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Baby Paint Party!!!

Babies + Paint = Baby Anarchy!!!  Chaotic, passionate, temperamental artists only need apply!






Let’s get messy!  I invited some of my mom friends + their babies over to the house to catch up, eat + of course paint!  I wasn’t sure if it was going to be insanity or a smashing success!  I would say it was a little bit of both!  The best kind!

Waiting for the festivities to begin!!!  We laid down kraft paper out on the deck with paper tape.BLOG - 01

I know you can make your own baby paint, but I bought mine because I’m posh like that.  I kid.  I’m just semi lazy.  We also had brushes, pounce sponges, a foam roller + little spackling type thingies.

Langdon had a really short nap, it was super hot, he was hungry + getting super verklempt as you can see by the emotions about to rage across his cherubic face.BLOG - 02

Domino effect style, he started crying, they all started crying – it was meltdown city!







Well, heck, babies if you really feel that way!  We moved the party closer to the shade.  I kept trying to coax Lang to paint but the chubster just wanted to stuff his face with food + chillax on his chaise lounge otherwise known as his father.BLOG - 04

I thought he’d be way into it because he loves arts + crafts but he couldn’t have given a hoot!  Here’s our youngest party goer!BLOG - 05

And my star, A+ artiste of the day!!!  She was getting messy, painting away, humming happily to herself the whole time!  Swept away by the moment!  My mini Georgia O’Keeffe!BLOG - 15


















Doesn’t she look ready for Coachella?  Or a Kesha video?  Wait, what?  Kesha is already so 2 years ago?  Oh sorry…

So funny, at one point there was some major testosterone in the air.  Langdon + his pal Jerome were trying to muscle each other to claim alpha status.  It was hilarious + bizarre to watch these little machismo monkeys.  Like a rave gone bad.  I dare say Langdon’s hat is getting too small for the largess of his swollen cranium.BLOG - 06

Towards the end of the party Langdon was feeling more comfortable + full of belly.  Only then did he show a teensie interest in a little painting.BLOG - 10

So much paint!  I loved it!BLOG - 07

More than painting, one of the favorite activities of the day was stacking the paint tubs!BLOG - 08

Oh yeah, here’s the non-toxic paint I bought at Collage Collage – an amazing, cool place for children’s art supplies, classes + really great books + gifts here in Vancouver!  I’m so glad I found it!BLOG - 09

Note the little fish cracker amongst the paint tubs.  Hehe.

We also had a little washing station for the bebes to get all clean + sparkly!BLOG - 12

Success!!!!  After all the babies had left, Langdon stumbled around like a little drunk, woozy from all the sun + fun!BLOG - 11

By the way, this guy is full on walking everywhere now!

What, Langdon you didn’t have enough of a good time???  Well, why don’t you help your daddy sort bottles + cans?  Doesn’t that sound like a riot???  Poor baby.BLOG - 13

He’s smiling + looking like he’s enjoying himself in the picture…but he wasn’t.

And today a special trip to the bottle depot.  Poor, poor child.  Your life is so weird.BLOG - 14

What a great way to spend time with friends on a warm, sunny day!  I am hoping to have an arts + crafts get-together event at least once a month!!!  My favorite thing is babies getting CRAZY!!!!  RAWR!!!!

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  1. DAD's . . . . PAPI #

    AWSUM, simply AWsuM,…teee’rrific photo’s, Nan !!!!!!

    June 8, 2015
  2. Aww looks like a blast !! Great pics 🙂

    June 15, 2015
  3. He’s so TALL! What a freak child! Seriously…freakish long legs. Way to go Jeff’s genetics! Hi from lovely AB! ur Mom would be even MORE impressed this year as the yard is super amaze balls. I’ve outdone myself! Hi to everyone! A and B and Gus.

    June 16, 2015
    • A total freak child! He’s HUGE!!!! And unbelievably heavy! I want to see pictures of the garden! Is it really hot out there this summer?

      June 25, 2015

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