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Angel Baby

Grandma calls Langdon her angel.  It’s been nothing but amazing times since she’s been in Vancouver to help with the baby.






But first I want to lay out a definition.  My definition of Mom Brain.  Mom Brain – adjective :  After the birth of a baby, the sensation that someone has thrown your brain onto the asphalt + where it is then run over by a truck.  My brain is toasted + fried.  Ripe + overdone, so this post will have minimal narration.

Anyway, dad’s visit was short + very sweet.  Thank you for the visit, it was the best having you here, dad!!!  Grandpa was so enamored with Lang Lang that he could not even stand himself around his first grandson.  Before we drove him to the airport we took a grandparent portrait outside.DSC01486

Both with their sunglasses on.  Gangsta.  Yakuza clan.  Langdon looks a little unsure…

Every little bit my mom has contributed has helped by tremendous leaps + bounds!  Since Langdon + I aren’t chasing our own tails like we were when we were alone together, we’ve been enjoying every day so much more!  We’re in heaven!  Still tired, but it’s still heavenly!

Here’s my mom stimulating Langdon’s little brain with a rattle that Grandma Cheryl + Grandpa Brian sent to him.DSC01463

Grandma is entertainment enough for Langdon.  He smiles + laughs at her all the live long day.  In this picture he’s looking at the rollers in his hair + getting a jolly chuckle out of it.  So amused.DSC01466

Just having her in the house + to have her hold the baby is enough for me!  They are buddies!!!DSC01554

Langdon has another new love.  His name is Rodrigo.  He is soft + comforting.  Langdon cries out, “Rodrigo!!!  Rodrigo!!!  Donde esta???!!!”.DSC01476

“Aqui!  Aqui, Langdon!!!!  No llores!!!” replies Rodrigo.DSC01482

Aaaaah.  Sweet serenity.  A boy + his first teddy.DSC01505

This dude is getting large + in charge people.  In this next picture Langdon is modeling his Petite Bateau (oh la la c’est chic!) gifted to him by a dear friend.  He is just almost 3 months old + this onesie is for a SIX MONTH OLD Y’ALL!!!!  I’ll be lucky if he gets another week out of this darling onesie!!!DSC01542

Langdon has a large head.  Another mother pointed this out to me + asked if the birth was difficult due to his enormous melon.  Yes, yes indeed it was.  He looks like a plotting evil genius in this next photo.IMG_6700

I started obsessively looking at the size of other babies’ craniums + realized the girth of my baby’s noggin.  Now sometimes I call him Head.  All I see is head.  It’s largess makes me think of the aliens from “Mars Attacks”:Mars Attacks

Or of Klingons:Klingon

Aren’t I a nice mom?  Lately another nickname my mom + I call Langdon is Shumai.  A steamed Chinese dumpling.  Why?  Because look at this face!!!!DSC01573

Don’t tell me you could resist the powers of that dumpling face?!  Smushy galore.

OMFG.  Get out of town with that face, Langdon!!!DSC01568


So very sleepy.DSC01570

Dad has been having a doozy of a time dealing with the rain, mud + stunts on Hell on Wheels.  But every once in a while it’s nice to take a breather in a teepee.IMG_6707

Season 4 y’all!!!  Coming soon!  More blood, guns + whiskey!!!Hell on Wheels Season 4

Okay, time for bed.  8-9pm is our cut off lately.IMG_6712

Nighty night!


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  1. Siumai! What a GREAT nickname!!! How big was his head at birth? I’m intrigued now…Also, photo your mum with Langdon and the rattle – is he rocking leggings?!

    June 27, 2014
    • His head was 35cm – what about Olive’s??? Oh heck yes Langdon rocks the leggings!!! They are the best things ever!!!! Makes for easier + quick diaper changes!!!

      June 28, 2014
  2. Langdon and Rodrigo!!!! OMG, I can’t even stand it… too, too, too, adorbable!!!

    June 29, 2014

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