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Back to BC with Baby

Baby back baby back in British Columbia!  Fun, food + a packed car for the drive “home”.






I am so missing Alberta already.  My buddy in Black Diamond threw us an intimate farewell get - 01

Oh damn you blurry photo!!!  It was so lovely – champagne, snacks + a roaring hot fire!!!  Classy, no?!  We laughed, rolled the baby around on a fitness ball + had a grande ol’ time.  When it was time to part it was a quick goodbye because there were tears.  Me sad now.

My mom + I stopped for breakfast at Turner Valley’s famous Chuckwagon - 02

It is for real cowboy up in this joint.  On weekends this place is always packed + there is a line out the door.  We put Langdon in a high chair for his first time!!!  What a big boy!!!blog - 03

On Saturday we drove into Canmore to get a head start on the drive back to Vancouver.  Dinner was at one of our all time fave sushi restaurants, Chef Studio Japan.  Langdon put on dad’s hat + was pretty well losing his mind over - 04

But his little brain full on burst into a million tiny pieces when dad’s chirashi sushi arrived at the table.  This teeny half Japanese baby instinctively was like, “Raw fish – get in mah belly!!!!”.  We had to pry it away from clutch of his steely little claws.  Nature vs nurture….hmmm you be the - 05

Last family photo before we began the long drive.  Jeff is staying on in Alberta to finish shooting Hell on Wheels – so we sorrowfully parted after this photo.  The three of us look like a bunch of tousled, worn out mops wearing a lot of patterns.  And yet it is only the beginning… - 06

My mom, Langdon, Megumi + I split the drive into two days.  Five hours of driving each day.  Langdon is getting bigger, smarter + gets bored VERY easy lately.  Which made for whiney, squealing unhappiness in the back seat.  Thank god my mom was sitting next to him entertaining him the best she could.  Megu on the other hand was a little gem + made nary a peep!!!  Here she is taking a breather to glare contemptuously at her wily little brother as grandma fed - 07

After sitting in the car seat all day long, when we reached the hotel in Salmon Arm Langdon flipped around on the bed like a little sausage roll.  Shamelessly showing off his ample gams for the camera.  Langdon, you little - 08

Langdon is the Betty Grable of his generation.Betty Grable Pinup

After he got in some good flips + flops on the bed for almost an hour, it was off to the hotel pool for a relaxing swim!blog - 09

And warm, dry snuggly towel wrap up in grandma’s arms! blog - 10

I’m going to say this again + no Swimava is not paying me to say this – but it is the best thing ever!!!  Langdon slept like a rock that night at the hotel!  I on the other hand probably got 2 hours of sleep.  The crib they provided looked like it came from a psychiatric ward from the 1890s, so I was not about to put my baby in that horror.  Since Langdon rolls around so much now, my mom + I slept on a queen size bed with the dude in the middle.  I got punched in the face all night, thus the horrible night of no sleep.

Well the second stretch of five hour driving was much better in terms of the baby’s happy meter.  Langdon had to get familiar with grandma in the back seat again.  When we arrived in Vancouver the unpacking of the car was too much torture to document with pictures.  So just visualize in your minds bags, boxes + heaving + hufffing.  Sounds like a good time, doesn’t it?  NOT!!!!!

The next day Langdon’s Auntie Deb was eagerly waiting to give kisses + big hugs to the baby!  Langdon l adores his big cousins!  It’s really endearing how he already looks at them with awe + admiration!blog - 11

What is my mom doing to Tobin in this picture?  Lord only - 12

Big news!!!  Yesterday Langdon had his first taste of solids!!!  This boy is literally jumping out of his skin whenever people are eating around him.  I thought that it was high time this fat little man took the next step!  Avocado – very appropriate considering his mom is from Southern California!!!blog - 15

Fed with a silver spoon given to him by his Grandma Jean!  Posh!!!  Langdon did well with the spoon feeding.  I have been spoon feeding him probiotics with this spoon since he was 4 weeks old.

First reaction was unsure…blog - 16

Then came the, “Hmmm, I think I can dig this…you may be on to something, mommy.”.blog - 17

DYNOMIIIITE!!!!blog - 18

ME WANT MORE!!!blog - 19

This cherub cheek baby is looney tunes for solids!  Today we did sweet potato because my mom thought avocado might be too oily.  And boy howdy was it yum yum yummy time!!!

Anyways folks, I’ve missed being back in our Vancouver house with all the things I love + am familiar with!  But to be honest, I’m not quite sure how I feel about being back.  I miss the endless blue skies of Alberta + the smell of the prairie grass.  Luckily mom is still with me, so it makes the transition easier!  Thanks to everyone for the well wishes for our long drive back to BC!!!



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  1. Alberta misses you too! 🙂

    September 19, 2014
  2. *sniff sniff* I saw Katie yesterday. She’s so cute. We talked about you and the blog and I said she should visit it and she said that she only had email, that she wasn’t on the blog. So I asked her her email and she said “It’s K telus @” and I nearly hugged her. So cute. You guys should come out for the new year. Maybe we could meet in Fernie or something…*sigh* My LAN LAN!
    Already eating solids…*sniff* HE’S GROWING UP SO FAST! Miss you all. A and B and Gus. ( Well, I’m sure Gus just misses the stroller.)

    September 20, 2014
    • I know, I told her I’d get her on the email subscribe so she can see Langdon grow up! Man I wish you were here to see Langdon eating like a piggy with a spoon! You would be laughing your ass off, it’s so funny + happy to watch!!! Miss you guys very much!!!!

      September 21, 2014
  3. Awe We hope you come back soon!! Isabelle also went crazy for avocados. It was her absolute favourite and mixed with bananas! yum yum! Now I’m trying to get her onto more table food….it’s hard don’t know if she’s eating enough! She also discovered her push toy and walks all over the house!

    September 20, 2014
    • Ooh, good one – avocados + bananas!!!! Me likey! Thanks again for those baby food websites – I’ve been studying them, they’re full of great info! Izzy is a little Energizer Bunny!!!

      September 21, 2014
  4. kenneth '' Dad's - Papi '' nishino #

    The Langster is getting cutier by the day and now eating
    solid’s…Wow,…the photo’s are percious, Nan…& glad U guys
    made it back safe & sound, Rocky, must be in hog-heaven
    being there with her grandson, and U of course!!!!! too bad,
    Jeff, is still working in Alberta, but he’s due home soon?!?!?
    ok, gotta run hope to talk soon, best 2 Rocky, LangLang &
    Jeffrey, Take Care,…Luv U, Miss U,…love, Dads

    September 20, 2014
    • I’m so relieved to have mom here! I couldn’t have done it without her! Jeff will be back in a week! Yaaaaay! Love you dad, wish you were here!!!

      September 21, 2014
  5. “…bunch of tousled, worn out mops wearing a lot of patterns” – ahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Best description ever but seriously, you guys look like a model family – boootiful!

    How cool that LangLang is trying solids – we’re so looking forward to getting Olive on that path 🙂 I’m sure she’l be ramming pies down her gob before long!

    September 21, 2014
    • Thanks! I thought we all looked a little worse for the wear, but we actually don’t have many pictures of the 3 of us together! Pies…mmmm….piiiiiiiies…..

      September 21, 2014

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