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A Farewell to California + Return to the Pacific Northwest

Back “home” again to Vancouver y’all.  It was very hard to say goodbye to Los Angeles.






Sigh…….sigh.  Le sigh.  Only a week ago I was having brunch in sunny Southern California with my family at Hugo’s.  Here’s Langdon enraptured with our sweet, colorful server’s daily specials - 01


















Hugo’s is super Los Angeles with an eclectic menu, super clean food + healthy eating.  Langdon was very contemplative as he sipped his water.  “Quinoa?  Kamut flakes?  Organic cane syrup?  Organic tofu scramble???” he - 02


















I treated my family for helping me look after Langdon for the past 2 1/2 months!!!  Thank you my sweet, loving, fun family!!!!blog - 03

Langdon has grown + developed + changed so much since his first arrival in Los Angeles in early December!  Much of it thanks to Grandma!  Grandma did the majority of looking after the baby during my stay.  Here is the giant with his beloved Obaachama.  Look at this mutant!  He’s already half the size of his petite grandma!!!blog - 04

Grandpa + his Mini Me really bonded during this trip as well.  They would always have very lively “conversations” with each other over who was louder, that would escalate into crazy laughter!blog - 05

And Princess Auntie – Langdon’s teacher + buddy!!!  A special relationship!  Here they are playing the ukelele - 06

Langdon’s face always lit up when Princess Auntie came home from work!!!  He is in love!blog - 07

This nut is crawling, zoom, zoom, zoom, standing + walking while holding onto furniture + now doing yoga.  He is a total character + his personality gets more zany as the weeks go by!blog - 08

Langdon was SO HAPPY IN CALIFORNIA!!!!  Look at this face!!!!!!  The sun, constantly being surrounded by his family, he was in - 09

A most fortuitous turn of events, Langdon’s daddy flew into Los Angeles for our last couple of days.  Jeff had a couple of job interviews, so he was able to come down + help us travel back to Vancouver, which was a godsend!!!  Langdon was elated to see his daddy again!  It had been too long!blog - 10

Well, sigh.  I know it hasn’t been a full week since we’ve been back, but I’m already having a hard time transitioning.  What’s makes it a little bit worse is that TARGET IS CLOSING ALL OF IT’S STORES IN CANADA!!!!  I’m so bent out of shape about it.  I can’t go into it, it’s so ridiculous.  Damn you Canada – sorry I’m bitter + it had to be - 11

Langdon has been having a hard time as well.  He is fully aware there is no more bustling, lively household.  It’s just boring old mommy + boring old daddy.  He’s been upset, cranky + temperamental since we’ve returned to Vancouver.  Not to mention we’ve been unpacking, cleaning + organizing (which is ALL we ever do).  What is a baby to do?  I’m still on the fence about it, but we’ve resorted to putting him in a playpen a couple times, which has been unsuccessful.  Here’s a freaky picture of Lang in his “cage”.blog - 12

Today was a beautiful day with blue skies thank jeebus, so Jeff did a lot of work outside.  Langdon LOVES vacuuming + sweeping.  Yesssss….mommy’s future mini slave.  MWAHAHAHAH!!!!blog - 13

Well, before we left for Canada my future mini slave turned 10 months old!!!10months

This poor little man has been crashing hard since he’s come home because it’s too much to think about being back in his crazy house filled with crap loads of junk!blog - 15

Lang + I really miss my family + friends a whole awful lot.  It’s so hard raising a baby away from family.  Thank god the flight is only 2 1/2 hours away + that we are on the same coast!!!  Now that Langdon is growing up, traveling is more difficult because the transition back + forth becomes heart wrenching.  I appreciate my family for showering Langdon with so much love, affection + for teaching him new things every day!!!  I love you mom, dad + Ashley!!!  And to all my warm, hilarious, caring friends, I’m so lucky to have you in my life!   Thank you for the most memorable visit!!!

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  1. I have reading your blog for awhile and i love it !
    Your son is so cute 🙂 I completely understand how hard it is to raise a baby with family far away. My parents are in West Africa so it is hard for them to visit. Although my sister lives in Maryland, it is tough to find them to visit each other.
    I am sad to see Target go !! It was the one that made me feel connected to the U.S. in a way.

    February 16, 2015
    • Oh no! That’s such a far distance!!!! I feel for you!!! Yes, you’re right – I guess I’m so upset about Target leaving because it is a bit of US comfort, isn’t it??? Thanks for commenting! Are you in Canada???

