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Una Noche Loca

Saturday was going off for Jeff + I.  Whatta day.  I’m still recovering from Saturday. Read more

Very Busy At Work

Sorry that I haven’t posted in such a long time.  As you can see, I’ve been very busy.  Very busy at work. Read more

Sh@#*&%t Canadians Say, Eh?

My eyeballs are burning from organizing Jeff’s tax receipts.  Fun times.  So I’ll leave you friends with this really hilar video about sh@#*&%t Canadians say.  Read more

Mall Walker

When in Rome, they say!!!  As I am in Calgary, what have I been up to?  Walking the malls, don’tchaknow!!!! Read more

I Can’t Hang

I can’t hang with the big dogs anymore.  I feel like a saggy bag of old potatoes.  Last night was the First Aid Kit concert!!!  I couldn’t have looked forward to a concert this much in I don’t even remember when. Read more

Obsession: First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit, Stockholm based singing sister duo is my current obsession.  I can’t stop listening to them + talking about them – all of my conversations lead back to First Aid Kit + I sound like Rain Man, making all my friends crazy. Read more

I Hate Pilot Season/More Complaining

Sorry for the absence in posts.  I’ve been feeling too downtrodden + lackluster as of late.  Ohhhhhh, poooooor meeee.  I’m going to call myself a waaambulance. Read more

The Joys of Escape

Aaaaah, I suppose it’s an awakening of sorts.  “Coma Shelli” as a friend endearingly coined me is no more – sort of.  Read more

Random Pop Culture…..May Pang?

May Pang, anyone?  May Pang?  As I was researching 1977 fashion for work, this curious picture popped up on Google images. Read more

Juicing Is Not Recommended For The Mentally Unstable

Yes, it’s 24 hour juice fast time.  It is not a pretty scenario, people. Read more

Happy American Thanksgiving!!!

I say Happy American Thanksgiving because Canadian Thanksgiving takes place in the beginning of October.  People say, “Weird!  In October?  Do Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving?  Were there Pilgrims in Canada?  I don’t get it!”.  I didn’t either, but I did some research + there’s lots of different reasons for Canadian Thanksgiving – “Jour de l’Action de Grace” in Canadian French thankyouverymuch. Read more

Senior Citizens Love the Bangles + Chaz Bono

While visiting my parents, as they were both futzing around in the kitchen, my mom bursted out singing, “It’s just another Manic Monday!!!” at the sink.  “Where did I hear that?  Why am I singing that?” she asked.  I’m thinking to myself, “Yeah, why IS she singing that?!”.  “Manic Monday” is a hit song from 80’s girl group The Bangles.  Why the heck would my mom randomly be singing one of their songs?





My dad replied, “Well, remember when they played that song on ‘Dancing with the Stars’!”.  “Oh yeah!!!!  Right!” mom replied as they BOTH started singing “Manic Monday”.  They’re so crazy.  I remember getting my Bangles tape in elementary school in my Easter basket.  HELLOOOOO!!!!  Ladies!!!  What about, “Eternal Flame”?!  Let us not forget!!!!  Middle school anthem!!!!!


Later, they watched “Dancing with the Stars” on DVR, (I guess cuz they got so excited chatting about it).  When Chaz Bono came on, my mom screamed, “Shelli!!!  Chaz!!!!!”. 














If some of you aren’t aware, Chaz Bono is Cher’s son.  Born Chastity Bono, as a female – he has just recently undergone gender reassignment + is now known as Chaz.  Look how proud Chaz looks in this picture!!!  I love it!!

My parents are so hilarious, this is what I am going to expect on a day to day basis once I move back in, + I will savor every detail!!!  I can’t wait!!!!!  Get it all in before I relocate to the Great White North!!!

Moving, Brain Fog + Richard Gere

I’m starting to wrap my head around moving out of my condo + getting it ready to rent.  My real estate agent has started the process of finding potential renters yesterday.  The plan is to start moving everything to my mom + dad’s, keep most things in boxes, so that once that permanent residence card to Canada comes in the mail – I’M OUTTA HERE!!!!  I don’t want to have to mess around with moving +  finding a renter right before I leave for Vancouver.  Yuck.  I want to be ready, y’all.  Ready.

Plus, I’m trying to wean myself off of coffee, so it’s been slow to say the least.  I just do one small cup in the morning + regulate with tea in the afternoon.  It makes one feel like they have a styrofoam helmet on their head + took a pill that comes in a container that says, “do not operate with heavy machinery” on it.

