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This post is about hoarding, baby smiles + learning to be a mom.






Last week Langdon had his 4 month immunization - 01

Langdon loves throwing the peace sign!  This picture was taken pre shots.  Oh little smiling unaware baby…you are in for a world of hurt.  Shots are the worst!!!  That night was restless, Tylenol-giving, crying, sad times.

By the way, Langdon is still 4 months old but according to his weight + measurements he has the girth of an 8 month old.  Holy mackerel.

The next day we headed to Canmore – but first a stop at our shipping container of horrors.  If you are new to this blog, Jeff has a 40 foot shipping container filled to the brim with stuff that he’s accumulated for 20 years when he lived in Alberta.  I can’t even go on.  It is housed in the yard of a trucking company.  Langdon is already loving boy things like big ol’ honkin’ trucks!!!  BOY STYLE!!!!blog - 02

But dear readers, do not let that chunky, chunk dumpling smile fool you.  Oh nooooooes.  The lack of sleep the night before from the shots, his discomfort + realizing that he comes from a family of hoarders created a screaming, crying little poppet soon after.  The repair shop guys were teasing me by shouting out, “Hey!  Stop hurting that baby!”.  Oh. Haha.  Very.  Funny.  NOT!!!!!  Thankfully el pobre nino fell asleep hard after some soothing.  It was good timing, because he didn’t have to look at all of our junk.  Here it comes!blog - 03

Dad sorting while I bossed him around saying things like, “Get rid of it get rid of it get rid of it.  Why the hell did you hold on to this why the hell did you hold on to this.”.  You can imagine the rest, I need not elaborate - 04

Lord God in Heaven help me.  Notice that Jeff switched vests.  That’s because Jeff loves to play dress up as we work, which is always sure to slow down the process significantly.  Jesus save - 05

Why don’t we own a store?  I don’t know.  Why don’t we???  If anyone knows of a pop up location where I can set up next summer in Canmore, Alberta – please contact me!  I will sell it all in one fell swoop – BAM!  DONE!  THAT’S HOW I DO!!!!!blog - 06

But unfortunately we live in Vancouver + all this crap is in Alberta.  Makes sense?  IT MAKES ABSOLUTE NO SENSE!!!!!!  It makes my brain swell.  Let’s move on to happier things.  Fat babies.  In flannel.

Jeff insisted on putting on his flannel to match Langdon.  I guess we are “that family”.  Expect a Christmas card of all three of us wearing Canadian Tuxedos.  Yankees if you don’t know what that means, it means head to toe denim.  Awwwww yeeeeeeah.  Hey, is it just me or does Langdon look like Jack Nicholson in this photo???blog - 07Jack Nicholson

Whoa.  That freaks me out.

Langdon waking up from a nap.  Aaaah, sweet - 08

Jeff loves to get his snuggles in since he only sees Langdon on the - 09

Too sweet for words.  I love this picture.  Where are the mother-son photos, you ask?  Good question!!!  I whined to Jeff that there’s five pictures that exist of me + Langdon – three of them are selfies that I took!!!  Not fair!  So later in the weekend Jeff took this photo:blog - 17

ACK!  Truly unflattering low angle, highlighting my double chin.  Messed up night time mom hair.  What a train wreck.  Gee, thanks Jeff.

Anyways when we were staying at our friends’ house in Canmore, I plopped Langdon in the big chair – how amazing is this interior?!  Like a shot from an architecture/design magazine!  Our friend Karen has an amazing eye.  And it always looks beautifully staged.  I’ve NEVER seen it a mess or out of sorts. AND they have a six year old – I don’t know how they do - 10

“NO!!!  NEVER MESSY!!!!!!  HAHAHAHAAAAA!!!” screams - 11

Well, Langdon has been out of his fussy phase (for now).  We had a hard go of it for a - 12

Moms would tell me, “Don’t worry it gets easier!”.  “LIARS!!!!  ALL LIARRRRRSSS!!!” I would hiss like Gollum from Lord of the Rings.  I felt that the older + more aware of his surroundings + more demanding Langdon grew, it was becoming increasingly difficult.  Then all of a sudden one day I realized, “Hey, we’re having fun!”.  I didn’t feel like I was drowning as much as - 13

One day at a thrift store an employee gave me a Canadian flag because I told them I was American.  Langdon loves flags + he loves the color red, so while we’re driving sometimes I let it flap in the wind much to Langdon’s amusement.  Happy - 14

This big guy’s personality is totally showing itself lately.  He is - 15

What a nut.  Look at those hamhocks!!!  I like to take bites out of them!!!blog - 16

Oy vey.  I have a feeling that I’m going to be in trouble once Langdon starts crawling!!!  It’s been a trial + error four months with lots of tears, frustration + exhaustion.  But there seems to be a rhythm + a little waltz that we are becoming familiar with.  Langdon + I are buddies, compadres, homies, partners in crime, if you will.  We are both learning + growing more + more as each day passes!  Thanks to everyone for joining us through the past couple of months!!!  I miss + love you all!!!  XOXO

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  1. Omg! Girl we must FT. I laughed so hard at this post. I can tell u are one tiny step from the cuckoo factory. Rofl!!! It does get easier and seriously your baby is insanely adorable! I cannot stand it…..too cute! Miss you!

    August 29, 2014
    • Yes! I’m about to crack!!! Thanks girl…it’s starting to get a little easier now! I miss you blondies like crazy!!! I can’t wait for Langdon to meet you California girls….oh and California Dad. Haha!

      August 30, 2014
  2. kenneth '' Dad's - Papi '' nishino #

    haha, love those hamhocks,…LangLang, is definitely gonna be
    a Jock…huh huh ?!?!? also luv the foto of Dad and Son picture,
    that is priceless, Nan, there must be heaps of foto’s of U and ur
    handsome son !?!?!? as i’ve mentioned a trillion time’s enjoy,
    him…now…. before he becomes ”Terrible-2”, Take Care, Nan,
    best 2, Jeff, LangLang, and Meg’s….luv U, miss U, Dad’s

    August 29, 2014
  3. Shelli!!! It’s so good to see you and your little man. My god, he’s soooooo cute and what a beautiful name you bestowed on him. How’s Van treating you?

    September 10, 2014
    • Wooooow!!! So good to hear from you!!! Are you still in Venezuela??? We have been in Alberta this summer! How are you?

      September 10, 2014
      • No, I left Vlza mid March and stayed with a friend in Curacao for a month and a half and then Juan joined me. We moved back to Montreal at the beginning of May. Summer was fast, and underwhelming. Sigh I miss the tropics. I bet you’re happy that you’re not in AB now with all of that disgusting snow!!! Fyi, every time I see Jeff’s container I laugh out loud. Some things never change. 😉

        September 12, 2014
      • I bet you miss the avocados!!!!! Well I’m glad you’re both safe + sound from all the political strife. If you’re ever in Vancouver give me a shout!!!!! And yes….some things never change. Sigh!!! XOXO

        September 12, 2014
      • I really do miss the fruit, especially passion fruit and mangoes!!! I will definitely call you up if I ever make it back to the west coast. I promise!

        September 13, 2014
      • Pinky swear!!! 😉

        September 15, 2014
      • Pinky swear!!! 🙂

        September 16, 2014

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