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Luau Memories


I’m going to do a couple series of Hawaii pictures + reminiscing because Vancouver has been gray + chilly!  Also it’s because when we were in Hawaii the azure sparkles of the ocean would be calling to me, “Shelli!!!  Shelli!!!  Get off that damn computer!  Come play, Shelli!”.  Thus, I feel those posts were a bit lacking, so let’s revisit the much glossed over luau night.

I know I already posted this picture, but it’s my favorite.  So happy, so in lurve.






















I also love the fact that before we got to the luau Kelly said to me, “You + Jeff are like Michael Jackson.”.  I said, “Come again????”.  She replied, “No, not in the pedophile way, but in the sweet, childlike, innocence you both have!”.  Isn’t that really hilarious?!  I love being compared to Michael Jackson.












The tram.  







Explanation of how the pig is traditionally roasted underground.  I missed this part because I was already on the bridge to be first in line for drinks. 





See?  When I heard the guy say, “Everyone please enjoy…” I was already gone.  I’m just a blur.  I’m like, “Peace out!”.




Dinner, drinks + a show!







The bass player probably has a license plate that says, “I’d rather be fishing”.  His face said, “Somebody get me another whiskey + soda.”.





The couple’s dance!  My sister Ashley gave the MC our name to announce.  This was only the second time Jeff + I did a “traditional dance” together!!! Jeff isn’t much into dancing unless it’s crazy person dancing.






Jeff’s first visit to Los Angeles was the first time we “danced”.  Can you believe it?! 




















Ohhhh, sniff!!!  Looking at these pictures again is making me sad!  I had so much fun on this trip!!!!










The mothers got a golf cart ride to the hula performance.  My mom was hanging off the back yelling, “Woo-hoooo!!!  Wooooo!!!”, when they rolled up.












The “Japanese” part of the dancing was the best.  It was so cheesy + wrong.  I think I remember they called us, “Our humble brothers + sisters of Japan.”.  Ah, so desu ka….

Liz + I called it, “Japanese Disco”, because their kimonos looked all shiny + synthetic even from stage! They were dancing all fast + nodding their heads a lot at each other.  I was cracking up!  Loved it! 






The “Maori” girls are always my favorite with the fire lit poi balls.




And of course, the piece de la resistance of the hula – the fire dancer.  And they always happen to be a chief from some faraway island.  Uh-huh, ok.



We all had so much fun at the luau!  There’s always haters that complain that it’s cheesy, not true to the cultures, the lines are long + the drinks are weak, blah blah blah.  What do you expect!?  It’s good clean, dorky, fun!!!  I miss Hawaii.  I’m signing off to go cry now.