But, let’s just say: listening to Dusty Springfield while cleaning + organizing = good.  As I was purging the condo, I looked around + became really sad.  I love my condo + my neighborhood!!!  I’m going to miss it so much!



Oh, look at my sweet Megumi taking a snooze!!!!  She matches my decor.  How appropriate.  Heh heh.









Yes.  Another picture with Megumi in it.  Now don’t say it all at once, I know!  I’m lucky I have Jeff or I would be “one of those costumers”.  I could be happy with a million animals running all over me + then a neighbor would report me to animal protective services.  Yes, thank god for Jeff.




Tonight, I finally watched, “An Officer and a Gentlemen”.  I don’t know why it’s been so long because I LOVE movies from the late 70’s/early 80’s (note: only early 80’s!!!  No John Hughes or Brat Pack for the love of god!!!)! And I LOVE Debra Winger, even though she can be a little annoying + whiny.  Richard Gere is pretty swoon worthy, even though he has teeny eyes + I got really excited watching all the military exercises.  I want to go to a boot camp!  Louis Gossett Jr. plays the gnarly drill sergeant + I kind of wanted to be like him. Is that weird?  I must admit, I got all girlie during the love story parts + cheered in the end.  Oh, earlier in the week I also watched, “Sophie’s Choice”.  I guess it was early 80’s film week for me.  I’ve seen it before, but I decided to torture myself for a second time.  Why???!!!!  WHYYYYYY???!!!!!!  I can’t even get into “Sophie’s Choice” because it’s too depressing + beautiful + you’ll just have to find out for yourselves.  Now I realize why I hadn’t seen it a second time.  Sob. 



On a happy note, in the movie Kevin Kline is very handsome + charismatic with a very dashing moustache!!!!  Cha cha cha!  Oh, Meryl….sigh!!!!

Kimchi + Bratwurst

Hey y’all!  One of my fav gal pals Debbie had friends from NY, Sarah + Lisa visiting for the weekend. When Sarah + Lisa are in town, I’m down for a major hang out session!  I heart Asian girls from NY!!!!  They are a different breed!  They talk street + they’re kind of mannish.  First stop, Gonjiam in Korea town. 

I love going to Korean restaurants with Debbie because, a)she orders in Korean + b)she always figures out the bill.









Korean uncle mafia.





Look!!!  Sooooooo good!!!!  Kimchi, savory pancakes, beef soup + rice!!!  Very comfort food!  Like a spicy hug for your tummy!!!





This was a heaping dish of pig’s feet, radish, cucumber, watercress, etc.  I was not a huge fan, because I’m not accustomed to the chewy factor of the pigs ear.  But, yo the girls scarfed it down till there was nothing but a few shards of carrot!!!!  Oh, that’s another thing.  Asian girls from NY can EAT!!!!



An offering in the parking lot of incense, watermelon + soju.



Afterwards, we stopped by the Korean market + these bananas were called, “Macho Bananas”.  What the heck?!  Macho bananas?!  Hahahahaaaa!!!  Only in Los Angeles.  Oh + by the way, if you were wondering, you are correct – they were GIGANTIC.



That night, Debbie, Sarah, Lisa, Cristina + I headed to Alpine Village in Torrance for Oktoberfest.  Last year, Debbie, Cristina + I made a pit stop at Alpine Village after the Lobster Festival (I LOVE A GOOD FESTIVAL) during the day + it was a jolly time.  Night time was a completely different animal!  It was PACKED!!!!  Look at the prohibition list!!!  You’d think we were going to a Suicidal Tendencies concert!  Alpine Village is a little low rent + rough arount the edges, for the record. But that’s why we love it.  The people watching is sensational!!!!

Success!!!  We’re in!!!  How cute are my friends, right?!  Cristina is our honorary Asian.





The ever long beer lines.  Huzzah!!!!!





Bier ist sehr gut, nicht wahr?






The cute The Haderlumpen & Udelhoevner Dorfmusikanten Oom Pah Pah band from Germany!!!





The MC of the band (in the red hat) looks a lot like this other guy I know….











We got our sausages, potatoes + saurkraut + there was absolutely no where to sit + people kept saying they were, “saving the spot”.  Crisitna yelled, “You guys!  Stop asking tables with girls!  You have to find a table full of dudes!!!!”  It worked!  I used my powers of persuasion + said, “C’mon, look at these girls!” + voila!  Dudes are such suckers!!!!!






The crowd at Alpine Village is the best part of it!  I would say it is mostly Latino/Chicano.  It’s so nice to see that they are so interested in their German heritage + their national drink!  Everyone was so happy + having a really good time!!  I loved the people that dressed up! 


