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Reunited with Daddy

Huzzah!  Father + son together again, getting into Canadian antics!!!







Reunited + it feels so good!!!  Jeff has a week hiatus from Hell on Wheels + came home to Vancouver to be with Langdon.  Jeff hasn’t seen his son since he was 3 1/2 weeks old!  This is what Langdon looked like when Jeff left for Alberta:1 Month - 04

Squiggly alien. Now he’s a little fatty.  Here’s dad sneaking up on his son unawares.Blog - 01

Langdon did not recognize his dad!!!Blog - 02

Ah…a definite resemblance.  Thanks for the moustache soother Auntie Ashley!  Like father like son.Blog - 03

OOh so cute.  At first, Langdon was shy around his daddy.  Everyone wanted Jeff to shave his beard before he arrived, thinking the baby would be scared by it’s scratchy texture + frightening mountain man factor, but Langdon has proved them wrong!  He loves the beard!  That’s my boy!Blog - 04

Since Jeff’s arrival we’ve been spending lots of time with family.  Water gun fights are a summer must!Blog - 05

Tobin you are soaked!!!  Gotcha!!!Blog - 06

Langdon’s older cousins (who he adores) have been helping to take care of him.  Here’s Tobin soothing + comforting Lang Lang.Blog - 07

Matt is great at holding Langdon who looks like a big chunk of ham in this picture.  My nephews are crazy crazy crazy about Langdon.  We’re so lucky!Blog - 08

July 1st is CANADA DAY!!!!  Langdon’s first Canada Day!!!  Do you like his Wrangler jeans bloomers?  It’s really awesome to have costumers as friends – because they give THE BEST gifts!!!  What a little Canuck!  Next he needs a Canadian Tuxedo.  Some denim on denim action.Blog - 09

What a little thug!  “Oy!  Look ‘ere, mate put the lens down!!!”  says Langdon.Blog - 10

We went to Granville Island for Canada Day – which was a mad zoo!!!  Jeff’s mum was visiting from Ontario to meet Langdon.  The two are chilling on a bench after some gelato.  Langdon has a sassy look on his face that makes him look like he’s advertising for men’s cologne.Blog - 12

This guy is so full of Canadian pride!  I asked him if I could take a picture + he obliged!  Whatta sport!  Even the lenses on his glasses had Canadian flags!  His strong, patriotic veins run with maple syrup I’m sure!!!Blog - 11

Langdon + Jeff.Blog - 13

I’m so glad they are bonding once again!Blog - 14

Jeff’s giving Langdon some much needed hair on top!Blog - 15

We had a delish + posh dinner at Granville Island.  Langdon is very curious about his dad’s beer.  That is your Canadian duty, Langdon my dear.  You will know of this magical elixir one day soon.  But not too soon!!!!Blog - 16

Jeff + I saw some cutouts + had to get in on that action.  Just so you know, posing in cheesy cutouts is one of my favorite things in life.  I better warn the British about those durned pesky ‘Mericans!!!!Blog - 17

Okay a bit of randomness.  Canadian graffiti randomness.  Jeff + I saw “Joan Cusack” tagged in Point Grey.  An interesting choice.  Jeff + I were psyched because it was so weird.Blog - 18

Joan Cusack is an awesome + hilarious character actress.  Also, John Cusack’s sister.  Here she is in all her glory in “Working Girl”.Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 7.56.14 PM

To our happy surprise we saw the tag AGAIN on Canada Day when we were at Granville Island!Blog - 19

If anyone knows what this amazing tag is all about, can they let us know?  Oh Canada, thou art always shrouded in merry, whimsical mystery.  Well played, Canadian tagger.

Well, I would like to end this post by saying that you would think with my mom AND Jeff around, that I am well rested.  NAY!!!!  I am more tired than when I was left alone with Langdon in the early weeks!!!  Jeff has me running around doing errand after errand with him + I AM EXHAUSTED Y’ALL!!!!  Plus, we have been prepping, packing, tying up loose ends + getting ready to join him in Alberta this week.  Mom + I are driving Langdon + Megumi in my car to be with Jeff for the remainder of shooting Hell on Wheels season 4.  Wish us luck driving to a different province with the baby!!!Blog - 20
We will miss everyone in Vancouver!!!!  Funny how the three of us are drop dead tired but the only one with all the energy is the baby….I see how it is baby…I see how it is.


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  1. Curiously, when I first read this I had just finished watching “My Blue Heaven”, another fine Joan Cusack film. And it was late at night, so when I saw your graffiti I thought maybe I was having some hallucinatory waking dream. But no! It’s pure Joan Cusack! And beards and moustaches! And a pudgy cheeked baby! And cut-out pose photos! Oh, my. Good times. Travel safe to Alberta; can’t wait to read the next.

    July 6, 2014
    • Haha that’s so random! Joan Cusack brings people together. Yes we are having much much fun all together again!!! Too much. I’m tirrrrrred….

      July 10, 2014
  2. Ahhhh So adorable! I like the t-shirt, too! I see you all had fun! And yeah, good luck travelling with the little one. 🙂

    July 6, 2014
    • Go Canada!!!! Thanks so much, the drive has been something else, I tell ya!!! More to come!!!

      July 10, 2014
      • I look forward to reading about it! 🙂

        July 10, 2014
  3. Happy Days!!!

    July 12, 2014
  4. kenneth '' Dad's - Papi '' nishino #

    hey, Nan, great PHOTO’s…boo’YAAAH !!!!!

    July 23, 2014

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