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Posts tagged ‘Calgary Stampede 2012 Centennial’

Calgary Stampede Centennial 2012 Part 3

My last post on the Calgary Stampede Centennial!  On Sunday we had tickets for the actual rodeo (Chuckwagon tickets are a separate thing, silly!).  Can you tell I LOVE me some rodeos?  Because I really do. Read more

Calgary Stampede Centennial 2012 Part 2

Chuckwagons!!!  I need an entire post dedicated to Chuckwagon racing!  It was an EXTREMELY controversial year at the Stampede for Chuckwagon racing. Read more

Calgary Stampede Centennial 2012 Part 1

Happy 100th birthday, Calgary Stampede!!!!  Yahoo!!!!!  Too much fun, too much fun.  My brain has had to recover from Stampede.  Sorry for not posting sooner! Read more