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Vancouver Fall Festivities 2017

Hi Pacific Northwest fall.  How’d you get here so fast? 






Ok, so I know y’all are like, “Oh hell no, this girl just needs to quit.”.  I’m telling you I don’t know how moms with multiple children blog.  How.  The.  Hell.  Do.  They.  Do.  It.  My situation is unconventional.  My husband works 14-18 hours a day on set in film.  That means I’m getting up with these kids + doing bath + bedtime with them alone.  Five days a week.  And my phone was having difficulties transferring my pictures onto my laptop.  And at the end of the night I get such a short window of “Me” time before one of the kids wakes up crying.  All I want is to zone out + watch Downton Abbey.  OHMIGOD ENOUGH ALREADY you groan.


Fall in Vancouver has been fantastic!  Mainly due to the lack of rain.  All of the photos on this post took place just in the month of October!  There’s also so many wonderful pictures from the bombastic summer we had but I can’t backtrack.  I just can’t.  Must move forward.

Going to Whytecliff Park at ultimate low tide!  Check out all the purple starfish!  There were MULTITUDES of them!Photo 2017-10-02, 10 48 33 AMHow wonderfully Pacific Northwest is this beach?Photo 2017-10-02, 10 59 29 AMOur third year picking pumpkins at Westham Island Herb Farm.Photo 2017-10-07, 11 32 59 AMThis little nugget was trying her hardest to lift this pumpkin.Photo 2017-10-07, 11 36 51 AM.jpgClementine had just started walking little by little at 16 months!Photo 2017-10-07, 11 42 42 AMWolfie was very seriously navigating Little Red Riding Hood safely through the treacherous patch.Photo 2017-10-07, 11 43 41 AMAcross the bridge from Westham Island we discovered a tiny little wooden shack with dahlias for sale under the honor system.  One dollar per dahlia!Photo 2017-10-07, 12 41 03 PMOh how idyllic.  But here’s a behind the scenes shot of what was REALLY happening.  Mom on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  Lol.  But no, really…Photo 2017-10-07, 12 39 25 PMA visit to the Vancouver Art Gallery for the Art Book Fair.Photo 2017-10-15, 3 42 19 PMI have to get into the city as much as possible.  I love the pretty things.  The shiny things.  Clementine was still wobbly on her feet + was so darn miffed at me for stepping away from her.Photo 2017-10-15, 4 07 59 PMWe had so many beautiful, crisp, sunny bright days!  Here’s Mr. Grumpus at Lighthouse Marine Park in Point Roberts, Washington.  One of my favorite spots up here.Photo 2017-10-24, 10 52 50 AM (1)This tender red seaweed clinging to the rocks.Photo 2017-10-24, 10 55 58 AMThis chubby little hand.  Guys, she made this little shell/sand/flower arrangement all by herself.  I mean I CAN’T EVEN!!!!Photo 2017-10-24, 11 10 23 AMWhen I’m feeling depressed about Vancouver this beach always clears my head + gives me so much serenity + joy.Photo 2017-10-24, 11 14 37 AM (1)The leaves this year have been vibrantly exceptional.  I have heard it is due to less rainfall.  The leaves actually have had the time to change their colors!

For Halloween I worked maniacally making my own patterns + sewing Totoro costumes for Langdon + Clementine.  Here is the awesome tutorial!  Click here!  I tweaked the hats myself into more of a pilot cap style as opposed to a hood as shown on the tutorial.  Totoro is a very beloved character from one of the most famous Japanese animated movies. 

In classic mom style I got the wrong date for the Halloween event at Fort Langley National Historic Site.  We were one of the only ones dressed up!  Palm-slap-to-forehead.  Check out Lang’s thumbs up.

Ok so Jeff totally looked like he worked at Fort Langley in his costume.  People were REALLY CONFUSED by him.  Here he is demonstrating how the walls of the storage buildings were built with wooden slats.


I think people were like, “Why is that costumed interpreter paying so much attention to those children?  Is it bring your kids to work day?”.

Oh my little Clementine.  Fort Langley was small but very fun!  And everyone that worked there were SO KIND + helpful!  They spread the word + made sure to give Langdon candy!

We also squeezed in a wonderful + easy hike in Capilano Regional Park to Yew Lake before the snow arrives to the North Vancouver mountains!

