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Moving The Trailer

Oh?  You didn’t know?  Yes, Jeff also has a trailer.  A trailer, people!!!  God, help me!!! Read more

Date Night

Sunday, I officially deemed Date Night.  Weeks of moving, packing, unpacking, hauling, lifting, shoving, driving + organizing, were really getting to me, + I straight up demanded it!!! Read more

Big Burden in Exshaw

Hi everyone!!!  Hope all has been well!!!  Sorry for the lag in posts.  My brain is scrambled.  Canada is the frying pan.  Saturday was a happy mix of work/play.




Of course in natural Shelli/Jeff style,  we started the morning at a book sale at the Canmore library, because it’s not like we don’t have enough things already.  I don’t know where we are going to fit all of our books when we finally consolidate both of our collections.  It’s going to be IMMENSE.

Why, Jeff….why???  So many books!!!  Well, at least I scored some books on Kachina dolls, because no household should be without.

After breakfast, photo shoot time, of course!!!!

This is Jeff’s workwear look.  It may not seem like it, but this simple outfit is carefully calculated.  If not, Jeff would be wearing a size medium floral vintage Aloha shirt with striped slacks + a red fedora.  That is the straight up truth.  Is Canmore gorgeous, or what?! 

Locals only, bro!!!!  If I were a Canmore local, I’m sure I would appreciate tourist season, but at the same time, I’d probably want to run over a few of them.  Traffic in little Canmore gets a little hairy with confused drivers + rrreeeeaaaalllyyy sloooow pedestrians.

Aaaaah, “downtown” Canmore.  One could not have asked for more beauteous weather.

Unfortunately for me, fun was over, pronto.   Jeff + I had to drive to Exshaw to his shipping container to unearth some crap for work.  If you don’t know about my hell surrounding the Leviathan, take a peek at the horror I experienced last year right BEFORE MY WEDDING whilst loading this dastardly monster of steel.  MAXED OUT.

On the way there, I spied mountain sheep grazing + I shrieked in an ongoing sentence, “STOP THE CAR OR SLOW DOWN GET A PICTURE ROLL DOWN THE WINDOW!!!!!!!!”.

Cuties!!!  Look at all those cute little sheep tushies!!!  Jeff puffed up his chest + scoffed, “Oh, puhleeeze.  You’re making me slow down for sheep?  Puhleeze.  You’re such a Japanese tourist!!!”.  Yo, I’m from Los Angeles, we don’t have no mountian sheep!  And technically yes, I’m Japanese + yes, I’m a tourist in Alberta.  Suck on that!

Don’t worry, no sheep were harmed in the making of this photo.  The car was driving courteously slow for the not so bright sheep to scuttle away.

Now’s my chance!!!  Camera ready!

This male sheep + I locked eyes with one another + looked into each others’ souls.  It was creepy.

Uuuuuuuugh.  The Leviathan.  Hang that head in shame, Jeff!!!!!!

In the belly of the beast.  “No0000!!!  Waaaaait!!!  I’m still alive back here!!!” I wanted to scream.  Go to the light!

Ok, get this.  To get into the Leviathan, you have to pull a bunch of crap out.  Not fun, people, not fun.

A rack chock full of vintage western shirts.  You couldn’t even slip a piece of paper into this rack, it’s that stuffed.  What am I going to do with all this stuff, you ask?  My goal is to: 1) sell to the Japanese vintage market 2) Ebay 3) Flea Markets + 4) sell to Vancouver costume houses.  Get ‘er outta dere, eh!!!!

There’s good ‘ol Jeff shaking his fist at me as he rummages through his boxes.  He loves/hates the fact that he is the butt of my jokes on the blog.  He’s saying to himself, “By God, Shelli, if only you were within arms reach, woman!!!”.  Oh, Jeff.  Whatta sport!!!

Well folks the car was packed once again, but happily pour moi it was all offloaded at Jeff’s place of work.  Very satisfying.  Oh, by the way, as I write this post, I had the WHL (World Hockey League, you yankees) playoffs game of Edmonton vs Moose Jaw playing in the background.  Yes, Moose Jaw.  Put that in your pipe + smoke it.



Traveling Gypsies

We are officially in the province of Alberta!!!  The homeless gypsies have arrived.  Watch out Alberta.  No one is safe. Read more

Point Me To The Nearest Convent/Bull House

I had multiple thoughts today of becoming a nun.  Or a Franciscan monk.  Can a female become a monk?  These are questions that wandered through my mind today.  Lucky nuns.  They don’t have to deal with worldly possessions. Read more