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Los Angeles, I Can’t Quit You – Spring 2017

Hi, yeah I’m back in Los Angeles again.  Well, it’s just way more FUN.




I know this is supposed to be a blog about Canada + my life acclimatizing in Vancouver but guess what – OH WELL ANOTHER BLOG POST ABOUT CALIFORNIA.  Because California is my heart + soul!  Breathe life back into me, Oh California!!!  How I love your warmth, your coastline, your culture!!!

Back to California to see my family + get the hell out of the rain in Vancouver.  Enough is enough, Pacific Northwest.  Seriously.

The short flight went extremely well due to the fact that Apple invented the iPad which keeps Langdon occupied the entire flight.  Thank you Apple.  I usually don’t let him play with my iPad at home because I want him to feel like it’s a special treat that I can bust out during trips, etc.  Clementine was less fussy than the last time we flew to LA during the holidays.  I mean, c’mon.

These two were very well behaved during this trip.  Probably because they could sense that I was so tightly wound + could snap at any moment.

















Here’s Langdon at LAX after a potty/diaper change break.  It’s bizarre being back in LA.  It’s so much louder, so many people, noises, sensory overload compared to Canada.  And I love it.

So anyways, the main reason we returned to Los Angeles so soon was because of baby cousin Isabella.  Langdon is crazy for his baby cousin!!!
















And we also returned for the adventures + desert landscapes!  One hike we enjoy is Wildwood Regional Park in Thousand Oaks.  Chaparral, sage, cacti, yucca…..all of my favorites.

Misty in the morning + then it burned off to be blazingly hot.  A picture of Lang right before an epic meltdown to the point where he refused to walk.  You can tell how overheated he is.
















Unfortunately we won’t be able to make it to Anza Borrego to see the superblooms, but we were content with this little patch.

The next day we went shopping for Isabella’s baptism gown in San Fernando.

Lang was such a good boy – we had the best time spending the day with Auntie Ash + Isabella!

A day at Leo Carillo beach which was gorgeous + perfect.

Paranoid that my albino Canadian children will burn I slather them with sunscreen, put on the hats + long sleeves.
















Clem had a hoot of a time playing in the warm water, smushing the wet sand between her fingers.  She is a beach baby.
















Okay, on to the big show.  Isabella’s baptism.
















The baby was so good throughout all the chaos.

















Meanwhile, the kids were getting antsy during the ceremony so we ran around the church’s beautiful garden + bought snacks.

We sat outside on the front steps of the church in the shade snacking.
















After the ceremony we all went back to Isabella’s daddy’s house for the celebration!!!!  Music, home made tacos, laughter + smiles all around!!!  Langdon was in heaven being doted on by Tia Marie.
















Today we are all completely exhausted by all of yesterday’s excitement.  It’s been a slow, relaxing amazing day of going to the library, playing in nana’s garden + just spending time together as a family.  Here’s a picture of the little cousins from this afternoon.
















Ah, it’s been so great to be back at home with family.  Tomorrow we leave for Palm Springs so I can get in some desert time.  Almost packed!  Get ready for more toddler/baby/nana action packed antics to come!

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  1. kenneth kenny nishino #

    Yaaaah, Daughter Dearest, it’s been another pleasurable visit with, U and the Grandkiddies,
    Clem, has grown leaps and bound’s so amazingly ‘ BIG ‘, ( luv her TOO MUCH !!! ) and of course Langdon [ LL ] ,is smarter and brighter than ever, what a smart cute loveable grandkid,…Luv’Em Both !!!!!! ok, hope U, kids, & Nana, have a great time in Palm Springs!!!!!

    April 25, 2017
  2. Vicky Josephson #

    Hello Shelli! Welcome back and thanks for sharing about your travels. Vicky from Summerland. Your photos are hella good! Clementine and Langdon are pretty adorable. It’s so cute how Langdon dotes on his little sister. Looks like a great celebration was had by all at baby Isabella’s baptism. Enjoyed the photos of the Wildwood Regional Park. The flora and fauna reminds me of the desert nearby in Osoyoos. The yellow blooms were uplifting. I am seeing another side of California than what I imagine (having never been there). I know there are lot of people in CA (ie your comment about crowds at LAX) but there are areas where one can get out and enjoy the ocean, beauty and landscape for free (judging from your pics). I would imagine that it entails getting off the beaten path and going where tourists do not go. The beach pictures of Langdon and Clementine tell a nice story of a fun day at the beach. I hope that your new house makes you feel more comfortable in Vancouver. Cheers to you and your family and enjoyed your post. Best wishes for 2017. Vicky

    April 25, 2017
    • Hi Vicky! Nice to hear from you! Yes Los Angeles is best enjoyed off the beaten path!!! Touristy areas just equals bad LA traffic + lots of congestion!!! You should come for a visit!!!! It’s such a beautiful + special place!!!!

      May 1, 2017

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