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Tonight’s post may be short but full of pictures because I’m that exhausted.

Not half as exhausted as Jeff is I’m sure.  Tuesday morning Jeff came home from work at 5am.   I went to the gym, picked us up breakfast + he was up at 8:30am.  I really don’t know how he does it.  I consider myself a relatively hyper-active person, but he takes the cake.  He’s off his rocker.

First off, we were off to research our alternative storage options to consolidate all of Jeff’s stuff, (things, tchotchkes, memories, whathaveyou).  First, we checked out some transport trailers out in Exshaw which is 15 min from Canmore.  Keith owns an excavating yard + has a huge, sweet shop that he sometimes rents out to films when they’re in town.  Savvy!!!!  He also suggested for us to rent out a 40ft storage container – love it.









We thanked him + then made our way to Calgary to check out where more trailers go to die.








Jim showed us multiple trailers to rent +/or buy off of him.  He was honest + forthright about the complications about owning a trailer, driving it to Vancouver, all the permits you would need, etc.  At this point it seemed like more trouble than it was worth.  I asked Jeff, “Why are you so hell bent on buying a trailer?”  His response was, “All boys dream of owning their own transport trailer!”.  Ah, men.  This is a prime example of why women exist.  We decided on renting the storage container from Keith.  Here’s Jeff making deals over the phone – because that’s what he does. 






After we talked to Keith to solidify the container, we ran an enormous amount of errands.  Jeff renewed our membership at Costco to get ready for Hawaii.









Those of you who are nearest + dearest to me know it is the kiss of death to go into a Costco with Jeff.  It’s like Cesar’s Palace for him + he would never know how long he’d been in there for.  After was a lovely lunch at Ikea.










And then to some random hunting store. 









I didn’t know that Barbie + Hannah Montana made fishing poles.  Did you?










At the end of the day Jeff dragged me to the set of “Hell on Wheels”  where he had unfinished notes to work on in his book.  They were still shooting, but thankfully + mercifully his awesome team let him wrap out early because we had so much to do. As most of you know, set is the last place I want to be. But, Jeff loves it + is always so happy + excited to introduce me to everyone.  Here he is with his amazing costume team.  My dear friend Heather is at Jeff’s top left.  I met Heather on Inception + she was the first person I confessed to about my feelings for Jeff.  We’ve kept in touch but it was the first time I’ve seen her since then, so it was an emotional reunion.








I took a picture of Jeff with Common, but I’m not allowed to show him in costume due to confidentiality agreements which I think are ridiculous.  Common + Jeff were having such a bromance right before my eyes + it was so cute that I had to have a Jeff/Common hug sandwich.  All the crew + actors that I met were so genuinely nice + it was so great to hear them all say such nice things about Jeff.  I think the show is going to blessed because of all the blood, sweat + tears the cast + crew have invested in this show.  We didn’t get home until 1am.  The long drive to Canmore was really difficult, I’m not gonna lie.

Today we kicked ass.  It’s because Jeff put on his “Hell on Wheels” crew tshirt.  We did a round to the thrift store which is my favorite thing to do because that means we’re getting rid of his enormous amount of stuff.  After that, we went to check on Jeff’s old Chrysler + his old buddy Ed who lives near by came to say hello.  This was definitely the highlight of my day.  Check out his sweet ride that he brought back from the dead:








This is Eddie.  How amazing is he????!!!!  If you think I’m going to make fun of his fashion, well you’re wrong!!!!  Eddie is legit.  He is the real deal + he’s not going to apologize to anyone for it!!!!

Look at his beautiful lion’s mane being tousled by the wind.









Jeff rented a cube van from my favorite Budget rent a car.  We loaded 3/4 of his massive garage into this van.  Here are the proud first boxes into the cube van: 
















This is Jeff in his cube van visionary pose.








We loaded that thing 3/4 full.  Seriously, thank god I’m freakishly strong.  Then we went to his second storage space + loaded the rest of the van.  I’ll post a pic of the cube van bursting at the seams later because we were both so tired + cranky at 10:30pm to really do much of anything.  Today we will be loading the stuff into the storage container + going back to do another load.  As Jeff said, “It’s a good thing I got the ring on your finger before we started tackling this.”  Well played, my good sir.  Well played.

The Big Score

Hey all!!!! One week from today, Jeff + I will be in Hawaii!!!!!

Yesterday was another day of editing the storage garage.  It was not as harrowing as the day before.  We were in a groove.  We were making progress.  Look at our happy faces.  GO TEAM, GO!!!!!   We shall laugh in the face of adversity!!!!

I look like a midget for sure in this pic.







