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PepperSunday Quilts

Hello world!  Let me introduce to you to Amber Jordyn’s line of quilts that you need to see PRONTO.









This is not a paid sponsored post.  I am a passionately proud friend obsessed with the new direction Amber has taken with her quilts.  The skill!  The talent!  The colors!  The vibrancy!IMG_2610Let’s start from the beginning.  Amber + I became friends in the film industry working on set in the costume department in Los Angeles.  Here we are taking a breather on the green screen set of Alice in Wonderland.IMG_5411This gal has seen me at my best + my worst.  The film industry is an extremely high stress environment + we have remained great friends through it all!

Amber started quilting accidentally.  When Langdon was born in 2014 she knitted a beautiful Hudson Bay style blanket that I still use + still get stopped on the street by people asking where I bought it.  Adorable, right?!IMG_6327 copyOh Lang was so wee in that photo!!!!

When I told her about my second pregnancy, she wanted to do something different but still special.  Amber attempted a baby quilt two years prior + the experience was a disaster.  She didn’t understand or enjoy the process at the time.  A friend suggested she borrow a book from her + try a beginner pattern. She thoughtfully picked out fabrics that represented Jeff + I as a couple + for the baby that was on it’s way.  Suddenly she was excited + felt relaxed. This time around the process made sense + the pieces were coming together.  Once the quilt was finished, she was hooked. Photo 2018-03-19, 11 22 16 AM

She started understanding how quilts were put together + everywhere she went she saw quilt patterns.  She was itching to do another quilt with different colors and prints.  In the beginning it was a relaxing hobby – a channel for her creativity + to help her focus.  Later, she began to treat her quilts like paintings + used the fabric as her paints. IMG_2615IMG_2616Here is a celebration quilt for her mother – a magical sprite in her own right.  The quilt squares consist of fabrics her mother had given to her over the years – salvaged squares from dresses she wore as a new mother, handkerchiefs from her grandmother.  All representing bright fun, love + family. IMG_2623It is an understatement to say that Amber is extremely talented.  As long as I have known her I have always been floored + humbled by the beautiful objects she can create with her imagination + her two hands.  Here we have “Wonky Stars” displaying exceptional handquilting!IMG_2618

This dynamo is 100% self taught. BOW DOWN!!!!IMG_2775

She told me, “With each quilt there is a new lesson or technique.  That is another thing I love about it. My mind is always learning + getting better with each new design.”IMG_2770I mean, look at her!  She is ONE with the quilt!

“I am drawn to many different aspects of a quilt.  It’s a feeling.  I love color and pattern, but a simple black and white stripe done in an interesting way can be just as exciting.  I also adore the techniques of traditional quilts done in a more modern way.”IMG_2611I’m crazy for this chevron quilt, “70s Baby Dream”!IMG_2612Cue “Ziggy Stardust” on repeat!IMG_2613

Most recently Amber entered two of her quilts at the Los Angeles Quilt Show.  Here she is with “Indigo Dreams”, inspired by ocean waves + exotic trips yet to come.IMG_2785

I mean COME ON!!!!!  WANT!!!!!IMG_2783

Another fabulous piece titled, “Flights of Fun”.  Amber’s colorful personality + original use of pattern play is so unique + fantastic.IMG_2621






















Here is the start of her design process + color pattern layouts. The print is from a Mary Blair painting of Its A Small World at Disneyland. She is one of Amber’s favorite artists for inspiration.image2

I don’t know about you guys but my brain does not look at an illustration + see a pattern for a quilt.  Seriously, she’s incredible.IMG_2605



















Her craftmanship + attention to detail + skill are beyond.IMG_2609

Amber told me, “One day I hope to design my own fabric line.  That is a big dream which helps keep me focused.”  And dream you must, my dear friend.  You deserve everything that is in your heart! 

People, do you see a PepperSunday Quilt in your home?  Or as a gift?  Is there a new baby on the way?  To get in contact with Amber, email her at  Also follow her on Instagram at @peppersundayquilts – she’s working on something new + you’ve got to see it!  Her website is on the way!!!!  Share the love!

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  1. kenneth ken nishino #


    March 20, 2018
  2. Cacey #

    I have to agree 100%
    I happen to own 2 of her quilts & they are amazing!! They couldn’t be more perfect for our family or fit our taste any better.
    They are heirlooms we hope our new daughter will be using one day in her home as well. They are amazing works of art that you can take wherever & still machine wash, crazy. Very talented lady. Thank you Amber.

    March 20, 2018
  3. vicky josephson #

    Hello Shelli: Thanks for sharing Amber’s quilts. Her quilting talents remind me of some of the Mennonite ladies who made quilts in northern BC. She is of their ilk in talent and creativity. Only difference is many of them learned by watching their mothers as small girls, while Amber learned as an adult. That is even more impressive! I look forward to seeing her instagram site. The colors are so uplifting! Love her family quilt for her mother. That is truly special.

    March 20, 2018
    • Yes! Please follow her on Instagram!!! That’s where you can see all of the new projects she’s working on! Thanks Vicky!!!

      March 21, 2018

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