This girl is so full of yummy sweetness!

The backpack carrier was meant for Clem but Lang insisted on climbing in it + would not get out!

The Olympic rings + Inukshuk at the entrance to the trails.

I officially have a toddler on my hands now!

Halloween day had finally come.  My little Totoros allowed me to take a mini photo shoot + I’m so glad I begged them to!

This loving gaze that only a big brother can give to a little sister!!!  I almost cried when I saw this picture.

That wee tongue!!!  Squeeeeee!!!!

We live a close walk to Lynn Valley Village in North Vancouver where the local shops were handing out candy to the children.  It is perfect for a mom with young kids.  They start around 3:30, the sun is still out, it’s not scary + very safe!

An hour max of walking around the square + Halloween was done!  No messing around.  I loved it.  Most people did not know what the kids were dressed up as.  Pokemon?  Bunnies?  Doggies?  Nay, Totoros.

Well, thanks for sticking around!  I really wish I had forced myself to keep going with the blog during the summer because it really was a magical time.  There is nothing more beautiful than the summer in the PNW.  Once the rain sets in….UGH.  Until next time!!!!

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  1. Love the fall colors. On another note, is geoduck (king clam) harvested in Vancouver area?

    November 18, 2017
    • Hi! I don’t believe it’s harvested in the Vancouver area…but I’m positive that it is harvested on Vancouver Island!

      November 19, 2017
  2. Deb Fayle #

    Shelli, you’re such an awesome mom getting Jeff and the kids out, doing all these fantastic fall activities!! Love the pics!!! … and the story about dressing up on the wrong day for Fort Langley Halloween event is awesome:-)

    November 18, 2017
    • Thanks Deb! The employees at Fort Langley were so nice to bust out the candy for Lang a day early!

      November 19, 2017
  3. Good to ‘see’ you back online! 🙂

    November 18, 2017
  4. kenneth ken nishino #

    YAAAAH, missed your Blog’s but can relate, with 2 (two) kid’s, it’s a handful,
    Isabella/Aiko, is lucky she has Oh’gi’chan, Nana’chan & her Mom, plus Oh’to’san
    shows up at least twice a week, for reprieve,…hehehe…LOL !!!!! as always enjoy
    your amazing photo’s,…Yah, whats with Jeff’s….out-fit…hehehe…LOL !!!!!

    November 19, 2017
  5. kenneth ken nishino #

    ps: the Totoro outfits are just AMAZING !!!!!

    November 19, 2017
  6. Ashley #

    I was like “whoa where did this blog come from”😱 but it’s the perfect fall summary! Good job Shells on posting! Can’t wait to see you all in a few weeks!!!🙌🏼❤️

    November 20, 2017
    • I know I randomly post once every six months ahaahahahaaa!!!! I can’t wait to be in California!

      November 27, 2017
  7. vicky josephson #

    Hello Shelli! Welcome back. I was wondering what happened to you and your fun loving family. Clementine and Langdon are sure cute in their Totoro costumes. They are sure close and Langdon looks very protective. Clementine no doubt adores her big brother. Pretty amazing that you made those costumes! You are a creative person though so it is not surprising. Looks like Jeff would make a good employee in the historical section of Ft Langley if he is wanting work on the side (if there is a lull in the film industry). He would fit right in there with his historical type outfit (LOL). Am i right in thinking that you are enjoying Vancouver more? It is just a feeling based on the photos and mood with the changing scenery. The scenery and fall colors are beautiful. Once one gets out of the city there are plenty of nice day trips. A place in North Van (where you live?) I’ve read about is Maplewood Farms. It is a hobby farm, a great place for kids and their birthday parties. You may have seen it already. If not, it would be a nice family day out for you. Thanks for sharing your insights and beautiful Canadian (and past California) scenery. Those of us who read/see it enjoy it! Cheers Shelli, in friendship Vicky

    November 23, 2017
    • Hi Vicky!!! Yes we go to Maplewood Farms often! What a great spot! I’m sliiiiiiightly starting to enjoy Vancouver a little bit more. Not much but I’m trying!!!! I really appreciate your comments + look forward to being more consistent with writing posts!!! Thanks for still reading!

      November 27, 2017

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