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107th Annual Priddis + Millarville Country Fair

Country fair!  Country fair!  It was an…interesting event to say the least!








When in Rome they say!  Or when in the country – go to the fair!  Jeff was working into Saturday morning, but he toughed it out + we arrived at the fair in the early afternoon.  I knew we were in the right place when I saw some bull riding taking place.Blog - 01

Jeff made a beeline for the tractors.  La dee da.  Tractors.  Period.  I don’t know how to make tractors sound any more exciting.Blog - 02

After admiring the vintage tractors as much as one can muster, we headed toward the farmer’s market.  Anyone that knows me well, knows that I am obsessed with Hutterites.  Similar to the Amish + Mennonites, there is a whole lot of them here in Alberta!  I love me a good polka dot scarf + oversized sunglasses!Blog - 03

Langdon was fully asleep at this point.  So asleep that Sophie was digging her pointy ears into Langdon’s ample, fleshy cheeks + yet not a peep!Blog - 04

Aaah awaken, thyself young squire to the melodic sounds of diesel generators!!!  Dad + baby squib getting in a quick snuggle!Blog - 05

We headed towards the big barn to check out the competitive exhibits.Blog - 06

Chickens.  Lots of chickens.  Squawk!!!  Hello you handsome couple!!!Blog - 07

Ummmmm…wheat.  Langdon was very amused + excited about the wheat.  It was slightly bizarre.Blog - 08

Uuuuuuuh…..bags of……hay????  Again please regard the expression on Langdon’s face.  Pure glee + joy.  “YEEEE HEE HEE!!!  HA HAAAA!!!!  HAY!!!” squealed my son whilst flapping his fat arms + legs around like a pinwheel.  Future farmer???Blog - 09

There were pies, pastries, loaves of bread, cookies on tables upon tables.Blog - 10

Salt blocks judged on how artistically they were licked by the cow.  I swear to god, I kid you not.  Langdon is displaying more enthusiasm + an early era Bieber-like side swept hairdo.Blog - 11

Rubber boot competition.  The neon green pair was deemed, “Most Unique”.  Oh wow.  Yikes.  I think the judges need to get out more.Blog - 12

When I walked over to the arts + crafts section I HAD to get a picture of this naked jockey sitting backwards on the horse!!!!Blog - 13

HELLO….WHAT????!!!!  I literally almost died of campy happiness!!!  WHAT THE HECK?!  And it won a prize!!!  Did no one else realize how nuts this painting is?!  I reallllly want to meet + interview whoever painted this + get some insight.

Jeff + Langdon were taking waaaaay too long in the barn.  I was getting hella bored + couldn’t look at one more plate of chocolate chip cookies or one more sprig of invasive weed.  Outside, there was a pie auction going on.  The MC was this gorgeous gent in a purple shirt + purple ostrich feather in his cowboy hat.Blog - 14

Pies were going for as high as $400!!!!  Lands sake!!!

Langdon had his first encounter with some llamas + alpacas.  This llama was completely enamored with Langdon.  She would not stop longingly gazing at him with her soupy, doe eyes!  Langdon was very unsure about these shaggy pack animals.Blog - 15

The best part of the fair was this:Blog - 16

This little old lady was sitting on a stool crocheting outfit upon frilly outfit for Barbies!!!!Blog - 17

It was making my brain explode, so I had to walk away, or I’d go on taking pictures of every single outfit on display.

We missed out on the more fun events that happened earlier in the day.  I had my fill of wheat, hay + livestock.  Stick a fork in me – I was done!  As we left the fair, the rain started coming down.  Perfect timing!  Jeff put on the barbecue when we got home.  In the rain!  That’s how Canucks do it!!!Blog - 18

In Langdon news, we are now making it a weekend ritual to get him in his Swimava ring for swimming, floating time before bed!  As you can see he loves to kick around, spin his little self + just bob up + down!  And he sleeps like a champ after every swim!!!  If you missed my post about his first Swimava experience, click here!Blog - 19

The little man is still sleeping through the night!  Now that he rolls + doesn’t freak out when he is on his tummy he is Mr. Dy-no-mite when it comes to shut eye!  Face down, butt up!!!Blog - 20

On the other hand, I’m still getting up constantly throughout the night.  If I hear the slightest rustle or whimper I am up like a flash of light!!!  Moms…never relaxed.  EVER.  FOREVER.

