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Alberta Fun with Baby

A visit to Heritage Park, baby rock climbing, sitting by the fire – Canadian style!  Seeing Alberta through Langdon’s eyes!








Last week my buddy Michelle + I introduced Langdon to the wonders that is Heritage Park in Calgary.  I lurve me some Heritage Park.  There’s only so much you can do with an infant – but the park is huge + great for strolling around, catching up + chatting!  When Langdon’s older there’s train rides, the amusement park + lots of space to go ape sh*t + run around in circles!  I can’t wait for Langdon to truly appreciate it!  Here he is hanging out by the train – all aboard!  Next year, Langdon!blog - 01

For a more in depth tour of Heritage Park, check out my post from 3 years ago!  Heritage Park is peppered with actual historical buildings that were transported to the park or architectural replicas of historical buildings.  Here we are in one of Alberta’s oldest prairie synagogues!  As you can see Langdon is wearing his first yarmulke!  Mazel Tov!!!  Respect!blog - 02

Langdon relaxing against a chair in a - 03

Here’s mom 3 years ago leaning against a similar chair!!Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 10.15.01 PM

Michelle, Langdon + I visiting the train cars + pointing off into the distance at the Canadian mountain terrain avec bebe!blog - 05

The same guy from 3 years ago took the picture, but unfortunately our pointing was WAY off!!!  Ah, well.  It’s crazy that Michelle + I have known each other already for 3 years!  We met through this blog + I cherish the friendship that we have!  Vintage Shelli + Michelle sans bebe – sigh, those carefree days!Heritage Park Historical Village

Jeff + I are big fans of posing in any + all boards with the face cut out.  Example here!  Well it must be in the blood because here’s little chubster getting in on the fun + loving it!!!blog - 06

Over the weekend Langdon woke up from a nap in the car quite the cranky crabby patty.  So we took him outside for a walk at the Okotoks Erratics.  Aaaah, big, wide open blue sky + endless prairie grass!  It’s going to be so hard for me to leave – I love Alberta!!!blog - 07

This formation of rock traveled during the ice age all the way from Jasper!!!  That’s a very far trip!blog - 08

Jeff + Langdon climbed through the gap in the rocks.  Langdon was psyched!!!blog - 09

Are you ready for baby rock climbing???  Wait for it…wait for it…ta daaaaa!!!!blog - 10

Okay, technically not rock climbing but he’s a baby!  He’s still learning!

Another way Langdon burns off the baby rolls is at Black Diamond’s outdoor fitness centre.  Langdon + I go there often + get macho.  I brought Jeff there over the weekend + he was working up a sweat!blog - 11

You are using your body weight at this fitness center.  It’s one thing to work out on your own – but when you’re wearing a 20 pound baby it really amps it up!!!  Raaaaar!!!  The crazy thing about this fitness center is that every time we’re there, we are always alone.  NO ONE seems to use it!  It’s insanity!

On Labor Day Jeff had a fire going as we sat on the swing – look at Langdon – he’s such a - 12

This little fatty was getting super zen – hypnotized by the dancing flames!!!  Too cute!blog - 13

Lately Langdon has been really into grabbing anything + everything.  He wants to hold his bottle by himself!blog - 14

Um, woah laddie.  Wow.  Take ‘er easy….blog - 15

You got it!!!  I’m going to start calling him Mr. Independent.  He is a willful, stubborn child already!  Lord have Mercy!

blog - 16We read books every night before bed.  I’m shocked at the patience he has, because we always read four books every single night!blog - 17

Mom + Langdon selfie of the week.  Is it just me or does Langdon’s massive head look almost as big as mine???!!!blog - 18

I take Langdon outside every day for a walk or just in the back yard to look at the leaves + trees that he adores so much.  My buddy here in Black Diamond oh so thoughtfully lent us a cute outdoor table + some chairs.  Complete with a cheery pot of flowers!!!  Langdon is always thrilled to be outside!  “Heh!  You can say that again, Mom!” says Baby - 19

Well, it’s already starting to feel like fall up here in the Great White North!!!  My bestie Langdon + I are going to try + milk being outside as much as possible this month – because folks, good weather in Canada lasts for 3-4 months max!  That’s why Canucks go hog wild for summer!!!

Today big guy turned 5 months!!!  My Aunt Noriko mailed the cutest little designer outfit from Japan – Langdon looks like Prince George!5 Months - 01

I must point out that this outfit is for a ONE YEAR OLD!!!!  And it fits Langdon perfectly!!!  Hmmmmm.  Japanese babies are smaller…but Langdon is part Viking after all.  Big half Norse baby.  Monkey is starting to get dwarfed by my giant.  “Saaaave meeee!!!” pleads Monkey.  Sweet hugs.5 Months - 09

Folks I have been beat hard with the Mom Stick today.  It took me an hour to put the little spazz to bed tonight.  Sorry if this post seems disjointed.  That’s because my brain is currently short circuiting.  It’s sizzling right now as I type.  Gotta go before it catches fire!!!  Goodnight!!!!  XOXO!!!

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  1. kenneth '' Dad's - Papi '' nishino #

    Mazel Tov, Grandmama, is going crazy about, LangLang’s new
    jewish look, hehe…LOL !!!!! he looks so adorable and getting big
    by the day,…and Wow is Langster, holding his own bottle now?!?!
    those are some cute photo’s of Prince LangLang, he is indeed a
    Prince of Fayle,…well U wouldn’t have 2 worry much about the
    Mommie Stix, much longer, as GrandMama will be there next
    week…best 2 Jeff, Langster, Meg’s, Take Care, …. Peace !!!!!!
    Shabbat Shalom,
    Luv U
    Miss U

    September 5, 2014
    • Doesn’t he look so cute?! Wellllll he’s not completely holding his own bottle yet. I still have to help him with the tilt! I’m so excited for mom to get here! Wish you + Ashley were coming with her!!! Love you!

      September 6, 2014
  2. Deb Fayle #

    The family just viewed this post together – we love all the Lang-Lang shots! Bring that baby home:) Matt loved the drunken bottle shot and forwarded it to himself.

    September 7, 2014
  3. Monkey is definitely shrinking in comparison to Lang-Lang…hehe.

    September 8, 2014

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