Look at the lame smile on my face in this pic.  I’m one of the least photogenic people you’ll ever meet.  Just ask my dad.  As a cameraman, my dad has wasted years of his life trying to get a good picture of me at family functions.  My mom is one of the top 5 photogenic people on the planet.  I’m trying to emulate her charming smile but it’s clearly not working.










Example: here is the master at work.  Effortless.










Jeff really has some gems in that garage.  I’m actually getting excited about the idea of trying to swindle the Japanese market into buying all of his Americana at top dollar, y’all.  I’m all about the greenbacks.



Jeff + Pee Wee.





I scored big time yesterday.  Big time.  It is my compensation for all the pain + suffering Jeff is putting me through.  Oh, and I just would like to say to all my costumer sisters + brothers out there that thank god I’m a costumer, because Jeff + I were that more efficient, because it what we do at work.  I was bagging, tagging, sorting, taping boxes + lifting.  You 705 folks know what I’m talking about!  Represent!!!  And thank god I lift weights.

Score #1, #2, #3









Score #4






Score #5










Score #6









Score #7








And this is for you ladies!!!!

Score #8!  A picture of Jeff with John Hamm!!!  HELLOOOOOOOO!!!!!  Hotties time 2!!!!




So after working for 6 1/2 hours with a 20 min lunch break Jeff + I headed over to Karen + Kyle’s for a bbq.  Yaaaaaay!!!!  SAVE ME!!!!!  Here’s Rudy the rudester the king of all canines. 








This is Karen + Jeff.  Look at all the turquoise on Karen!!!  A woman after my own heart!!!  Isn’t she beautiful?!  Canadian ladies, I tell ya.  Natural beauties.













I went inside to say hi to Juna + her friend Zoey.  I was promptly sushed because it was nap time for the babies.  Geez, ladies!!!  Point taken!!!












This is how Canadians play with kids:










This is what they transport kids in.  Take that, Los Angeles moms!!!!









The menfolk playing with the babies.  As it should be.  Look at the decor in the house!!!  Karen has an amazing eye + is a self taught interior decorator.  Her style is a mix of modern + ethnic with mid century pieces thrown in.  This house should be featured in an interior mag!!!  Stat!!!!













Here’s Kyle at the grill.  Canadians know how to party!!!  Look at all that meat!  Look at Jeff’s face.  Definition of anticipation.








Speaking of party, we all sat in the backyard + enjoyed some wine + spirits.  All in all, good times were had.  That’s why this morning was slooooow going.  Jeff dropped me off at Budget rent a car.  Remember my hooting + hollering about being compensated?  Well, guess what?!  They gave me the same mini SUV from Friday at a discounted rate of….wait for it…wait for it….$29.99 a day!!!!!!  That’s right!!!!  I was really appreciative.  Even the girl who was helping me was shocked at my discount.  That’s how I roll!!!!!!

So, what happens when I’m not feeling so hot?  Yes, folks it’s Banff time.  Check out my parallel parking skillz: 








Uh oh.  It’s another Alberta fashion bomb: 











Had lunch at the park + read an interview about Rihanna.  Very life changing.  Did I go to the Banff Indian Trading Post again, you ask???  Need you ask???!!!  Drool.








I also visited the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies.  It is a well curated museum of Bow Valley history + art. I’m a little obsessed with Norman Luxton.  He was known as “Mr. Banff”.  Mr. Luxton was a newspaper publisher, philanthropist, outdoor enthusiast + friend to the Stoney Nakoda natives.  He is also credited with putting Banff on the map as a tourist destination.  Another important note: Luxton founded the Trading Post + the Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum.  If you regard this photo, you’ll understand my love for Norman Luxton. 





The current exhibition is “Women Adventurers in the Rockies”.  I was very inspired + wish I had learned to alpine climb, shoot + fish at a young age.  This amazing buckskin was worn by Mary Schaffer Warren – an artist, photographer + explorer.  I thought it was very unique in it’s turn of the century detail + I would definitely like to replicate it one day.

Bye for now!!!

Touch + Go

Today was a little touch + go, I’m not going to lie, y’all.  Jeff + I had a late start today.  I was famished, so we headed out for our day.  Jeff decided to wear this great all brown outfit, so of course I made him pose in the woods. 







But first Jeff swung by ANOTHER ONE OF HIS STORAGE SPACES. Look at the shame on his face.  Poor guy.

But, that was for another day to tackle.  We had bigger fish to fry today!!!!




We had breakfast at”La Belle Patate”.  It is in the industrial district in Canmore + I actually had read about it on Yelp.  Yelp rules!

