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What Kind of Life???

Oh Langdon, what kind of childhood are we giving you + how is it shaping you?

Happy Victoria Day / Memorial Day weekend!  Alas, Langdon + I are on our own this 3 day weekend.  Why?  Because I forced Jeff to fly to Alberta, empty out his 40 foot shipping container…..WAIT WHUUUUUUT????!!!!!


Woah.  Vintage Jeff.  That was when we first packed it before we left for our wedding in Hawaii.

Why is all this stuff in Alberta doing us no good when we live in Vancouver???  Long story short, Jeff lived + worked in Alberta for 20 years, accumulating vintage, work kit crap + crap, crap + more crap.DSC02349

Logistically we couldn’t figure out a way to get it out here + where to put it, but now…….

We have a NEW storage space to fill floor to ceiling!!!!!DSC05075

So I’m like, “You better get your ass to Alberta + get rid of that shipping container!!!”.  But luckily the new space is 5 minutes away from our house making it easier for us to sort through everything, as opposed to shutting the doors + forgetting about it for another month.

We set up a playpen + a ghetto blaster because Langdon loves hip hop.DSC05084

How sad is that?  Poor child.  Poor, poor child.  I’m sorry that you have hoarders for parents.

So yes, no fun for us this holiday weekend.  Woe is us.  My cloak of martyrdom hangs heavy. Yer darn tootin’ it does!!!

However!  We did have some fun last weekend!!!  And it was a hot one in Vancouver!IMG_8461

Wrong, sir.  Tis YOU that drives ME crazy!!!!!!!

Chub, chub, chub.  Dear Langdon don’t grow up!!!IMG_8467

I can’t wait for the summer – Langdon is going to wear as little clothing as possible!

I’ve been really sucking on the blog posts lately so here’s a couple of my Instagram pictures to tide you over + hopefully you’ll forgive me!IMG_8510IMG_8587

Wishing everyone a sunny, funny, magical long weekend!

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  1. Papi, Dads #

    Howdy, Nan,…AWsuM news about the 40ft container…hoot hoot,
    and great U guys have a new storage space close 2 ur living qtrs.
    …boo’YAAAH!!!!!,…sorry we have missed U the last few day’s as
    Ash & I have been trying 2 face-time U guy’s periodically…same
    as with MaMa in Japan, can never get a hold of her ?!?!? Yes yes,
    the new photo’s of ‘Handsome’ LL, are great !!!!! ok, hope we can
    catch up soon, TAKE CARE, best 2 Jeffrey, hugs 4 LL , …peace!!!

    May 18, 2015
  2. Arggghhh you’re on Instagram – stalk stalk stalk!

    May 18, 2015
  3. Boo! I was hoping all 3 of you ( and your Mom maybe even!) would fly out and take a week to do that. I know Katie would love to see you too…she says Hi and Happy Moms Day. Oh well, at least you’ll be getting it all handled…*mutters with sadness under breath…* Enjoy the sorting! And the SELLING! ;p

    May 20, 2015
    • I know it’s sad. It’s like permanent now, kind of, right? Welllll, nothing’s permanent!!!! We will be together in the prairies again!!!! Love to Katie!!!!!!!! Miss you so much – which you were here to be my life counselor!

      May 20, 2015
  4. Let’s hope we’re together on the prairies instead of in the prairies, unless you want to buy a plot next to mine! (I’m seriously waiting for the green burial thing to go through and then I’m making plans for a shroud and a hole. I figure after a lifetime of consuming it will be nice to give back a little.) Anyhoo…if you’re ver travelling east let me know, maybe we’ll do a meet up. Say hi to yer Ma for us! xo

    May 20, 2015
    • Omigod you are the best. No ON the prairies!!! Are you kidding me, if I head east I’m giving you like 6 months notice!!!!

      May 22, 2015
  5. For what it’s worth, I have a friend who is busy purging her house of too much stuff. Though, it’s kind of funny…I feel like she’s been purging for YEARS. I hope you get through it more quickly, and take some time to bust a move with Langdon!

    May 21, 2015
    • I am SUPER quick!!! It’s Jeff that’s the mejor problemo!!!!! Thanks! Yes, poor Langdon deserves more!!!

      May 22, 2015
  6. Wow that was a big container !!
    The last picture reminds me of Game of Thrones,,,with the long intently stare like “I am the Lord of Winterfell” lol

    June 15, 2015
    • That’s so funny!!! I posted that picture on Instagram + called it Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch!!!

      June 25, 2015

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