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First Job After Baby

This week I got back into the saddle after over 2 years!!!





While I was waiting for my permanent residency, Canada restricted me from working in the country.  And since I couldn’t cross the border, I wasn’t allowed to work in the states either!!!  Bother!!!  After I made my flight plans to Los Angeles I emailed a bunch of old co workers to let them know I’d be ready to get back to work!

Oh wait, I forgot to mention my family threw me a Welcome Back party over the weekend!  There are barely any pictures!!!  I was too busy touching all my friends faces, in total disbelief that I was truly seeing them in the flesh!  “Is it really you???”  I kept repeating as I stroked their cheeks.  The last time I saw all of them was over 2 years ago!!!  The house was packed, the food was overflowing + I was in heaven!!!  Langdon on the other hand was a little overwhelmed but charmed the ladies nonetheless!!!blog - 01

Picture courtesy of Kim Shek!

Well, I am working the perfect job + I am so grateful!!!  Part time, wrapping on a show!  That means a 10 hour work day as opposed to 14-18 hours on set!  For those of you new to this blog I work in costumes in the film industry.  I drive to Warner Brothers Studio + walk into their costume - 02

I used to walk past that sign on countless occasions.  After being gone for so long I stopped + thought to myself, “You know what, that’s pretty cool!” + took the picture.  It’s so easy to take things for granted!

Here is 1/16 of the clothes we are dealing with every day on this - 03

That’s alotta clothes, my friends.

Since the movie is wrapped, we had a bunch of racks with costumes that needed to be broken down + sent out to be - 04

No that’s not garbage – it’s the stinky clothes!!!  And that is the third load of cleaning that we sent out in a span of two days!  People have the misconception that costumes is glamorous + full of pretty dresses + designer clothing.  Sometimes it is, but mostly it is a lot of hard work, heavy lifting + can be downright dirty at times!

Well grandma + grandpa have been doing a bang up job watching Langdon while I’m at work!  They all make sure to constantly remind me when I get home from work that, “He didn’t miss you at all, not even one single bit!”.  Gee, thanks.

Every day he is helping grandma with housework!blog - 05

This boy is nuts about vacuuming.  Probably because I am also bonkers about vacuuming + he heard it while in the womb + I wear him whenever I vacuum so it’s as if we do it together.

Grandpa got Langdon a walker which he is extremely skillful at using now.  Zip zip zoom zoom!!!  Forward, backward, scoot, scoot, scoot!!!  Getting into trouble, scoot, scoot scoot!!!blog - 06

Baby led weaning (or baby led solids) is still going amazingly for us!!!  Well….except for brussel sprouts + zucchini.  Here is Langdon saying, “DESTROY ALL THE ZUCCHINI!!!!!”.blog - 07

We’ve been playing a game lately where I’ll put an object on my head + then I place it on Lang Lang’s head.  It brings us lots of joy + it comes in handy when we are in long lines at Target!blog - 10

In this photo, the little menace is straight face looking at me as he uses a toy as a hammer to smash his other toys.  His facial expression reads, “Are you gonna stop me?  Huh?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Watch me.  Smash.”.blog - 11

We don’t put him in the walker for too long a period of time.  So his crawling is getting super fast + we shadow him constantly.  Check out that sassy little smirk as he “hides” under the dinner - 12

And climbing up stairs?  Yeah, loves it.  We “spot” him as he goes.  Lord help - 13

We try + get him outside for walks to mellow him out.  Here he is staring adoringly at his - 14

I call my sister “Princess Auntie” because every time she comes into the room, Langdon’s face lights up + he smiles from ear to ear!!!  Ashley is a fancy, beautiful, sparkly Princess Auntie!!!

Well, Langdon turned 8 months old like weeks ago, but it’s been too busy!  I finally got a picture with monkey.  I’m not really that crazy about this photo, but it’s the best one out of the zillion I took.  Good luck trying to get an 8 month old to sit still.8months

He’s holding a phone because he insisted on it.

I’m glad to be back at work + not on set since the hours are so long + it would be hard on my parents while looking after the baby!  It’s been great + work feels like a vacation compared to raising a mini human!  AND I get to see my friends + my brain is in a totally different space!  I feel very, very, very fortunate!!!  Christmas is a week away folks!!!  And Jeff arrives in Los Angeles tomorrow!!!  Ho ho ho!!!  Love you all!!!

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    December 21, 2014
  2. Festive Greetings to you all, w a special Happy Han-u-kah for Rocky San!~

    December 24, 2014

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