They specialize in quebecois style food – smoked meats, poutine, etc.  For those of you Americans who aren’t familiar with poutine, you are missing out – it is a is a dish of french fries, fresh cheese curds, with brown gravy.  It was all to die for!!!  And the owner of the shop was the nicest guy!!!  Here is Jeff’s smoked meat sub + the poutine.  It’s interesting, because the meat in the sub is cubed + they typically douse it with yellow mustard + lots of pickles.  I didn’t take a picture of my veggie sub because it was just grilled veggies + cheese.  But nevertheless delicieux mes amis!!!!!!!!  My complements to the chef!!!







Alright, after we ate, we headed toward the dreaded garage storage space that I had featured in a previous post.  We went through all of the racks of clothing + every once in a while Jeff would get cross at me + I would reply, “You’re acting as if I’m the enemy!!!!  I’m only here to help you!!!!!”.  It totally felt like an episode of Hoarders.  Psychology 101.  In between we managed to have some fun:

Disregard the tan lines + the scary slip on shoes – I’ve tried to get rid of them, believe me.







Oh yeah, you all know this jacket is going home with me!!!!  Score!!!














We got rid of 9 bags of clothing!!!!  The back of Jeff’s car was filled.  Deb, aren’t you proud?!







When we went to the thrift store to drop everything off, Jeff insisted on going in to shop!  What a junkie!!!  A JUNKIE!!!!  HELP ME, LORD!!!!!!








This is when things started to go south.  We went back to the storage garage.  I think we were both tired because almost every item became a fight + I became very frustrated.  We decided to pick things up again tomorrow.  I was very depressed, overwhelmed + dejected about the whole thing.  We were supposed to have a romantic dinner at Crazy Weed, but I couldn’t muster up the enthusiasm to go tonight, so we postponed.  Emotionally bankrupt, as they say.  Jeff is so sweet + noticed my sad mood, so he insisted we take a walk along Policeman’s Creek.  I did feel better afterwards.  He definitely knows how to cheer up my moods.




Here is a picture of me posing next to the sculpture titled, “Big Head”.  Canmore is named after a town on the northwest shores of Scotland named in honor of King Malcolm III of Canmore. The anglicized version of the Gaelic Ceann Mór, Canmore has been variously translated as “big head” or, more likely, “great head” or “chief”.  Can you see the strained enthusiasm in my face???






So we are having a quiet night tonight of staying in + ordering pizza.  Tomorrow we will start out early + work on the cavernous garage again.  I’m so proud of Jeff for really tackling this daunting project because I know it’s been a real burden for many years!!!!!  GO TEAM!!!!

Exhaustion, Fear + Canmore

Hi Everyone!!!  Sorry I haven’t posted anything in the past couple of days.  My excuse is no/dodgy internet access.  I’ll just give a quick update of what I’ve been up to.


Saturday Jeff + I were still in Calgary.  We were going to shop for his wedding outfit if you recall.  Jeff was EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!  Working 16 + hours a day, commuting an hour to work, + taking care of multiple cast + stunts on a dirty western show is finally taking it’s toll on the poor man.  So when we arrived at the mall, it was like me walking around with a hulking zombie slowly trailing behind me by 2 feet.  After we ate lunch, I came out of the bathroom + found this:










Sad, right???  We decided to abort the mission.  As we were heading out I stopped by Starbucks to get a coffee + as I got closer to the exit I found this:



So sad, so alone, so forlorn.

A broken man, y’all.






I did the drive from Calgary + Canmore – the vistas were gorgeous + green, dotted with barns.  I tried to get Jeff to take some pictures for me since I was driving, but they were horrible because it was like driving with a sack of flour lying next to me in the passenger seat.  Poor Jeff.

That night we had dinner with Tom, Deb + Jeff’s friends Karen + Kyle, their spunky 3 year old Juna + their cutie pie Rottweiler/Akita/German Shepard, Rudy.  At that point we were both so exhausted that at the end of the evening Jeff + I were both falling asleep on the couch.  What a couple of losers!  Lightweights I tell you!!!  Poor Karen + Kyle.


Oh here’s the cabin that Jeff has been staying in. 

Here’s the view from the back deck:










Here’s Jeff posing on the back deck:

So, we ran some errands + had a nice lunch in downtown Canmore.  BUT THEN JEFF TOOK ME TO HIS MAIN (I.E. THERE’S OTHERS) STORAGE SPACE


















I’m calling TLC, y’all!!!!!















Look at Jeff, so enamored with his things.









Lambchop is not amused.  She became my alter ego whilst I was inside the storage unit.  I expressed all my anger + frustration to Jeff through her because I was going insane.















But then we found this picture + then everything was all right with me again.