Oktoberfest is like Halloween, where girls get to have an excuse to dress slutty.  I say, more power to you!  Why the heck not?!





These peeps were from Eagle Rock + were veteran Oktoberfesters.  Yes.  She is wearing a beard.  I asked her why + it was some over intellectualized statement about sexual confusion or somethinglikethat + she kind of lost me.  But, they knew how to have a good time + were good Oktoberfest guides + teachers. 



The guy at the switchboards was not amused.





There was a lot of beer raising + yelling throughout the night.  I love screaming in German.  Ja!!!!!!!!






At one point, the band took a break + Journey’s, “Don’t Stop Believing” came on + people were freaking out + singing along.  This homie was not psyched.  Totally straight faced.




After Journey, that’s when this guy Heino showed up + the crowd went temporarily insane!!!!  Heino is a famous German pop singer from the 50’s-60’s, as my Oktoberfest guides told me.  This guy was so amazing + hilarious!!!  Like a straight, mod Karl Lagerfeld!!!!







I want to learn more about Heino!!!!!  Obsession commence!!!




















More beer raising.







We had such a fun night of yelling + dancing + yelling!!!  Considering the rough crowd, everyone was really getting along, but as the night progressed, dudes were having too many “wobbly pops” as Jeff calls them.  Crisitna + Lisa noticed things were starting to unravel at peaceful Alpine Village + their party alerts went on.  They came back from the bathrooms in a rush saying, “Yo, things are getting bad out there!  We saw a couple fights, let’s get out of here!!!”.  You would’ve thought that we saw a knife fight, because we boned out of there so fast, we left a trail of dust, like road runner style.





Good call, ladies.  Safety first!!!




Yesterday, we just hung out at Manhattan + Hermosa Beach + walked around + lounged.  We were total zombies, so this is the only picture I took. 

Aaaaaaah.  The End.

Luau Memories


I’m going to do a couple series of Hawaii pictures + reminiscing because Vancouver has been gray + chilly!  Also it’s because when we were in Hawaii the azure sparkles of the ocean would be calling to me, “Shelli!!!  Shelli!!!  Get off that damn computer!  Come play, Shelli!”.  Thus, I feel those posts were a bit lacking, so let’s revisit the much glossed over luau night.

I know I already posted this picture, but it’s my favorite.  So happy, so in lurve.






















I also love the fact that before we got to the luau Kelly said to me, “You + Jeff are like Michael Jackson.”.  I said, “Come again????”.  She replied, “No, not in the pedophile way, but in the sweet, childlike, innocence you both have!”.  Isn’t that really hilarious?!  I love being compared to Michael Jackson.












The tram.  







Explanation of how the pig is traditionally roasted underground.  I missed this part because I was already on the bridge to be first in line for drinks. 





See?  When I heard the guy say, “Everyone please enjoy…” I was already gone.  I’m just a blur.  I’m like, “Peace out!”.




Dinner, drinks + a show!







The bass player probably has a license plate that says, “I’d rather be fishing”.  His face said, “Somebody get me another whiskey + soda.”.





The couple’s dance!  My sister Ashley gave the MC our name to announce.  This was only the second time Jeff + I did a “traditional dance” together!!! Jeff isn’t much into dancing unless it’s crazy person dancing.






Jeff’s first visit to Los Angeles was the first time we “danced”.  Can you believe it?! 




















Ohhhh, sniff!!!  Looking at these pictures again is making me sad!  I had so much fun on this trip!!!!










The mothers got a golf cart ride to the hula performance.  My mom was hanging off the back yelling, “Woo-hoooo!!!  Wooooo!!!”, when they rolled up.












The “Japanese” part of the dancing was the best.  It was so cheesy + wrong.  I think I remember they called us, “Our humble brothers + sisters of Japan.”.  Ah, so desu ka….

Liz + I called it, “Japanese Disco”, because their kimonos looked all shiny + synthetic even from stage! They were dancing all fast + nodding their heads a lot at each other.  I was cracking up!  Loved it! 






The “Maori” girls are always my favorite with the fire lit poi balls.




And of course, the piece de la resistance of the hula – the fire dancer.  And they always happen to be a chief from some faraway island.  Uh-huh, ok.



We all had so much fun at the luau!  There’s always haters that complain that it’s cheesy, not true to the cultures, the lines are long + the drinks are weak, blah blah blah.  What do you expect!?  It’s good clean, dorky, fun!!!  I miss Hawaii.  I’m signing off to go cry now.