Lang Lang + I took a selfie the other day.  And it reveals oh so much about how our weeks + days have been going lately.Blog - 21


















Haggard.  Sad faces.  I look like a weary mess.  And I think Langdon has been teething.  He is a drooly waterfall + has been spitting up more + he’s been gnawing on anything he can get his meaty hands on.  Oh + the crankiness.  Ohhhh, the crankiness.  Although Langdon’s been sleeping more, we are still exhausted.

Plus, usually I may see Jeff for a 1/2 hour when he gets home for work (long after Langdon’s bedtime) before I pass out.  But this week, Jeff’s been logging so many hours that I haven’t seen him in 3 days.  This morning Langdon + I were able to catch him for 3 minutes before he was out the door.  Curse you, film industry.  Hey Shelli, would you like some whine with that cheese???  Maybe somebody should call me a whaaaambulance!  I should not complain – we have a roof over our heads + a little family of three!  Sorry film industry, I shall never besmirch you again (never say never).  Have a great weekend everyone!  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!!

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  1. kenneth '' Dad's - Papi '' nishino #

    Yike’s, Nan, the Millarville Co. Fair, was pretty durn exciting
    huh huh, i can see why U had your fill of wheat, hay, and
    live stock, yaah, get home and start the Barbee-Q, good on
    ole Jeff, too weather the storm,…LangLang’s, Swimava pix
    is amazingly cute, sorry to hear, Jeff’s working those horrific
    hours, i know, i know,…ok, Nan, get some badly needed rest
    looks like U need it, big time,…hugs and kisses 2 Langster!!!!!
    hey, 2 Jeff,…Take Care, cheer’s,…Luv, Dads

    August 21, 2014
    • Haha – thanks dad! I know I’ve had better days! I’ll give Langdon tons of hugs + kisses from you!!!

      August 22, 2014
  2. Omg!!! No words re that fair….hilarious!!!!! Love the pic of you and L!! Best expressions ever. Can’t wait to see you in no time now, miss u!!!!

    August 22, 2014
    • Another winner alias!!! You are quite the creative gal! I hope we see each other soon….summer is almost over + no word from immigration!!!!

      August 22, 2014
  3. Deb Fayle #

    Wow! Never put salt blocks and artistic expression into the same category before! And naked jockeys … that was one wild and crazy fair you attended. Love the sleeping bum up in the air pose of Langdon – so precious. Stupid to say, but try not to jump at every sound or rustle during the night … those sounds indicate that Lang Lang is breathing:) Love you and miss you.xoxo

    August 22, 2014
    • Thanks Deb, I know I need to turn my mom meter down at night!!! He loves to toss + turn all night! Argh! Miss you toooooo!!!!

      August 22, 2014
  4. Adventurous we hit up Heritage park for cowboy days and watched the dragon boat races from across as North Glenmore was hard to get into as they also had the farmers market craft fair going! Does Langdon like that Sofie thing? I’ve debated getting 1 for Isabelle. I love his sleeping position I find izzy in that position a lot lately but she buries her faces into her crib bedding!

    August 25, 2014
    • Langdon is INSANE for Sophie! Since day one! It’s kind of crazy actually. His reaction when he first saw her was priceless!! She’s expensive – but SO worth it! It’s love!

      August 25, 2014
      • Hmm Maybe i’ll look at 1 then, I’ve always debated it. She isn’t attached to much other then her dang soother….I hate that thing sometimes lol!

        August 25, 2014
  5. Haven’t been around lately – omg congrats on the baby!! He’s SO cute!!

    Haha not to cause any confusion, I used to write as “The Silver Maple Leaf” but changed names!

    August 27, 2014

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