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Hello BC, Goodbye Grandma…

Settling in back at home in Vancouver having West Coast fun with grandma + friends!






Another jam packed week!  We are pooped!  Langdon had such a good time with his grandma as always!blog - 01

Wooooops!  My watermark went a little out of control on that picture!  Oh well, I’m too lazy to fix it!  We hung out with grandma at the mall because I don’t know why but when you have a baby the mall is such an easy place to hang out!  Food?  Check!  Bathrooms with changing tables?  Check!  Lots of stimulating things to entertain baby with?  Check!  Check!  Check!

Uh-oh.  Langdon flipped out at the arcade.  Nooooooo!!! - 02

On Tuesday we took him for his first day at the beach!  It was a gorgeous day in Vancouver + we dropped everything + headed out!  That’s what you have to do in Canada when the weather’s nice!  Previously, Langdon was too much of a blob to take to the beach when he was younger + most of the summer was spent in Alberta = no beach time.  He was instantly overjoyed at the sun, the breeze + the sound of the waves!!!blog - 03

Um, how gorgeous is the quilt he’s laying on??!!!  HANDMADE by his soon-to-be Auntie Min!!!!  And his cool SoCal dude T-shirt is from our favorite family in Encinitas, California – so appropriate for a beach day!  Shaka!  Lucky us, we have so many friends + family with awesome taste!!!  Yay!  Thanks everyone!

Aaaaaah!!!!  First time in the sand!blog - 04

Langdon was obsessed with watching the ocean water rippling.  Zen moment.  Ommmmmm….fat belly….ommmmmm…OMG I just realized – if you look closely at Langdon’s hand he looks like he’s flipping the bird at the ocean.  Rude - 05

First beach day sandy baby feet.  I’m going to munch on them.  Gritty sand + - 06

Get it, Langdon!blog - 07

Oh, Canada why are your summers so short?!  Langdon needs the beach!  Look at this ecstatic face!  How can you deny him?!  Cruel Northern - 08

WHHHHHYYYYYYYY!!!!!????blog - 09

I’ve been wanting to get Langdon a jumperoo because he’s a spazz.  Most of them have so many bells, whistles, buttons + lights that Langdon will either get bored or overstimulated by them.  Plus they are hella expensive + cost over $100 – even used people be selling them for $70!  Highway robbery!!!  I found this simple one on Craigslist for $10!blog - 10

The best $10 I’ve ever spent on this baby!  He jumps, spins, stands + throws toys at me violently.  An amazing purchase!  Score!blog - 11

And from the thrift store I found these adorable, old school plastic Japanese blocks!blog - 12

Don’t worry my friends – I put them in the dishwasher to get cleaned before I let Langdon play with them.  $5 for a ton of them!  And they’re hollow + super loud when you bang them together or throw them on the ground, so Langdon goes nutball over them!  Win!  This is a note to my buddy in Black Diamond – does the combination of all the patterns Langdon is wearing make you want to go blind?!  Hehe.  I knew it would.

On my mom’s last day we took her out for - 13

Look at Langdon’s face in this next picture.  Whenever I put food in my mouth he always opens his little gob waiting to catch a morsel.  Haha!!!  It’s a crack up every time!  Poor - 14

Grandma don’t leave us!!!!!blog - 15

Langdon was SUPER cranky the days after grandma left for Los Angeles.  No more buddy in the back seat of the car, no more playmate, no more happy chatter in the house.  Sigh…sniffle….sigh.  I really wish my family could see + enjoy Langdon every day, watching him grow up + sharing his milestones.  Okay I’ll stop now with all that or else I’ll cry.

To ease the pain of my mom leaving + Jeff still away in Alberta for work I invited some of my mommy friends over for BABY MANIA 2014!!!!!blog - 16

I haven’t seen my friends or their babies for months!  How big they’ve grown!  I was in baby heaven cuz THEY’RE ALL SO FRICKIN’ CUUUUTE!!!!

Langdon + his buddy Rigel were totally bro-ing down being complete boys!  This action photo says it all: RAAAAAAARRRR!!!!blog - 20

DESTROY EVERYTHING!!!!!!  ANNIHILATION!!!!  LOUD NOISES!!!!!  Wow.  Boys will be boys!  They were both losing their ever loving minds!

FACE SMASH!!!!!!!!!!blog - 17

God help us.  Langdon, please baby baby baby please.  Gentle.  Gentle.

Quiet time with sweet little Madison.  Go to sleep, Langdon!  We’ve been having some sleep issues lately.  Not sure if Langdon is having a difficult time adjusting back to city life + it’s noises + excitement???blog - 18

Bidding adieu to Rigel.  Look at these boys!  Best buds already!!!  “Don’t go, Rigel – stay for a spot of tea, old boy!” said Langdon.  “Well, my dear chap, I might stay on, but I’m desperately in need to put my head down for a kip!” replied Rigel.  Awwww, - 19

Langdon’s naps have been whack lately, which makes me want to pull out my eyelashes one by one, but still – we wish grandma + friends could come over EVERY DAY!!!!  TOO MUCH FUN!!!  Well folks, just as we are settling into being back in Vancouver, next week we are traveling to Ontario for a wedding + to see Jeff’s family!  Mon Dieu!!!!!!  Therefore, you probably won’t hear from us for a week or so because I predict that I will be up to my neck in activities!!!  Until then!  Byeeee!!!!

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  1. Deb Fayle #

    What a riot Shelli, that is the exact same jumperoo that I had for my boys!! Mine was second hand too and I remember thinking that it was the best because it was basic and had no ridiculous frills that only get in the way and had nothing to do with a babies interest. I’ll have to find some old photos of the boys in it. xo

    September 28, 2014
    • Wow that’s hilarious! I got it from a mom of 3 who had other jumperoos + she said this is the one they all liked the best – she got rid of the rest of them. Langdon is always so proud when he’s in it – he feels like a big boy!

      September 28, 2014
  2. kenneth '' Dad's - Papi '' nishino #

    ALOHA, NAN,…more terrific photo’s of LangLang
    at the Beach with GrandMa and his Bro’s…fabulous
    stuff ‘eh !!!!! BABY MANIA 2014, with Lang’s, Bro’s
    was AWsuM,…well needless to say we can’t wait 2 C
    the Langster…hopefully 4 your visit in Nov.?!?!?!? so
    get those Visa’s in order, Best 2 Jeff, LangLang, Megs
    take care and have a great trip 2 Ontario !!!!!!
    Luv U

    September 28, 2014
    • Can’t wait to take Langdon to Southern Cali beaches!!!! Miss you!!!!! Love you very much!

      September 28, 2014
  3. PATTERNS GALORE! *twitch twitch* Looks like you and Granny Rocky were having a blast at the beach. Eeeee! And Baby Mania looked a bit like a junior cage match! Grrrr. Argh! Lot’s of kisses to everyone ( That means you too Rocky~San! 😀 ) and have a great trip in The Ontario.
    We’re going to burn all that Hell On Wheels wood…it was good and dry. xoxoxo

    September 29, 2014
  4. Costanza’s adorable! Look how big he’s getting! OMG, what are you feeding him, rocket fuel? Too bad you don’t live closer…I got gifted two jumperoos, one of which is sitting in the basement collecting dust. I don’t have space for a play area for the bean, so a lot of her toys get left in storage.

    October 6, 2014
    • So good to hear from you!!! Thanks!!! Lang Lang is ginormous that’s for certain! I feed him whey protein shakes – JUST KIDDING!!!! Too bad we don’t live closer! I’d love to hang out with you + lil’ bean!

      October 7, 2014

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