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Fall in Vancouver 2016

Oh hey – I’m still here!  Had quite the hiatus from the blog.  I’ll tell you why…







I had a baby.  She’s already 5 months old!  photo-2016-11-02-7-10-13-pm

And she was supposed to be a boy according to the ultrasound + we had a surprise girl!  Maybe one day I’ll do a blog post on her birth story, but who are we kidding.  Probably not.  I don’t know how people with multiple children blog.  Maybe they have husbands that come home at 6pm + can help them with bath + bedtime.  I’m a sack of potatoes at the end of the night.  An empty shell of a person.  Barely functioning.

Plus, it is election day + not looking good for the nation of my birth.  So I thought what better day to dust the cobwebs off my crusty old blog considering people are curious about high tailing it out of America if Trump wins.  It’s completely unbelievable + I can’t believe it’s gone this far.  Here’s a Market Watch article I was interviewed for – click here.screenshot-2016-11-08-23-36-56

Fall in Vancouver…well it was the wettest October on record.2016-10-15-11-10-28  Welcome to the Pacific Northwest.

Let’s see…Langdon started preschool.  Loves it.2016-10-06-08-54-32

Canadian Thanksgiving (it’s in October, get used to it) with family was warm fuzzy happiness.2016-10-08-17-15-59

Thankfully managed to go to the pumpkin patch on a gorgeous sunny day.  When the sky is blue in Vancouver there is no better place to be.  Unfortunately it only happens 3 months out of the year + on rare days when I cry with happiness to see a patch of blue peeking out of the dismal grey.2016-10-09-12-46-00

Usual toddler face.  Yesterday I told Langdon, “Mister, your attitude is not working with me.”.  He asked, “Why, is my attitude broken?”.  LOL.2016-10-09-12-51-44

C’mon Langdon, give me a break.2016-10-09-12-51-58

Pictures of kids + pumpkins never get old.  I mean, look at the dimples on those hands!!!!2016-10-09-12-59-08

My love.  All 2 1/2 years of him.  He makes me literally insane + broken but I am bonkers for this boy.2016-10-09-13-04-23

Clementine screeching, “ALL THE PUMPKINS!!!!!!”.  And then after that she toppled over onto the cold, hard ground.  #momfail2016-10-09-13-23-57

THUMBS UP for bales of hay.2016-10-09-14-22-19

We squeezed in a last visit to our favorite beach.  It was Clementine’s first time to the beach.  She was hypnotized by the lapping water, it was so sweet to see the wonder in her little face.2016-10-10-13-53-27

I am such a beach person.  We are all happiest by the ocean.  As apathetic I am about living in Vancouver, there’s no way I could live in a land locked province.  Big huge lakes don’t count.  You’re a lake, don’t pretend like you think you’re the vast ocean, lake.  I know who you are.2016-10-10-13-59-37

We had a weekend in October when a huge storm front was to blast through.  Everyone was preparing for downed trees, blackouts, etc.  It ended up not being as bad as we thought but it was still hella wet.  We decided to brave the Apple Festival at UBC.2016-10-16-13-29-58

We all dressed in head to toe gortex.  This family does NOT MESS AROUND with technical gear!  And Langdon does not mess around with his love of apples!2016-10-16-13-44-00

The Apple Festival is good family fun.  You get to eat yummy fall inspired vittles, walk the gorgeous grounds of the gardens + there’s a kids section.  They always set up a pile of leaves for the monsters to jump in.2016-10-16-14-05-29

I was watching completely horrified at a handful of the children running around in the pouring rain without any rain gear OR jackets OR hats.  What the hell is going on Vancouver???  Do these sopping wet children not catch colds???2016-10-16-14-23-44

Last stop the food truck area where a group of dorky a capella students who watched Glee one too many times + were called Hot Tea or Warm Tea Bags or something like that were singing.2016-10-16-15-02-13

And Halloween.  How can we not forget Halloween???  Here’s my offspring in their lamb + wolf costumes that took me a month to make + they probably wore for 2 hours

Do you like Langdon’s America socks???  I never let these babies forget they’re half American.  How apropos.

Here’s Clem staring at her brother’s wolf tail.  photo-2016-10-31-9-19-23-am

A couple days a week we go to Strong Start.  In British Columbia schools offer Strong Start to help prepare children for success in Kindergarten.  It involves play-based early learning activities – including stories, music and art. It’s free, you can drop in whenever you like during their operating hours, but get there early because there is a limit to the number of kids allowed.  It’s a pretty amazing program + has helped territorial Tasmanian devil aka Langdon understand sharing, conflict, personal space, etc.  Not gonna lie it’s pretty stressful hovering over him as he’s having an issue with another toddler while I’m also dealing with Clementine.

Here’s a picture my friend took at Strong Start of me looking like an idyllic mother reading to her beloved wee ones.  Hah.  By the way, look at the humongoid, rainy, wet puddle outside the door.  Fun

After that picture Langdon probably screamed “NOOOOOOOO!!!!!” at me at the top of his lungs + threw something.  And Clementine was probably purple in the face from crying.

