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Le Marche St. George – Vancouver

Oh la la!!!  Mes amours!!!!!  Come join us on our jaunt to Vancouver’s hidden gem, Parisian cafe – Le Marche St. George!!!! Read more

Lynnwood Inn Closed for Business

Last Sunday Jeff + I had lunch at the Lynnwood Inn of North Vancouver – which would be the last day that they were serving. Read more

Uncle John’s Cafe

Uncle John’s Cafe.  Why was I not introduced to your culinary delights until now???  This place instills a desire in me to move back to downtown Los Angeles. Read more

Shikiji Calgary

I forgot to post about Shikiji – a “Japanese” restaurant in Calgary that Jeff + I tried out the day before I left. Read more

Mall Walker

When in Rome, they say!!!  As I am in Calgary, what have I been up to?  Walking the malls, don’tchaknow!!!! Read more

Point Me To The Nearest Convent/Bull House

I had multiple thoughts today of becoming a nun.  Or a Franciscan monk.  Can a female become a monk?  These are questions that wandered through my mind today.  Lucky nuns.  They don’t have to deal with worldly possessions. Read more

Hello, Vancouver!

I have arrived!!!  After two months apart, Jeff + I are reunited!!!  Living long distance from your husband is not recommended. Read more

Official End Of Birthday Week

Don’t you know that it’s not one day of celebrating your birthday, but a whole week???!!  Today my family took me to Paradise Cove in Malibu for a birthday breakfast.  Actually, it was also to celebrate my mom’s birthday in April, which I will miss since I’ll be in Canada. Read more

I Miss Living In Little Tokyo/Downtown

Hi everyone!!!  Now that work is winding down, I have the energy to venture out of my house in the valley + not act like a Hobbit.  The drive to Little Tokyo where I used to reside for 4 years took me an hour in the car.  Yay, Los Angeles! Read more


After celebrating at Bishop bowling alley the night before, the next morning was slow goings.  Read more

Living in Lancaster

I’ve been put up in a hotel in Lancaster for work.  Jeff has accompanied me to this high desert outpost.  Aaaaaah, the Antelope Valley.  Many quirks + hidden gems in this eccentric town.  You just have to be curious enough to find them. Read more

I Miss Little Tokyo

Yesterday, Jeff + I ventured to the neighborhood of my very recent, past residency – Little Tokyo.  It felt so weird visiting the neighborhood that I once lived in for so many years. Read more

American Indian Arts Marketplace at the Autry

Saturday was the much anticipated American Indian Arts Marketplace at the Gene Autry museum.  It is one of my favorite events of the year + usually happens in the fall.  Debbie + her mom Naomi were my dates!  Naomi is visiting Debbie from New York, + before the Marketplace, I went to Debbie’s house for lunch.  I love when Naomi visits because she always makes yummy, healthy + fresh Korean food!!!! 




For all of you that think Korean food is all bulgogi + meat – you’re wrong!!!!!  Naomi uses lots of greens + everything tastes so light!!!!  Lunch was buckwheat noodles on a bed of spring greens, cucumber kimchi, daikon leaf kimchi + spicy rice cake.  YUUUUUUUUUUM!!!!!!!  Thanks Naomi!  My compliments to the chef!!!!


I was so excited when we arrived at the Gene Autry that I started hyper ventilating!  I’ve been waiting a whole year for this!!!!  I put on so much turquoise, y’all!!!   





























Inside the tent there are vendors selling everything from turquoise, art, photography, clothing, etc.  Here’s Debbie in front of a beautiful beaded pow wow costume.



Even though we had a big lunch, guess who was hungry again?!  I had to get some frybread while I was at the Marketplace!  It’s a sin to leave the Marketplace without having frybread!  There were three food trucks outside, because food trucks are really trendy right now.  I remember when they served the frybread from under a cramped pop-up tent.

When I was placing my order + gave the girl my name, this guy behind me said, “Shelli?  Shelli Morningsun?”.  I was like, “Excuse me?”.  He replied, “Is your name Shelli Morningsun?”.  I was like, “No.”.  He apologized + said, “Oh, I thought you were Shelli Morningsun.  She’s a really amazing vocalist + she’s performing on stage later today.”.  That was pretty funny.  Somebody at work the other day asked if I was American Indian.  I think all the turquoise plays mind games on people.

Check out this frybread!!!  Frybread is like a Native American taco.  Fried, doughy goodness with chili ground beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato!!!  And since I was with a couple of Koreans, we doused it with so much Tapatio hot sauce, it was a fiery mess!!!!  More salsa!  Oh, I will be sad in Canada without salsa on every table….


This was my favorite thing at the pow wow!  These were raised beadwork souvenirs from Niagara Falls made during the Victorian era by women of the Tuscarora Nation.  The guy was really excited when I told him Jeff’s aunt lives in Niagara-on-the-Lake.





Isn’t it gorgeous + amazing!?  I really want one.  The technique is called a “hump stitch” or “rope stitch”.  This creates the three dimensional shapes by sewing beads in raised arches or by sewing beads over beads.  Drool.

This gal was making these ridiculously awesome dolls + was in the process of beading moccasins + a vest for the male doll.  Me want these too!!!!!!!! 

