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It’s Getting Better All the Time

Now that Langdon is almost one, it’s getting a teensy bit easier every day.





I know that in one of my old posts I called all my mommy friends with older babies big ol’ liars when they promised me that one day soon it would get easier.  And I know that in my last post I complained about Langdon’s pre toddler temper tantrums.  But lo + behold a ray of light.

First things first.  The reason for Langdon’s hellish Dementor behavior last week was bad sleep + horrible naps.  With the time change + schedules getting out of whack, that guy was pissed off like you wouldn’t believe.  Jeff criticizes me for being psychotic about having Langdon home for most naps – but guess what?!  When he sleeps well he is a delight!!!  Look at him gazing adoringly at his father!!!blog - 01

Jeff questions me no more.

Here he is waking up from a nap + striking me with his best “Blue Steel” - 02

A jolly little fellow.  Baby giggles are possibly the most tinkly, merry, melodious sound in the - 03

Langdon is most definitely a character.  I try my hardest not to laugh, but lately he is taken to putting food on his head.  I don’t know where he gets it from because Jeff + I most certainly do not put food on our heads!blog - 04

In this picture he is not blinking.  He’s scrunching his eyes up tight because this is his version of “winking” at us. - 05

We try to get out of the house + be social as much as possible.  There was a meetup with my mom group Vancouver Active Moms + Moms to Be at the Vancouver - 12

And on another day us moms walked around Granville Island with a stop at the - 07

I always think Langdon is such a grown up big boy now – but whenever I see him teensy tiny at the park amongst all the big kids running around his little crawling form, I let out a sigh of relief.  He’s still my baby.

Play dates with his girlfriend Madison.  Having tea - 08

I often drive down Fraser + the cafe Sweet Salt always caught my eye with strollers lined up outside the shop.  My buddy Tiffany + I wanted to scope it out.  It’s so cute + SUPER baby/kid friendly!  I let Langdon loose in their little play area + sipped my London Fog!blog - 09

That is until little Maddie joined Langdon.  It’s so interesting because Langdon is quite the rambunctious ragamuffin at home, but he really is a very sensitive little man.  And Madison is wee + tiny but full of spunk + power!  Look at the two of them!blog - 10

HAHAHA!!!!  This is classic.  Langdon with his furrowed brow + Maddie with her roar!  Langdon is a little emo rocker Dashboard Confessional boy.  Maddie is the lead singer of The Runaways.

Well, last week Langdon took his first steps!!!
And he’s been standing up like a champ without pulling himself up with a piece of furniture (or me).blog - 11

What’s that in his mouth???  I just want to tell all you new mommies, it’s the only teether Langdon likes – the Zo-li.  I’ve tried Sophie, the ones you put in the freezer, etc. + he was having none of it.  This teether can get to the spots that need soothing.  It’s kind of shaped like a toothbrush.

Speeding down the fast lane with his - 06

Now Langdon + I can communicate with one another, he’s sturdy enough to not always be so precious with + he can play by himself without shrieking when I step out of the room.  Activities are so much more fun + I don’t have to watch him like a hawk as much as I used to.  All of a sudden one day it dawned on me + yes, it’s become easier!  So take heart new mommies!  It WILL get easier!


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  1. Papi, Dads #

    Wow, LL, standing by the pool,..that is AWsuM, and he looks so
    dapper with his Levi Jkt. & moc’s…he’s such a handsome lad he
    is…LOL !!!!! ok, best 2 Jeffrey, LL and Meg’s…Take Care !!!!!
    Luv U
    Miss U

    March 24, 2015
    • It’s not a pool, dad! It’s the beluga whale house! Langdon likes to look his best!!!

      March 25, 2015
  2. Aw so cute!

    March 24, 2015
  3. So CUTE!!!!!

    March 25, 2015
  4. Brian Fayle #

    Can’t wait to see him. In a weeks time I will be in YVR. Looking forward to meeting those mysterious close other family members as well and filling in the whole picture a lot more.

    Grand Pa B

    March 25, 2015
    • We’ve been telling Langdon his Grandpa Brian will be coming to see him soon!

      March 25, 2015
      • Papi, Dads #

        howdy, Nan, …HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!! hopefully
        Jeff, will have enough time 2 take U out this wkend
        for either brunch or dinner,…Take Care, C U soon!!!!!

        March 27, 2015
  5. Oh my word he is getting so big!

    March 25, 2015
  6. I guess it starts getting better close to 12 months….i guess i have months to go lol !!
    I love the “Blue Steel” look.
    I never heard of the Zo-Li before. I got my son the Munckin teether. It is ok.

    P.s.= Speaking of Dementor, my husband and I are in a middle of Harry Potter movies marathon. The Dementors freak me out every time !

    March 26, 2015
    • Yeah Langdon was so not interested in any of the other teethers. Dementor = Langdon in a bad mood. Not pretty. Totally freaky.

      March 26, 2015

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