Lucky for us family is 2 minutes away.  That night Langdon, his cousin + I went trick or treating while my sister in law watched Clem.  I was beat, so luckily Langdon only wanted to go to 5 houses.  YESSSSSS!!!!photo-2016-10-31-6-18-53-pm

As I write, election results are not looking good my friends.  It is a sad, sad, dark day for America.  I am so frightened + for the first time very grateful to be living in Vancouver.  Come move to Canada + we’ll meet up for coffee + a chat.

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  1. The little lamb! So cute! I’ve been thinking about you – thanks for the post! 🙂

    November 9, 2016
    • I know, it’s been awhile!!! Miss you!!! We’ve been talking about visiting Alberta lately!

      November 9, 2016
      • You should! We have sun here! 🙂 We’re having an incredibly strange fall – I wore flipflops out and about on Saturday! Usually this time in November it’s all boots and wool socks, even when its sunny.

        You know, it’s funny what you said about the kids catching a cold in rain…when I was a teenager in Victoria, NONE of my friends wore any sort of rain gear, but my mom always made me, and I HATED it. 😛 I ‘lost’ my boots and such at very possible opportunity and don’t remember ever getting sick because of it. 🙂

        November 10, 2016
      • Ah I miss Alberta!!! And you were sopping wet + never got sick from it? Hmmm, I’ll have to remember to chill out about that when the kids get older.

        November 10, 2016
      • I don’t remember getting sick, although I was a teenager and not a small child splashing in puddles. 🙂

        November 10, 2016
  2. Kim Kardashian #

    You can certainly tell you are American without knowing your blog’s name. Ignorant comments about life in MY country – it is only sunny 3 months a year. What a load of crap If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all – or didn’t your parents teach you that. Oops sorry That would be Canadian parents teaching their children that. Grow up princess.

    November 9, 2016
    • Personally attacking me under a pseudonym. That’s really classy + not cowardly at all! Well done! And I don’t know where you live in Canada but in Vancouver it IS only sunny for 3 (ok maaaaybe 4) months of the year. I would know, I’ve lived here for 4 years. Also it’s called freedom of speech + not everyone has to be in love with living in Canada. I know a lot of people who don’t like living in Canada. Calm down + get a sense of humor. Believe me, I would move back to Los Angeles in a heartbeat if it wasn’t for my husband’s job. You don’t know me or anything about my life. Let me give you some advice, if you don’t like what I have to say – DON’T READ MY BLOG. Never visit my blog again. Thank you.

      November 9, 2016
  3. vicky josephson #

    Hello Shelli:
    I sent you an email complimenting your site earlier in 2016 (?) Thanks for sharing your site. Congratulations to you and Jeff on the birth of baby Clementine. She is adorable, as is Langdon of course. The Halloween costumes are so creative, and I can see where your expertise from the costume dept in the film dept comes in handy. You and Jeff are creative folks so your talents are put to good use in the film industry. Again I compliment you on your blog. I think that you have a knack for making daily life be very special. Not to urge you toward commercialization, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a sponsor for your blog (ie if you could an ad for Tourism BC). You are good at promoting US/Canada relations. This may be needed in the months ahead with President Trump now as leader! It should be interesting. All the best. VickyJ in the South Okanagan

    November 9, 2016
    • Hi Vicky! Hmmm, I never got your email!? Thank you SO much for your support + kind words!!! I really truly appreciate it! I would love to have my blog sponsored! It’s nice to hear from people that take what I have to say with a grain of salt + can understand my sense of humor!!! Take care + I hope fall in Okanagan has been drier than it has been in Vancouver! And thanks for reading!!!! XOXO

      November 9, 2016
  4. K. Nishino #

    Yaaaah, Kim, shut the %$#$* up, and go back to Paris,…LOL !!!!!
    so Nanook, Clementine, is so CUTE, and looks more and more like
    her big Bro,…lucky U, glad U & Jeff, had a AWsuM time at Portly Chef,
    in Lonsdale,…ok, gotta run, best 2 JEFF, L.L. and CLEM, luv U, Dads

    November 9, 2016
    • Thanks for having my back, dad!!! You rock!!! Love you tons can’t wait to see you soon!

      November 9, 2016
  5. Vicky Josephson #

    Hello Shelli:
    My response to “Kim Kardashian”.
    As a Canadian I am embarrassed by your small minded response to Shelli’s lovely & creative blog. Shelli is unselfishly sharing personal photos and insights of her life for all to see. I will suggest that you do not read her blog if it is that distressing for you. Personally I admire Shelli for putting herself out there, including sharing pics of her children. My understanding is that this blog is for mainly her family. That she is choosing to share it with the public requires courage and a generosity of spirit. I admire Shelli’s creativity and her willingness to hold out the olive branch in friendship to Canadians, Americans & citizens of the world!
    Shelli doesn’t need the abuse or she would have to stop the blog and screen comments from hostile persons like yourself. This blog is meant in the spirit of camaraderie & family life. Thanks for sharing Shelli! And Vancouver only does get sun 3 mths of the year! Cheers Vicky

    November 11, 2016
    • I love you Vicky!!!! Thank you so much for defending me + my blog! It’s all supposed to be light + fun, right??? It’s true that I have my moments of really missing my friends, family + sun in Los Angeles, so the grey, wet Vancouver weather gets me down! But I try as much as I can to not let it affect me too much!

