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Costumers in Cages, Babies + Sushi

The past two weeks have been a blur!  Time!  Stop moving so fast!!! 






I missed a post last week, didn’t I???  Why?  I don’t know why…what did I do last weekend???  I don’t even remember where the days go!  Ahhhhh, life – you tricky son of a gun.  Well, Langdon + I are winding down our big first trip in Los Angeles.  Let’s not get into it.  I still have a couple days left + I don’t want to get prematurely depressed about it yet.

Anyway last week in Los Angeles means last week at work!  I have been working at Warner Brothers Costume department wrapping up a movie.  I realized most of you didn’t know that more often than not, costumers work out of cages.  Cages?!  Yes, we work in cages like animals in the zoo!!!  Rowr!!!!blog - 01

Every show has their names on their cage.  It may be one cage for a smaller show.  Our show occupied three large cages!!!  Ack!  Who goes there?!  Haha!  My friend Annie donned a mask for this picture!blog - 02

Here’s Annie posing in an empty cage, just waiting to be filled with rows of clothing!!!blog - 03

Oh how I love my Annie, she is always game to pose for pictures!  Goodbye Warner Brothers!!!  Until next time!

Grandma has been taking such good care of Lang Lang while I’ve been at work!  Sometimes Grandpa steps it up + does a bang up job watching his beloved grandson!blog - 04

Okay random photo time.  Langdon at the Levi’s - 05

Langdon laughing in his car seat.  This is a rare, rare moment my friends + family.  Ever since Langdon has been super mobile crawling + standing – he hates his car seat like it was made of hot burning coals!blog - 06

On Super Bowl Sunday grandma made California rolls.  We gave one to Langdon to try…”What is this offensive circular thing you’ve handed to me?!”.blog - 07

“What am I to do with this???”

blog - 08“Yeeeee!!!!  Is it a toy???”blog - 09

“Ok, c’mon.  Now seriously.  What’s the story with this?”blog - 10

NOMS!!!!  NUM NUM NUM!!!!blog - 11

Langdon loved his first sushi roll!!!  Nori + all!!!  He ate so much sushi that day!  Half Japanese baby!  I will be making him sushi more often!blog - 12

The week is coming to an end.  Strangely enough the blue skies have turned to mist, grey + rain!  Probably to help me transition back to Vancouver.  I am going to try + stay positive + enjoy every moment with my family till the very last minute!!!!  Hope everyone has been well!!!

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  1. Papi, Dads #

    Hi, Nan, yup, U & Langdon, will be missed, Big Time, thinking
    back your visit has been a blessing, plus your ‘bud’s’ Tiffany,
    her sweet baby, Maddie, & Debbie, they certainly enliven our
    house, Wow, Papa Daddy Jeff’s will be here today, gonna cook
    him some nice rib-eyes, tonite!!!!! well needless to say we will
    definitely miss U, LangLang, but hey, we’ll be in Vancouver in a
    matter of weeks,..hoot hoot, i can’t stop looking at the great fotos
    of my grandson, Langdon, gonna miss this handsome bundle of
    joy, most likely the next time we see him he’ll be walking !!!!!!!

    February 8, 2015
  2. Canada misses you! 🙂

    February 9, 2015
  3. Cost of bag of sushi rice…$4.39
    Bag of nori…$2.79.
    Watching Langdon work it out…priceless.
    Travel safe you guys!

    February 10, 2015
    • Thank youuuuuuu!!!!! I wish you were here to watch Lang munching sushi in person!!! XOXO

      February 12, 2015
  4. Ooooh must try Olive on sushi! Great idea 🙂

    March 5, 2015

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