was going on for about 20 minutes.  Ashley was pretending to be asleep + finally she burst out, “Okay!!!  Enough!!!!  Enough with the Jamaican accent, you two!!  I was wondering when it was going to end + it didn’t!!!!”.  Sneaky.

We did some pick ups at Wal Mart + scurried to Lihue airport with leis + kukui nut necklaces in hand to greet 3/4 of Jeff’s family.

Step-brother Rob, Mac + Aidan








Kelly!!!!  She was so tired from being up for 48hrs that she thought I was a random Hawaiian girl handing out leis.








Jeff’s sister Daphne.








Kelly, me, Daphne + Jeff.








Me, Jeff’s niece Ambur, Jeff’s mother Jean + Jeff














We headed towards their hotel where Jeff’s brother Tom, Deb, Tobin + Matthew had already arrived.




















Jeff is giving kukui nut necklaces to a reluctantly shy but excited Tobin (with Jeff’s brother Tom in the background) + a happy Matt.















Dinner was 11 hungry scavengers stalking tables at Monico’s Taqueria in Wailua.  I told the kids to linger by the door + rub their bellies with sad, hungry looks on their faces.  It was well worth the wait!!!  Everyone was super happy with their meals – I had their famous fish tacos, which were insaaaaaane!!!!  I would go back tomorrow!!! Same with Mermaids Cafe, BTW. Check out this family!!!!!  And this is only 3/4 of us!!!



Soon we shall conquer the world…..soon.