Debbie + I were obsessed with these scarves that you’ll see us wearing at the end of the post.  We were making such a big deal about them that the lady in the red + black jacket next to Debbie’s mom had to get in on the action.  They’re so cozy – we love them!!!

We ended our day by watching the dancers perform.  Look at their beautiful costumes, beads + turquoise!!!  Double drool!!!! 






















There’s the statue of good ol’ Gene Autry in the background.  The Autry is one of my favorite museums in Los Angeles.  They have a great permanent exhibit about the development + expansion of the west, stories about gunslingers, the ethnic groups that immigrated to the United States, you name it!  Their non-permanent exhibits are always really well curated too.  Go visit!!!












What a fun day!  I did not purchase any turquoise!  My restraint was world class!!!    Here’s Debbie + I in our beloved scarves.  They are warm as heck.




Like a Phoenix / Saving Private Megumi

Hoorah, everyone!!!!  My blog has a new look!!!  I love my new fancy face fonts!!!  What do y’all think?  Like?  Hate?  Taking a stance of ambivalence?  Well, with beauty comes heartache…this new format caused ALL of my previous posts to look wonky + horrible.  Thus, I had to MANUALLY ALTER ALL OF MY POSTS.  How do people have such good looking blogs?  Are they web designers?!  Do they have jobs???  Jiminy Crickets!!!  Luckily, I’ve been able to work freelance here + there a couple days a week, so I’ve been able to edit + pack my condo (sort of).

So, what about the couple that wanted to move into my condo???  Well, turns out the husband was a pretentious mama’s boy, which caused my real estate agent to put up the red flags + turn them away.  Thank goodness, I do not need persnickety tenants!!!!  Oh hell to the no!!!  Thankfully, I have someone coming to look at my place on Tuesday, so all is good in the hood.

I’m feeling very positive about things!!!!

So positive, that last night I decided to open up a bottle of cheap champagne that I probably got as a throwaway wrap gift from some costume designer + has been sitting in my refrigerator for a million years unopened, just because it’s “champagne”.  So what?!  Crack that sucker open, I say!!!

I made a stir-fry broccoli with tofu + faux meat crumbles.  Did you say champagne doesn’t go with Asian food??  As if!!!  Bubbly is always a good choice!!!  Sad thing is, I had to watch a youtube video about how to open a bottle of champagne.  I usually let someone else potentially get their eye taken out by a champagne cork.



This is how I felt: 

Like I said before, I’m not a fan of John Hughes films.  But for some really odd reason when I thought about celebrating, being on a float during a parade came to mind.  Don’t ask, because I don’t have an answer.



Today, I made Okinawan sweet mashed potatoes.  Mash those bad boys, add some butter, maple syrup, (aka, Liquid of Canada) cardamom, salt + pepper.  So pretty!!!  They’re purple, y’all!!!





What the heck?!  AAAAH!!!!  Get out of there, Megumi!!!!  I’m food styling, you crazy feline!!!

Speaking of Megumi, I forgot to tell everyone that Jeff + Megumi majorly bonded on his most recent trip!!!!   Some of you know that Jeff is super allergic to cats.  This, my friends, is a travesty.  This, was a sledgehammer to my heart when I first learned about his terrible affliction.  I love me some kitties!!!  I love them so much, I want to squeeze the very last breath out of their fluffy, soft beings!!!!  Case in point:

I really didn’t know what was to become of Megumi because she is a bit of a basket case.  She is skittery, neurotic + has a crippled paw that I call her “beef jerky paw”.  If she was human, she’d probably have a bottle of Valium in her bathroom.  I found her underneath the 10 freeway, y’all.  She doesn’t do well with other animals + people, so I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to have her adopted.  The notion of putting her up for adoption made me want to have panic attacks, but because of Jeff’s allergies, I didn’t know what I was going to do!!!!  It was a source of major agony for me.





How could I turn my back on this precious creature?!  HOW, I ASK YOU?!


Usually the week before Jeff comes into town, I would shuttle Megumi off to grandma + grandpa’s while I meticulously cleaned the condo.  This past visit didn’t offer the luxury of doing this, so I told Jeff he would have to suck it up + we’d pray that his throat didn’t close up.


Well, looky here!!!  Jeff’s family, are you seeing this?!  Can you believe your eyes?!

Too cute!!!  My two favorite mammals together!!!  In harmony!  Sympatico!!!



Saints be praised!!!  There were no trips to the ER!!!!  No wind pipes were blocked!  Jeff + Megumi would have chats, (she’s very chatty) + I was overjoyed.  I’m thinking with allergy shots for Jeff, routine vacuuming, brushing Megumi + purchasing a air purifier, Megumi will be accompanying me up to Canada!!!!  Oh joy + happiness!!!!

After Jeff went back up to Canada, I ordered Allerpet C on Amazon.  Tons of allergy websites swear by it – it reduces dander on the cat.  Once a week after brushing, moisten a towel with Allerpet + wipe the cat down real good.  You’re supposed to get contact with the cat’s skin, but Megu is so darn downy, that I don’t know if she even has skin!  She’s all fur!  I’ll let you all know how all this goes down when the 3 of us finally get to actually live together under one roof!!!  Keep your fingers crossed, cuz if not – the one wearing glasses is going to have to go!!!  Just kidding, Jeff!!!  I love you!