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Welcome to Alberta, Baby!

First road trip with the baby!  What an experience.






I am still beat to hell from it.  Thank god my mom was still in town from Los Angeles to help me make the voyage.  I DEFINITELY could not have done it without her!  Thank you mom!

The car was packed like a clown car full of stuff.  It was hell prepping + packing for this trip.  I’m so glad that situation is over with.  Here’s mom crammed in the back with the baby.  Megu is in the front.  It was like Jenga.  Oy vey.Blog - 01

Mom sat in back with the baby.  Here they are fully getting psyched on each others company.  Look at Langdon’s facial expression in the mirror!  Because of my mom’s companionship, Langdon was a dream on this trip.  Mom chatted with him, soothed him + held his little paw during the drive.Blog - 02

Here’s my mom’s view throughout the duration of the trip.Blog - 03

After 6 hours of driving (with stops for feeding in between) the four of us arrived at Super 8 in Salmon Arm, BC.  Langdon was super excited to chill + stretch out on the bed after the long haul!!!Blog - 04

Glamorous duvet cover!  To die for!  Langdon is pimpin’ + posing!!!  We travel in style!!!Blog - 05

The four of us were very happy with our sparse, but clean accommodations.  We just needed a place to sleep, y’all.  $20 extra for the pet fee – we’re in!Blog - 06

Look at all of this crap.  Mom + I both had tiny suitcases.  All of the rest was for the baby.  This is what happens when you travel with a baby.  Accessories, blankets, bottles, toys, multiple changes of clothing.  Sigh….Blog - 07

The next day, up + at ’em!!!  Onwards to Alberta, ho!!!!  Every 2-3 hours we would pull off somewhere lovely + shady to feed the hungry cub.Blog - 08

Before we left for the trip, Jeff bought Langdon his first pair of sunglasses.  I’m really glad he did because Alberta can get hella bright.  Here’s Langdon sporting his camo print shades for the first time!  Mom + I could not stop laughing!  Dude was loving it!Blog - 09

Here we are at Roger’s Pass on the way to Alberta, in the heart of Glacier National Park.  Langdon lurved the cool breeze + gorgeous mountain views!Blog - 10

Ta-daaaaa!!!!Blog - 11

Another 6-ish hours later……we have arrived in Canmore, Alberta!!!!!  We are lucky, lucky stars because our pals Karen, Kyle + Juna were awaiting us in their splendiferous home + they always welcome us with open arms!!!!  Juna IS CRAZY ABOUT BABIES!!!!!!  She devours them like sweet cupcakes!  Here she is with her new bestie.  She made Langdon a cool bracelet that happened to match his outift!Blog - 12

If you Yankees think that Canadians live in igloos + that there is snow all year long.  Ye be warned.  It was SO HOT when we arrived!  I stripped Langdon down to his diapers.  Here’s my little hippie baby cooling down.Blog - 13

Karen was thrilled to meet Langdon!  It’s been too long!Blog - 14

Okay, did I forget to mention that Juna LOVES BABIES????!!!!  She is losing her little marbles in this picture.  She adores Langdon so much!  Look at that smile!  Sweet!!!!Blog - 15

Mom took Langdon out on the balcony for some air.  What an awesome view of Canmore’s Three Sisters!Blog - 16

Welcome to the Canadian Rockies, Lang Lang!  You made it!!!  Your first big trip!!!


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  1. You take your cat on vacation?!

    July 16, 2014
    • Welllll, I guess it’s technically not vacation – it’s like a relocation! We are in Alberta for 3 months, so kitty must be with us!

      July 16, 2014
  2. kenneth '' Dad's - Papi '' nishino #

    ALOHA,..Nan, glad U, LANGLANG, Mum, Meg’s finally made it
    too, Alberta and finally Canmore, yep, lucky U, Mum’s was there
    for U,…Good On Her,…Ash, made it home safe, she can not stop
    talking about how sweet and cute her ‘Neph’ is…Take Care, Dads

    July 23, 2014
    • I am sooooooo lucky that you all have visited us this summer! I miss you guys so much!!!!

      July 25, 2014

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