      February 16, 2015
      • Yep such a shame ! At least there are still Old Navy and Dairy Queen here lol. Yes i am currently in Ottawa. I moved here at the beginning of March 2014. I am still a newbie lol

        February 17, 2015
      • Too bad we don’t live in the same city!!!! We could hang out!!!

        February 21, 2015
  2. Target thought we ( Canadians ) were all mugs! They came in way too hard, way too fast and then they totally underestimated how cool we are, so we took our business elsewhere shut them down. STICK IT TARGET! The real shame is that the Zellers ( Zellers was a sort of old school set of stores that Target bought out) staff ( many of whom had made little careers out of their jobs there ) will now be looking for work, lot’s of them later in life and during an economic downturn. Poor Bruno had to hear me rant about it for weeks. Stupid Target. Big dummies! They just totally bungled it. Be not angry with us for Target’s failure, the gentle Canadian, for we are a sort of awesome people. Also, does your Mom ever age…she looks younger by the day, unlike your little giant of a son. Fist bumps to all!

    February 17, 2015
    • I knew my comment was going to incense some Canucks! You + Jeff should band together because he said the same exact things to me! I’m still mad because Target is a very specific store that carry it’s own Target specific brands (that are awesome) + collaborations with major designers. Target is special! So I don’t understand why the Canadian public didn’t take to it (or understand it). There is no other Canadian company that could compare + for people to say they missed their Zellers is SUPER SAD because Zellers SUCKED BIG TIME!!!! Ok, sorry for the rant. Love you.

      February 17, 2015
  3. Papi, Dads #

    Hi, Nan,…Oh Canada, Oh Canada, get used 2 it, daughter
    as i have mentioned a 100X’s it rains it over-cast, but do
    have 2 admit it’s gorgeous and has amazing parks, and Yo,
    the restaurants are good yummmy tasty, sort of reminds of
    Sydny in the land of OZ,…perps there speak with a lisp as
    well, heehee…LOL !!!!! glad to hear the convection oven did
    finally arrive, i know how much U loved ours, so Happy Happy
    Valentine’s, Nan, enjoy,…it was great seeing LangLang this
    evening, he’s already grown since we last saw him, what was
    IT, a week ago,…haha…lol, ok, have fun with, Maddie, & her
    mum, Tiffany,…say Hey for us,…TAke CarE,…hey to Jeff !!!
    Luv U
    Miss U

    February 17, 2015
    • I know, I know dad! When it’s sunny it’s unbeatable here!!!! It’s not a lisp, dad! It’s an accent!!! And Canadians think we have an accent so there you go. Langdon is changing every day!!!! Can’t wait for you guys to see him again! Miss you guys sooooo much!!!! Love you!

      February 21, 2015
  4. Awe welcome back! I know it must’ve sucked having to leave! Least you got to go to work a bit! Fargo isn’t doing a lot of big days & this bollywood movie bailed so I’m twiddling my thumbs dying for work!! Send me your address I have 10 similiac coupons for you! (I know your probably switching to whole milk near the end of next month but you may get some use still!) I miss you guys, can’t wait to see you again! Hopefully you won’t be too far off from Calgary! I’m planning on lots of baby backyard parties this summer. So far my list is about 5-10 babeies & their momma’s! Some fun times during the week, we can soak it all in!

    February 21, 2015
    • After having a baby work felt like a vacation!!!! It was awesome!!!! And I got to see my friends every week!!! Win win!!!

      February 21, 2015
      • AWE I’m so happy for you Shelli!! So amazing! P.s. I maybe the only Canadian so devastated by target’s exit! It was my favourite place to go! Nice & Clean unlike Walmart. Not some annoying voice showing up every couple of minutes you can’t understand! Prices we’re either a bit more or the same. My heart breaks lol

        February 23, 2015
      • Yeah + I love the brands that Target carries! Grrrr!!!! I will have to go to Washington to shop at Target now!

        February 27, 2015
    • Thanks for always sending me coupons! You’re the best!

      February 27, 2015
  5. Love the monster onesie he’s rocking! Awesome 🙂 Langdon and Olive can start a band together – she’s been rocking the guitar and drums as of late. Not sure where she gets her musical ability from, it’s certainly not her parents!!!

    March 4, 2015
    • Yes! They can start a punk band! Langdon loooooves music. Oh Olive, come to Canada to play with Langdon!

      March 5, 2015

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