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Newborn Photoshoot

Langdon’s first photoshoot when he was 2 1/2 weeks old.  So amazing to look at these pictures 2 months later.





It’s crazy to look back at these photos.  Langdon was a wee bitty bairn at 2 1/2 weeks.  I can’t believe he was ever that small.  Ella Haus (who also did our amazing maternity photos – click here to see!) came to our house to capture Langdon’s newborn glory onto film.  Please go on Ella’s website to see more of her gorgeous work.

I remember being so freaked out, tired, unprepared + strung out before Ella’s arrival.uMrT-ORhF8kbQlVvnHKXcxvteQ-nOKUmG9DOHsQcUjI

I still was so unsure of how to hold Langdon + felt he was so delicate + breakable.Wh0mrbYdlRGLlb2fQDyawUft0nkNrdcmsRPThGR8XuU

He’s always loved his mommy’s kisses!ZaS3b8VfBmXiX-7uX4E1z96AYyeDmG35xFi13yyV-jo

This is one of my favorite of the series.  Mama Bear.  My Little Cub.  I will be here for you forever.KbzrTE6BVgqEISFtBFRoGmE1qGRgTZxjYUKrDElorMI

Another favorite.  Papa Bear.  Snuggle up in his warmth + protection!!!!RadpkpMEau6jsC4GzyYCvV-6irSCwVc7kQykDjRho_k

Big yawn!!!DkjWmu7XEbv277e94Z9SBHaoSO_7D6UxXGQcxpQWYqs

I was so nervous that he was going to have a melt down at any moment, but he did not let out one peep throughout the entire shoot!S-BHMk-0Ux6E1ddAokYg85g8KbTQuAK0G7H_5Fm_qrk

Ella said most of her young clients are snoozy + asleep + super malleable at this young age.  She was surprised out how awake + alert Langdon was!  That’s cuz he’s our son, which equals SPAZZ.OqqznXoqxhMP-TPDgeoLSRsvTe11nKG3XsmW5nPRKGI

Oh Langdon Takehiko David Fayle, you cute little morsel. I’d like to nibble you to pieces!!!Vjdz6eHED8zKOW1xTUsFrEshzxuCyS8XKHiuGcOpzpg

The newborn phase seems like another universe away!!!ivWSeFQS5ZNa1hphCvPKymnBcQFxoYoqaqx-SLPvBKw

Now he is a hefty, chunky, chunkster baby!!!  Gone is the googly alien creature!!!  Check out the filled out chunk!!!IMG_6604

This next picture makes me laugh!  Haha!!!  Go home, Langdon!  You’re drunk!IMG_6606

A newborn no more!!!  Full on baby!!!  He used to be so tiny + fragile in my arms!!!  Lately he’s a kicking, fist swinging maverick.  I’m so tired y’all.  So tired.

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  1. Nancy Capper #

    Beautiful! Hang in there. It does get easier, I swear!!

    June 11, 2014
    • Oh thank you for saying that Nancy!!! I’M SO BURNT OUUUUUUT!!!! Totally worth it but SO VERY TIRED!!!!

      June 11, 2014
  2. Go home, baby, you’re drunk pictures always crack me up. Soon, you can start training him in the Baby Be Of Use books… 🙂

    June 11, 2014
    • Those books look amazing! Sometimes I’ll ask Langdon to help me fold laundry + he’ll just wiggle around + not respond. What the heck.

      June 12, 2014
      • My friends have those books. They’re HILARIOUS.

        June 12, 2014
  3. Dawn #

    Did you ever get the package I sent a few months ago?

    June 12, 2014
  4. Karen Tustanoff #

    It is the immense love that keeps us mothers ticking eh?!

    June 12, 2014
  5. Costanza’s hair is KILLING me. And, he’s absolutely adorable. I squeal whenever you post his widdle face!!!!

    June 18, 2014

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