      November 12, 2016
  6. Vicky Josephson #

    Hello Shelli:
    Glad to provide moral support, which I do mean sincerely. I am actually glad that you enjoy Vancouver. I am a Social Worker and lived in Vancouver in the past while attending UBC and also in Surrey while I worked as a Social Worker (which I still do). I realize that every place is what you make it. However, I never cared for Vancouver & Lower Mainland, even apart from the rain. I doubt that I would ever want to live there again , even if I had the $$ for the high priced real estate! In fact, a study I read on Canadian cities a few years ago found Vancouver to be close to the bottom in terms of lowest happiness scores. Higher happiness scores were found in Maritime cities. Reasons attributed included kinship ties & willingness to help out one’s neighbor. The stats didn’t surprise me. Honestly I was glad when I left Vancouver for small town northern BC (Vanderhoof, population about 4,000). I am glad that you have your husband Jeff’s (?) family as I think that makes all the difference in making Vancouver a friendlier place. I appreciate your blog Shelli and your courage for putting yourself out there. In my opinion, naysayers like Kardashian (couldn’t he/she at least use a Canadian Alias name?) may be somewhat envious of your life and abilities. In the meantime, keep the faith and know that your creative talents are inspirational and enjoyable to those who read your blog. Take care to you and your family Shelli. Cheers Vicky

    November 12, 2016
    • Vanderhoof? Do you know Chris and Kelsey? 🙂
      I love that bakery there with the apple fritters – so good!

      November 12, 2016
    • I actually don’t enjoy Vancouver!!! That’s why we are always trying to go on adventures so I can grow to like it more!!!! The real estate, the stand off-ish people, the weather…..I could go on! I loved living in Alberta! And yes – if someone was going to insult me for being American, shouldn’t they have not chosen an American reality star for their alias???? HAHAAAA!!!!

      November 12, 2016
      • Vicky Josephson #

        Hello Shelli: I’m glad that you feel free to share with me your views re Vancouver. I found the same thing as you, ie real estate, stand offishness, etc. In fact I looked at the survey I referred to yesterday re Cdn cities and Vancouver was at the bottom in terms of the happiness scale. I lived in Calgary for close to 12 years and enjoyed Alberta more too. Calgary (vs Vancouver) is a smaller population which made it easier for me. Plus the Calgary Stampede and western roots. That is also why I feel more comfortable in rural northern BC (farming economy, ranches). I am glad that some of Jeff’s family is there for you as that makes it nicer. Plus you are fairly close to LA. I realize it is not that easy for you to get there though due to family commitments, time, airfare, etc..I agree that the person with the derogatory comments should have used an original Canadian name. Not necessarily derogatory but thought provoking. Justin Bieber comes to mind! You have the benefit of comparing 2 cultures and seeing the strengths and weaknesses. You may be able to see these in Canada, as an objective observer. It is hard for a person (in my opinion) to objectively see the strengths and weaknesses of his/her birthplace as opposed to an outside observer. Your kids are adorable and thanks for sharing photos of them on your blog! Vicky

        November 13, 2016
  7. Vicky Josephson #

    Hello Michelle/Shelli:
    You may be referring to the excellent bakery in Vanderhoof “Woody’s Bakery:” run by the Dutchman Woody and his wife. It was/is right across from where I worked. Woody’s brother had a bakery also in nearby Ft St James and may still have it. I had to stop buying their donuts as I gained too much weight! I don’t know the people you refer to in Vanderhoof. I was only there from 2004 to 2008. A very stable and interesting small town rural community like so many across North America. I enjoyed it. I do know that Summerland (where I live now) has a bakery/coffee shop run by dutch people and it too is excellent. The dutch have a knack for baking I’ve concluded. True craftsmanship. Back to my housework! Cheers from the South Okanagan (though not sunny today)

    November 12, 2016
  8. Benj #

    There are many Canadians that move to Vancouver and complain about the same things you do Shelli. I think many of your viewpoints about the negative aspects of Vancouver, high cost of living, hard to get to know people, grey winters – are shared by many, Canadians and non-Canadians alike. In my opinion it’s not fair to judge all of Canada by your Vancouver experience. The further east you go the warmer and more open you’ll find people.

    November 26, 2016
    • It’s true, I should specify more that my experience is mostly based on living in Vancouver. I much prefer Alberta. I don’t think I would like living further east. I’m a West Coast girl. But sorry, I will never call Canada my home. I miss California too much. I regret my decision of moving to Canada all the time.

      November 27, 2016

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