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Posts from the ‘Los Angeles’ Category

Nikkei Centre Mochitsuki 2012!!!

KONICHIWA!!!!!!!  I love me a good mochitsuki ceremony!!!  Being of Japanese heritage, the mochi making ceremony that is traditionally held around the New Year is a special event for me. Read more

Farewell Funny Family

Back in Vancouver, y’all!!!!  Back + forth, back + forth, back + oh, you get the picture.

Read more

Taking Care of (More) Business…..

“Business” meaning more boxing + packing in preparation for Washington.  I really should apply for a job at a moving company or at Crate + Barrel….in their warehouse. Read more

Una Noche Loca

Saturday was going off for Jeff + I.  Whatta day.  I’m still recovering from Saturday. Read more

Dwell on Design

Jeff has arrived!  Thank you, “Hell on Wheels” for the two-week hiatus!!!!  Thus, the delays in posts…. Read more

Uncle John’s Cafe

Uncle John’s Cafe.  Why was I not introduced to your culinary delights until now???  This place instills a desire in me to move back to downtown Los Angeles. Read more

Official End Of Birthday Week

Don’t you know that it’s not one day of celebrating your birthday, but a whole week???!!  Today my family took me to Paradise Cove in Malibu for a birthday breakfast.  Actually, it was also to celebrate my mom’s birthday in April, which I will miss since I’ll be in Canada. Read more

I Miss Living In Little Tokyo/Downtown

Hi everyone!!!  Now that work is winding down, I have the energy to venture out of my house in the valley + not act like a Hobbit.  The drive to Little Tokyo where I used to reside for 4 years took me an hour in the car.  Yay, Los Angeles! Read more

Thank You, Mike Kelley

Today, I visited MOCA on Grand Avenue, especially to see their special exhibit tribute to Mike KelleyRead more

Southern Cali Fiesta (pt.1)

Yes, the time had come for the annual Deb (my most awesome sister-in-law) + her best friend, Canmore Karen girls’ weekend.  Sans les enfants.  That’s French for, “ain’t no kids included”.  Where did they choose this year for their destination?!  Los Angeles!!!!  Woooot for me!!!!  I love sharing the city I love to people who appreciate it!!!! Read more

Mood Meter

Jeff is still in town + this week we were determined to overhaul my parents’ house + organize my Canada boxes.  It’s been a real chore. Read more

I Miss Little Tokyo

Yesterday, Jeff + I ventured to the neighborhood of my very recent, past residency – Little Tokyo.  It felt so weird visiting the neighborhood that I once lived in for so many years. Read more


Today was really rough, I’m not gonna lie.  Luckily my mom + dad came to help my poor, broken soul with cleaning out the condo.  How else could I have done it?  My bones felt like they were made of shark cartilage.  Read more

Lunar Eclipse + Snuggles

Aaaaaah, working at nights.  How exhausted + turned around you make me.  You old foe.  I got off work this morning at 6:30 am.  The benefit to this was that I was able to witness a total lunar eclipse!!!  Read more

If Not For Family

Still working nights.  Blech!  If it wasn’t for my family with all of their endless love + support, I would not be able to move out of + rent my condo! Read more